Marketing Trends to Watch Out For in 2018

Marketing Trends to Watch Out For in 2018

Marketing Trends to Watch Out For in 2018

The yesteryear had been a generous year for businesses with regards to marketing. But now that a new year has come, the ability to merchandise continues to evolve in such a way that previous years’ practices either becomes obsolete or remains as part of the traditional practice.

But the year 2018 is not just about getting businesses and technology more entangled than ever in reaching to a wider audience or building a more solid consumer base, it also comes with a budding sense of realization that some practices are to become the trend which will set this year apart from the previous.

Marketing Trends to Watch Out For in 2018

Technology-driven Trends

With our devices getting smarter and smarter by the day, how we do things in life becomes more efficient. Putting the same benefit in commerce, more and more businesses opt to consider adopting technology in making things more favorable to them.

  • Voice-enabled technology

Forget about having to tap on the touchscreen when making queries with the use of a smart device, in today’s time, “voice technology” is the new king. What had been a feature only found in science fiction has indeed become a reality and is about to take the world by storm by taking human voice as a valid input.

  • LinkedIn as a go-to social media

LinkedIn has entrenched itself as a social media platform for many working professionals for many years now since it started rolling. This year is no different. In fact, like the years before, LinkedIn is poised to become the “social butterfly” of many people, whether presently in the workforce or not.

LinkedIn’s main selling points as a platform is its capability to network people, provide engaging content, and connect average working individuals to some of the thought leaders in the industry.

  • Snapchat losing marketing engagement

The year 2017 was poised at Snapchat reigning as the so-called “hottest marketing tool” by targeting the now-dominant Millennials and the entering Generation Z in the workforce. But despite this anticipation, the social media platform had seen a decline in the number of users, to a drop of 33% from the total.

While the remaining 70% still makes a larger number of fish in the sea, this could mean sticking to more solid social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

  • Rise of the artificial intelligence

Although still developing, the integration of a “smarter” artificial intelligence in our technology will make our interaction with computers a more straightforward process. Current employees in line with customer support should rest easy knowing that this A.I. technology is not yet bright enough to take them off their cubicles.

However, according to Smart Insights, 2018 might be the year whereby artificial intelligence and machine learning will have the 3rd largest impact on marketing. Salesforce, on the other hand, foresees this technology having significant relevance when running campaigns and to those who underperform in their jobs.

Marketing Trends to Watch Out For in 2018

Traditional Marketing

So, it’s true that from 2018 onwards, technology may be playing a large part in the marketing trends. But this does not mean to say that the old way of selling is left to dust by being forgotten. Contrarily, there are still practices from the past that will still remain relevant to this day, more so possibly than the previous years.

  • Branding takes a new approach

Since the inception of commerce, people had been bombarded with hard sells which, to be honest, many people are not really too comfortable at. The year 2018 is the time where businesses take on a different way at branding themselves: by focusing on the brand’s personal story and not a bunch of hocus-pocus that the masses do not really understand.

  • Further growth of influencer marketing

Although the past couple of years have been mostly favorable towards macro-influencers who makes use of their massive following, this year will see the attention shifted towards the lesser popular—micro-influencers—which, statistically, was said to generate a larger impact in campaign engagement.

In addition, 2018 will also become the year where companies will tap on its often neglected but invaluable resources to marketing as advocates—the employees.

Lastly, there will also be a shift from getting focused to just running off campaigns to keeping engagements via the influencer which highlights the mutual value in the process. Essentially the ambassador for the company, influencers will play the critical role in marketing this year.

  • “Info-training” through content experiences

An influencer for a company is more than just a face that represents a particular brand or product, the authority he built for himself is also a crucial element in delivering contents that are not only believable but also engaging. This had been a popular tool in the past about marketing and this year is no different.

