New Trends in Human Resource Management


With change being the only thing constant in this world, many go through the dynamics of change that forces us to adapt. From politics to economics, to anything that delves into human affairs, there is not such a thing as “immutable.”

Unsurprisingly enough, the same is also correct about the goings-on in the human resource management. The years of 2017 and 2018 is perhaps no different as we witness some emerging trends that we did not see possible—or at least, fail to do so—in the previous years.


The baby boomers are declining

For a while, the Baby Boomers—or those born pre-World War 2 era until the 1960’s—had been the dominating leaders of the industry by numbers alone. But this supremacy was put to a reverse coming 2016 when they’re no longer make up the largest population in the workforce. It is not the Gen Xers either, but the Millennials who are taking the position.

Intuitively, there’s a perfect reason for it: many of the Baby Boomers are already reaching retirement age.

The Gen Zers are entering the workforce

With their coming of age, those born from the year 1991 onwards are slowly creeping their way into the workforce. Described as “over-supervised, coached, and constantly rewarded by their parents,” based on the author Bruce Tulgan’s research titled “Great Generational Shift,” these are people who have high expectations from everyone apart from themselves.

The challenge with this generation comes from the discrepant expectations of them by the workplace. The Gen Zers are often seen as competitive who knows how to play their game for a score.

More flexibility in the workplace

Gone are the days when workers had to follow a rigid rule in the work area. With more people putting more value to themselves, working hard—that is, operating more than 6 hours per day—is becoming less frequent.



The booming of the “shared economy.”

Freelancing is not a new trend in the business industry. But with the advent of the computer and the internet, many people in the workforce are being attracted into freelance jobs than traditional work. In fact, in America alone, as much as 55 million Americans are doing this sort of self-employment, according to Freelancing in America.

And, when getting traditional employment is getting harder than ever before, more and more people are considering going freelance for a source of income to sustain a living or build a solid career.

More jobs for select talents

The tight labor market may sound positive for more people—that is, there are many open jobs than there are workers. But that is only so for the select people who had the right set of skills for the available jobs. With more and more companies vying to get the “best talents” in the resource pool, good paying jobs are becoming harder to attain for most people.

Growing issue about raises versus bonuses

Getting an annual as an increment from the base pay has always been a motivating factor for most employees to stick to their company for long. But more companies are now choosing the wiser route by offering performance-based bonuses instead of annual merit raise.


Parental leave

Many working parents realize that, apart from their duties at work, they also must perform at home, too. When an additional member of the family had already been introduced, both the mother and the father are entitled to paid leave.

While there is not a universal rule about the magnitude of the paternity and maternity leave, some companies are choosing to become generous with their employees by offering a 12-week paid leave to both working mom and pop. Others, however, may put more importance towards the mother employee by providing a more generous rate than a father employee.


Issues for compliance

When more workers are demanding a fairer work environment, workplace compliance makes for an inevitable change for the years 2017 and 2018. For instance, in the United States, there is the so-called Fair Labor Standards Act which clarifies on the requirements for overtime, exemption or non-exemption.

Other noteworthy changes conforming to a rule includes an issue about Paid Time Off, Equal Pay, Affordable Care Act, and Immigration.

Headhunting for passive candidates

Today’s headhunters are no longer just sifting through stacks and stacks of resume searching for the ideal candidate on a particular job. They are now also taking the initiative of finding “passive candidates” by tapping on today’s technology such as the use of the social media and the internet.


Remote workers

Having a member of your workforce working remotely from the office is no longer a new thing—at least, not in the United States. Having people on your payroll telecommuting is a perk which appeals to individual workers.

One significant advantage of being a remote worker is that the need to traverse distances to get to the office is nullified—which also means fewer expenses on travel cost—and that working from literally elsewhere with an internet connection is possible.


Blind hiring

Many headhunters employ a set of requirements which gauges whether a person is suitable or not for a particular job. Often, a person is judged based on specific parameters such as age, sex, educational background, etc.

While this had been effective in rooting out the unsuitable from the ideal candidates, this also had one major flaw: it removes out hidden gems in the roster who are not necessarily perfectly-defined by their demographic data.

By cutting away on the parameters, a candidate is judged based solely on sheer abilities and the achievements he may have attained across his career.



Making the hiring process to be as engaging as possible did not become fun until the introduction of the so-called “gamification.” Through this technique, a person is gauged based on critical skill set and cognitive ability while making the process amusing all throughout.