  • Deeper look into data for data-inspired marketing

Not many companies tap on the data at their disposal to the fullest extent. Generally, only 12% of these data are being used in a way that reflects how many businesses operated their marketing for the last couple of years. The year 2018 is the year by which companies are opting to tap on the remaining 88% to make a more effective marketing that sustains profitability and growth.

  • Proliferation of video marketing

With videos becoming a more popular medium as ever on the internet, many customers and marketers are getting attracted to live streams that deliver the content in real-time. Along with this growth is the increase in the use of credible platforms like the video streaming site, YouTube, and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Periscope which also utilize videos in their own respective ecosystem.

  • Good business practice and privacy

News about data breaches and selling of consumer information are but some of the issues of the past several years which had some clients running from transacting online in business. Coming with the realization that all in the consumer base place value in the security of their privacy, many companies are learning that, in order to keep their clients, they must respect their private information from leaking out.

Marketing Trends to Watch Out For in 2018


  1. I really cant keep up woth technology these days and I am only 36! 😀 Had to read this post two things to keep the rough of the trends. 😀

  2. Raylene Tenerife

    As Manager adapting of advanced technology in the business really helps a lot in day today operation. The high technologies that we used makes the employees works easier. On the other hand, social is media is part of it, where it take a big percent of the company to grow. Facebook, youtube, IG helps to promote the business to dispersed. A lot of people somehow rely to get information from their social media account.As a business strategy, I will make used this as a channel for dignifying terms in attracting prospective customers.For instance, the terms like efficiency, perseverance, and preserving in all quality in all seasons will be made use by myself so that my company will grow.Facebook, Instagram are not enough in business strategy, The social media must employ terms like persistency, efficient must be employed wherein I can convince others for the sake of development.Good treatment of personnel must likewise be taken into account. With this I do believe my business will endure.

  3. Denise Tabaculde

    Considering today, we are living together with technology and technology itself is one way of making our lives easy. Strategically, coping with my business to stand is to be identified and have the accessibility to the market. Creating a website and indulging in social media for my business’ online and mobile presence will be my main priority of concern. These current technologies are a very strong platform that will let the market know of my existence and the products/services my business has to offer. All I have to do is to be very keen on observing the existing competition within the online and mobile world to be on par if not on top of everyone. Of course, if necessary I will accompany it with the traditional advertising and marketing media to ensure success. Nothing beats the idea of being one step ahead and that is through a thorough assessment of what’s happening within the industry and reacting on it based on the market’s needs.


    In Responding for the new patterns in marketing trends in 2018 is by completing a decent business marketing methodology which encourages us characterizing our vision and mission in business including the impact and effect of products/services by expecting to Acquire new client; Keeping up existing customers; Present new arrangement of items or services; Expanding market share; Setting up business brand; and Enhance client loyalty through executing paid ad to connect in the market; Word of Mouth; Relationship Marketing or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) that give centers around costumers unwavering and long haul client commitment as opposed to shorter-term objectives like customer acquisition; and even Web based Promoting such as online marketing is possible. Therefore, Customer and Consumer’s needs and wants in terms of Cost,Convenient and Communication is one of the consideration in reacting for the new patterns in business especially in a stiff competition now a days.

  5. Mauro Tyron U. Ubamos

    If I become owner/manager, thats really important that you have to upgrade your technologies, and dont change the basics, upgrading technolgies can help your business to grow fast, with A.I.’s they can process your product faster than humans, the precisions of every moves is different. you can assure to your clients that your product is good, it can help also the security and safety of your employees, without lifting any large objects or that can harm them or worse, and the basics dont forget, human power is still one of the important part of the business, you have to train your employees how to handle the technologies and update them also what are the trends nowadays, even without the help of the machine they can still manage to make the product by manual basis.

  6. Nicka R. Gaudia

    Change is inevitable. Wether you like it or not, change will always come and go. The trends today may not be a trend tomorrow or the trend yesterday can be a trend today. To cope up with change, the safest thing to do is to go with it. One characteristic of an entrepreneur is taking the risk for his or her business and that is a strategy you must learn. Staying on your comfort zone slowly drags your business down. Taking the risk such as going with the trend may be expensive and time-consuming but it will worth, after all, those are considered as your investment. But if the business has already deflated then, the solution would be shifting into another line of business.

  7. Leah Rose Gacuma

    To cope up with all kinds of trends is not easy; one needs to be very creative to adhere to the changes, especially with the technological trends in marketing nowadays. As a manager/ businessperson, I will make my company/business cope with the new trends in marketing by being consistently innovative with my marketing strategies. And focus on the efficacy of my core business strengths which are my product and the service provided of my employees. Business trends may vary from time to time it helps to develop an enterprise, but having excellent service couldn’t make a company in a negative light. The strategies that I will employ are, I’ll be more focus on hearing feedback from the customers. I will take advantage of the use of social media platforms as one way of interacting with the market. In there, I can take note of their feedbacks and get helpful insights about what necessary things needed to improve the business. Also, another strategy is to widen my knowledge of today’s marketing trends. In the above article, there are several platforms listed that are user-friendly (LinkedIn) for such, a platform where you can be updated with business experts advice. They offered free training programs, and I have enrolled in some of their courses in the past. And lastly, I will not disregard the previous trends; I will get some helpful insights from the previous trends, combine it with today’s marketing trends, and persistently I will study and train in order to develop new approaches to employ in my business.

  8. Czarina Theresa D. Majumot

    Research and study the currents trends of businesses today helps business owners to develop their business and to think new strategy to market their products. Strategies to engage in today’s’ business are the following; mobilize your product (many internet users buy products online), get testimonials (reviews adds the authenticity of the business), sponsoring an event is a win-win situation where you can help but also subtle promote your business.

  9. Czarina Theresa D. Majumot

    Research and study the currents trends of business’ today helps business owners to develop their business and to think new strategy to market their products. Strategies to engage in today’s’ business are the following; mobilize your product (many internet users buy products online), get testimonials (reviews adds the authenticity of the business), sponsoring an event is a win-win situation where you can help but also subtle promote your business.

  10. Reymie M. Grijaldo

    If I will make my own business, my strategies would be more on posting products on the internet, it is the easiest yet effective way of introducing my business to the public. Others may paid for an expensive advertisement that may run into millions of their money expended in television, radio, billboards and magazines. For me, practically speaking, I would not spend a big amount of money just to introduce my business into the market, I will use instead a cheaper one, which is I will print and spread flyers about my business, I will also use people, people that already tried my product, I will give my customers a good reason to advetise and recognize my business. If the customer is satisfied with both products and services, there’s a big possibility that they will probably partake that experience to others. What is the sense of spending money in an expensive advertisement if your product or services is not totally gives satisfaction to the consumer? Making sure that what you paid for an advertisement which really cost you much should bring a great positive return on your investment.

  11. Mary Grace Maleriado

    The intervention of technology in any business affect greatly in terms of marketing for it makes people’s life lighter and easier. Definitely an interaction in the world of technology such as Facebook,twitter and instragram is a great venue in introducing your business in the market since its a trend,however it much set limitations as this become also a market for fishing information by competitors.
    For me, the best strategies is still a combination of traditional and technological marketing intervention. In the traditional way, you must create a product or services that is unique from your competitors ,that’s why a competitors check is necessary. Having this does not mean copying his or her product but instead studying what could be the best thing to do to level up from you competitor based on what you have observe. I still believe tha SWOT analysis is still basic thing but very effective tool in creating a marketing strategy.
    On the otherhand techonological advancement would lead your Research and Development team to further enhance and develop business’ products or services

  12. this article is very effective for:
    the new advance new medias rampantly usage for today’s 21st century, the digital be effective in strategies the good achievement on your business is to be able to outsource the clarity goal of your business for your values on the customer.
    I believe that this will help me more advance and embrace the new literal eras of tradable and most comment hot usage of technology for today. through the knowledge of using a media, I believe it could be more likeable to entice the customer more their own expectations.