  1. Maritess Valderrama

    After reading this article it made me realize that change is taking place in all aspects even in Human Resource Management. It was proven that Human Rrsource Management could be inovatively initiated for the development of an organization. Admittedly, Im not a milleneal but it would never be an excuse to adapt this new trends in human resource management for the benefit of the company. I’ve learned a lot in this article.

  2. Mark Jansen E. Espinosa

    As this article stated, Change is the only thing that is constant which will leave us with no choice but to adapt with this. A change for innovation is most likely applied with human resource management as the new trends occured. Technology, social media and the gig economy are among the forces that have impacted the practice of human resource management. The world of work has changed dramatically in the past decade, shaped by the factors that include a brutal recession, technological advances and a new generation of workers with very different ideas of what employment should look like.
    The new trends in human resource management will help us identify the process of hiring amd mobilizing all the things that we have to sustain and achieve stability of what really an organization or company expected to be. Thanks for this article!

  3. Mark Joseph N. Traje

    Equipping us with the New Trends about how Human Resource Management works, is one of the objective of this article. This enlighten us that we must understand the present need of an organization. This also help me realized that these new trends will help an organization to be more competitive, productive and will definitely increased its standard. This is a fact that each organization should accept and must practice.

  4. Rosmond Pasar

    If change is immutable, then the only to stay at your prime is to adapt to these changes. This is where human resource plays an important role throigh training and development. Being flexible is one unique characteristic of humand over machines. This is also why computer and technology cannot always replace humans in the corporate world.

  5. April Rose Colango

    Human Resource is the most important amongst all the resources that a company may have. This article is very enlightening and instructive for us as ETEEAP students since we were able to know what is actually happening in our society with regards to HR matters. This helps us to know the difference from what we have known as the conventional to what the progressive HR for the young professionals now. The innovation of the trends in HR which also include the rising of technology which accompany with the improvements that the HR people are developing for the future of the company that they are working with. This will help us also to cope up with arising issues that we may encounter to avoid culture shock and to be aligned also to the strategy that every company develops for the success of the company with the help of both the employer and employees.

  6. Goldie Ann Luna

    Reading the article gives me the vision of how the Human Resource adopts naturally with the generation nowadays and in the future. The article makes me also recognize how the demographic and the environment of the manpower affects or interrelated to the development of the human resource. As a student in HR, with the valuable ideas and understanding that this article provides regarding the recruitment trends, managing the workforce, and labor codes, the articles definitely now widens my way of thinking action plans that will benefit the company I will be working within the future from staffing employees according to their own strengths with enough compensation and by making sure that the human resource management is always copping on trend.

  7. Mitchell Escabillas

    With the globalization and changes in technology, it gives challenges to human resource management and new perspective on how to handle employess and how the hiring process will be. As industries and technology evolve, new generation of workforce entering and globalization creates competition,it will be the human resource management issue that will make or break the company

  8. Minette Ira L. Quiocson

    Reading this article is definitely helpful. As an HR student, knowing the possible backgrounds and generations of possible applicants plays a big role. With the constant changes in the employment industry it’s hard to make a suitable plan to encourage people to get a job without being traumatized with their experience. Especially with the new professionals. I want to thank the author ’cause he was able to point the differences that we need to keep in mind.

  9. Mitchell Escabillas

    With the globalization and changes in technology, it gives challenges to human resource management and new perspective on how to handle employess and how the hiring process will be. As industries and technology evolve, new generation of workforce entering and globalization creates competition,it will the human resource management issue that will make or break the company

  10. Arissa Ina Claur

    Indeed change is constant and inevitable. The role of the human resources has been evolving for some time and this article has covered pretty much what those shifts and changes are on the current time. As a Human Resource Management student, it is important to figure out as early as now the changing trends on the industry to better strategize and come up with the best plan to maximize my role to help deliver organizational excellence to the company I’ll be working with. I believe we, the HR, should be a catalyst of continuous transformation- creating processes and a culture that can help develop a company’s capacity for change.

    I’ve noticed a huge shift on the freelancing/ remote hiring/ globalization and I believe that this is the future of the workforce. It has its pros and cons but as a freelancer myself, I’m leaning towards the more positive side as being able to set my own hours really help me become more productive.