  13. our customer is our visionary to be the priorities of our business. Through the advancement of the technologies nowadays the trends to be the segmentally on our customer are the new eras of 21st-century advancement updated during this era. The advertisement is the most common promotionally and easily to be marketed in your business. To be able to attain to trends and satisfaction of your customer you will be able to cope up the new tech and the new commonly used to adapt the likeability of the satisfaction on your customer. This characterization will be able grown the markets of your business.
    The effectiveness of this advance tool could help enhanced trendily on your business. The expertise of being literal in the usage of reliable trends in marketing the business helps to be knowledgeable and clarifiable practices for collecting the data and values to your customers as well as to your business also.

  14. Now more than ever, customers expect personalised content. When a customer opens an email or sees a Facebook ad, they expect the entire package – from the message to the image – to be relevant to their life.
    To provide this kind of personalisation, you have to collect customer data. In 2018, we’re set to see data collection and implementation grow. You’ll need to use a data-driven marketing strategy, collect data from customer interactions and use that information to personalise messages and drive sales.

    Collect data at various touch points
    Make an effort to collect data. For instance, ask customers their birthday when they check out in your store or inquire about their job title when they sign up for your email list online.

    Build customer personas
    As data comes in, use the information to build customer personas so you have a complete picture of your audience and its segments.

    Segment your email
    Use your personas to segment your email contacts. You can segment your list by past purchases, location, job title, age, sex – you name it. Once segmented, create content for each niche.

    Advertise on social
    Social channels can use your existing customer data to find new customers. Facebook, for example, will reference your customer information and target your ads to what’s called Lookalike Audiences, or customers that have the same characteristics as the ones you already have.

    This kind of targeting increases your chances of landing repeat customers


    The use of technological advancement for business marketing has been proven effective ever since people engaged themselves to social medias and other opportunities provided in the world wide web. People are so attached to their smart gadgets 24/7 and created an opening for the business world to go with digital marketing such as Youtube,Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram that is often used by the millennial consumer . However, in order to obtain a wider market, traditional marketing focusing on the new branding approach creates a deeper engagement especially to the older market. Flyering and Word-of-Mouth advertising is still up to date, this engenders emotional involvement with the customers through door to door or table-hopping strategy.

    Joining the trend of marketing is a good addition, but making the audience involved creates an impact.

  16. Mel Rose S. Sumugat

    If I am the owner/manager, I will invest in new and updated technologies that are available in the market and make sure that I will maintain it. As we all know, businesses who are outdated are more likely to shut down because they can’t satisfy their customers’ expectations and wants. Coping with new marketing trends also help a company gain new customers and maintain old ones. A.I technology is just one example of what a company should invest. It makes work easier and faster. It can also help me satisfy my clients/customers. Also, I will create accounts in social medias that are in today to make my business visible. Doing a research like twice a month on the updated marketing trends can help as well. There’s always new so it is necessary to keep updated. Lastly, I will make sure that my employees are aware and updated as well so that we can work as one in the same direction to achieve our goals.

  17. Mel Rose S. Sumugat

    If I am the owner/manager, I will invest in new and updated technologies that are available in the market and make sure that I will maintain it. As we all know, businesses who are outdated are more likely to shut down because they can’t satisfy their customers’ expectations and wants. Coping with new marketing trends also help the company gain new customers and maintain old ones. A.I technology is just one example of what a company should invest. It makes work easier and faster. It can also help me satisfy my clients/customers. Also, I will create accounts in social medias that are in today to make my business visible. Doing a research like twice a month on the updated marketing trends can help as well. There’s always new so it is necessary to keep updated. Lastly, I will make sure that my employees are aware and updated as well so that we can work as one in the same direction to achieve our goals.

  18. Im not a tech person but as the world evolves we netizens should adapt technology trends. Technology plays a vital role in big companies even medium to small enterprises. This is their means of marketing their products and services. However, as mentioned in the article. Employees are still an invaluable resources of the companies. I can still remember flipping the newspapers to look for jobs and watching TV guides for opernings. Now you can use LinkedIn as a professional network where you can find related jobs and post your profile, people will look at your profile especially recruiters who are sourcing resumes. You can even post a topic, thoughts and ideas. Ive been using LinkedIn for many years now and I find it very efficient tools when it comes to recruiting. It helped me a lot finding candidates with particular specifications on their qualifications. Now companies are looking for Social Media and Digital Media Specialist to work on and market their products though any social media platforms. Great information on this article. It expanded its technology trends and it has an elaborative information with regards to marketing trends.

  19. Joie B. Cabillos

    I like how the article have pinned point different social medias and how it can be utilized in this article, now I can be more knowledgeable and aware on what are the specific sites I can visit and use aside from the well known ones like fb or tweeter. I liked how YouTube was emphasized as am area to market, like advertisement before the most visited videos is really a bright idea. I think, I could think more outside the box now and see opportunities of business through the use of social medias, it gives me different perspective aside from seeing it only as for entertainment.

  20. Marketing, particularly digitally-driven marketing, is a fast-evolving trend —so fast that even when a particular market begins to “adopt” and experience penetration, there would be another new-comer that would threaten the ecosystem.

    Take for example the case of Snapchat: they first popularized the feature called “Snaps” which took the young generation by storm. A “snap” allows you to take photos or videos that enable your social network to comment privately – saving you from red blushes over awkward public comments. That’s why Facebook tried to buy her enemy for $3,000,000,000— spot cash. But SnapChat refused. And since Facebook and Instagram were proactive (and shameless enough) to win the race, they bravely and mercilessly copied “Snap-like” features and even those effects turning your face to funny cats and long-tongued dogs. And as this blog says, SnapChat has been experiencing losing battles. Now, Zuckerberg has won his audience (and income) because he (or his marketers) were proactive enough to respond to the market trends that surround them.

    As marketers and students of it, we must be relentlessly proactive in the way we integrate marketing to the life of a business or entity- because the market is an indication of life- and where there is life, there is change- and it’s successful marketing is about successfully managing change.

    As the founder of Uniqlo puts it, “Change or Die.”

  21. Great article as always sir! I learned a lot reading this, what i like the most is the linkedin platform, it’s the first time i have heard this to be honest. I will try using this now. We are very lucky to have these tools right now and a very intelligent instructor. Good read!

  22. Van Allain Cordero

    Besides from the people who invented them, who can imagine that these technologies would exist and the outcome would be this beneficial to all and more importantly for our businesses. Dispute with all of the exist high-end technologies that and for all the upcoming in the near future, keep on coming and continue to amaze us. I just hope that we use it for us to succeed in life and with good intentions.

  23. David Toledanes

    The advancement of technology is a wonderful thing. However, we must also be cautious of its uses and the effects it brings to our environment. Industrialization and technology always come hand in hand. We’ve been advancing technology for the last 20 years and it’s not about to atop anytime soon. With that said, I hope more innovators can think of an eco-friendly approach in creating technology. Not saying that there are lesser environment-friendly creators, just saying that ALL creators of technology should think about the environment too. Because what’s the use of technology when this planets inhabitants can’t live long enough to enjoy it? Just my thoughts.


    Technology keeps on upgrading from time to time in order for us to be more productive and to gain more sales. Many have been trending these days from social media due to the influence of “Buy and Sell” and “Online Hiring/Recruiting” a big help to those who are seeking either job or sales stuffs. So far Technology gives more ways to expand market, more people bringing together and more benefit to employee/employer. So for me a big thumbs up and kudos to people who keeps on upgrading technology on the aspect of Marketing and Business. Many thanks to the author a really great help for us.