  11. Kent Juneil Padrinas

    Reading the article as a freelancer gave me a better understanding on the new trends in the workplace, I am able to relate on multiple points of the article mainly from 3 5 and 10. I am a freelancer that works from home and we were selected based on the skill sets that we possessed.

    I used to work in an office based environment and shifting to a remote home based job, I can definitely see the shift in the trends and with how fast technology is advancing we can definitely learn allot from the article if we apply this in our recruitment process in our local companies. Working for offshore clients shows how much these trends applied and put to good use from leading countries and our country can definitely learn from these trends and apply them locally.

  12. Rudyla Fabelena

    Good article! Thanks to the author. This will really help me as an HR student, I’ve chosen this career and will be dealing with all kinds of employees in the future. I realized that HR Management is a continuous studies and fashion, we should not be stuck with just one old strategy but continue to go with the trend to be successful. The fundamentals of what works and what does not will still remain the same but continuing to predict new trends will transform the workplace.

  13. Joerina Guotana

    This article is so timely especially that today companies feel the need to establish themselves as brands which are high in demand to work for and social media is one the best option. The two way communication that social media facilitates makes it possible for a company to forsee the results of their branding activities in a much better way. I agree that structure perks and bonuses impacts employee’s lives. This made employees more motivated as they’re looking forward into something everytime they’ll have their salary and this indeed is a wiser route chosen by companies now a days. Millennials are really taking over because they are not after balance but more after flexibility and ability to design and decide the balance for themselves.

  14. Victor Y. Lee, JR.

    As an HR student, this article simply helped me understand the difference of the requirements and expectations between the baby-boomers and the Gen Zers. Which clearly mentioned the most effective requirements that are applicable in today’s world, the “computer/digital” generation. Yes, more often than not the ideal candidates abilities and skills can’t be fully determined by their demographic data alone but by their skills and how can they be an asset in a specified workplace. This article really helpful because I have the knowledge of which candidates ill b going to choose. Candidates who best suit the position that my future company needs.

  15. Jay Rivera

    The realm of human resource has changed dramatically in the past decade, shaped by factors that include technological advances and a new generation of man power with very different perspective of what employment should look like.

    This article made me realize that the HR management should always be open to changes and creatively design an HR program from recruitment to employment process with the benefit of social media and other online platforms that will aide applicants and employers when it comes to cost and hiring the right people for the job.

    I can relate this to the company I’m currently associated. Our HR Administrator publishes online advertisement whenever they’re hiring for a certain post. They also do initial screening thru phone or online via Skype, which I believe very beneficial to applicants.

    As an aspirant Human Resource Manager this article also provided me insight and knowledge on how to become effective and efficient in this field someday.


    This article shows how and why work forces will continue to comprise the deffering attributes as well the advantage and disadvantage of human resource management. Company needs to deal with ageing workforce, they must attract, integrate and maintain on how employee adopt to the challeges and changes of the new technology. Being HR student this article is beneficial for the succession leadership planning is a great oppurtunity to bring in a leader multi-cultural employment pools as a rule of human resource has to venture new trends in order to remain relevant to the trend of the new generation.

  17. This article is really stating the fact now a days about the situation in the real world of getting/hiring a new employee and the process of it, and the actual situation inside the work place the comparison between young age and those who are in the middle and old age already when in comes on how they deal the work and how they do it.Sometimes the young one’s really knows how to play their cards. For those already in their old age it is very helpful that we high – tech technology right now to make it easy for them and to make the work faster. Reading with the parental leave this very important to the employees that has family already like if they have special occasion and emergency. and of course the number one motivation of all employees is the good salary.

  18. Manilyn T. Tero

    Reading the article has helped me realized some important matters to consider with regards to managing manpower. From the selection process, to hiring, up to maintaining productivity of a person in the organization. We do not concentrate to a single issue when managing our people. Like selection of the applicant, proper assignment in the organization to managed and utilized properly. We also need to consider and make sure that they get the benefits they deserve. Social Media as one of the tools to consider in the hiring process. Truly, adapting to THESE NEW TRENDS will help a lot for us new generation of HUMAN RESOURCE administrators

  19. Mariel M. Comawas

    As a student in HR this article is beneficial to me since It gives me insight if what Human Resource is all about.This article tells us that technology and demographic developments are some common trends.It also tells us that general trends are also with recruitment, performance management, and talent management.It also tells on how to properly recognized performers and how to compensate or compliment them.
    I can apply this on my workplace by being familiar on how and what HR deals with newer generation employees.

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