  25. Ronnel Abelanio

    The big impact of technology in marketing especially in social media.How the technology promotes, advertize and selling the product making it more easy and fastest way.

  26. Frich Adricula

    A technological future has been inevitable. We all agree that in the present, we can barely live without technology. The same thing in the world of marketing. Its a marvel how businesses progress. From newspapers to posters to TV ads to social media and other unimaginable ways like artificial intelligence. It is amazing how all of these has provided the people with convenience and a rapid growth in their businesses.

  27. Jefrey M.Pondales

    Technology creates a big impact in today’s generation, as we embrace quick change in social media site. As a new format evolving everyday devices become more powerful and ranging to catch easily the attention of customers. However, always convey the importance of traditional marketing as the base of digital social media because the combination of both can create a big impression and by adding some contrivances and adjustments.

  28. jan edward estilo

    Growing of technology is now faster than the years before to make an easier daily life.To inspire more people to use some new invent gadjets that can change others expectation in just a couple of minute such as advertisement,selling and more that concern and benifit to thier business…Now adays the faster to connect each other the faster the business growth and success..Thank for this as article it really motivate me

  29. Jonathan Deligente

    Its fascinating how technology evolves nowadays , not a surprise that it would become more advanced several years from now . Businesses will benefit from these technological advancement as it would greatly impact revenues and the way they run it. Different outstanding ideas and inventions are being formulated for the upcoming years to make it even more efficient and reliable .

    • I agree. Thanks to our predecessors for paving the way for us marketing neophytes. And of course thanks to this article for highlighting these technological advancements in marketing. 🙂

  30. Marie Joe Cocoy

    Technological change in marketing strategy has become very beneficial in the business world. It become the driving force of innovation, productivity and growth. Developing new technology trend maybe difficult to do but if you have an idea it can be used to make business easier to be known and expanded. And of course, we should not forget the old practices that already created big legacie. After all, old and new business trends would be a great challenge proven path from existiing application to discovery.


    Kudos!!! To Sir Jojo M Vito for making this article. This article can provide marketing students and also future businessman have an idea on what business they would like to create or put up in the future. It can be a basis on how to change or adopt to changes in the world of business. Through the use of advance technology. In just one click who knows you’re earning/gaining income. It can help business to be profitable. For me as a marketing student in can provide me information/idea on what would be my thesis.

  32. Belee Sevilla

    A very informative article that could really help us as we engage in the world of business. The current trends and issues in marketing should be utilized by us and ofcourse not forgetting the traditional way. Both plays a vital role and goes hand in hand.

  33. Genesis genovia

    The fast raging technology had made lives easier and more convenient, in the past years we experienced things that may seem difficult but since we have these new technologies we embraced those changes, from an old book worm to a wattpad reader, we used to go to a library to do research but now we just opened our gadgets and just a click away we can see what we are looking for, marketing may seem that easy because it we have this evolving technologies.

  34. Joenelyn Esquia

    I really admired the inventions of these amazing trends especially the voice-enabled technology. In the world today, technologies have slowly taken an essential part in people’s day-to-day lives. These will surely give us a chance to explore deeply the world of marketing. Being without them would be unimaginable for many of us. Thanks for the none ending inventions of human brains.

  35. Zayra Monique Roque

    Digital marketing will really create a great impact this year and in the coming years. Everyone’s doing nothing but stare, scroll and browse on their smartphones and using the world wide web as a main part of your marketing strategy will be a big help to the business. But still, nothing beats the traditional marketing trends as these has been tested and proven over the past years.

  36. Amazing article , it helps us a lot on what to foresee this coming 2018 ,especially the AI technology when it comes to business. Social media will become a big help for online businesses this coming 2018. As we progress so as technology and the way we practice to merchandise evolves.

  37. Teddy Narciso Catubay

    This is so true and relevant.Even me as a marketing student i practice some of the trends. Thank You Dr. Jojo for this post. I love it.

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