4 Of The Coolest Things We’ll Do In Virtual Reality

4 Of The Coolest Things We'll Do In Virtual Reality

4 Of The Coolest Things We’ll Do In Virtual Reality

Virtual reality can be a tricky technology to follow, because it’s spread over so many devices, industries, and concepts. Granted, most of the attention goes right to gaming, and it’s fair to look to this area for changes that will impact the technology’s overall evolution. But if you’re really interested in how you might one day be using VR (and possibly quite soon), it helps to expand your horizons. These are just four of the coolest ways in which people will likely be using VR sooner rather than later.

1. Arcade Gaming

There is more and more news coming out about public arcade venues seeking to help virtual reality break into the mainstream. The idea is simple: headsets are expensive, and the most convincing VR experiences require space for movement, and sometimes additional equipment. Public arcades solve these problems by providing high-end equipment and open space specifically designed for gaming. It may well be that periodically paying for some time in a VR arcade is ultimately more appealing to consumers than buying expensive home headsets. Thus, it seems fairly likely that in the near future we’ll actually go back to gaming arcades as we did in the ‘80s and ‘90s, just to experience the best in VR.

2. Sports Viewing (& Betting)

Spectatorship and betting on sports actually comprise major industries that are already more dynamic than many assume. The days of watching sports on cable and calling in to a sportsbook are on the way out. Nowadays people get a lot of their sports through online streaming, and betting platforms adopt the most up-to-date software and features to provide smooth, interactive environments. It’s likely that sports fans in the near future will be able to enjoy all of this together through VR. Combining streaming with interactive digital features, we’ll be able to view contests from all angles and possibly place bets or view statistical information in digital formats before our eyes, in real time.

3. Exercise

Just as VR arcades are providing public spaces for people to enjoy VR games, gyms may do the same. There are already several exciting examples of large pieces of equipment designed for full-body VR activity. For instance, you might climb into an apparatus face-down and suspended above the ground and then manipulate that apparatus to simulate flying in a VR program. On the surface it looks like it’s just for fun, but some of these experiences will stretch and work a full range of muscles such that they function as effective workouts. Don’t be surprised if the near future of exercise has a lot of overlap with VR developments.

4. Location Scouting

This can (and will) actually mean a lot of different things. Most notably, VR will allow us to travel around the world seeing new places and in some cases interacting with famous landmarks and similar attractions. Discovery and Google have already teamed up on an exciting program that will facilitate these activities. However, the broader concept of scouting out locations in VR can also be put to use in other ways. We’ll have the chance to tour houses through VR real estate apps, students will be able to virtually visit prospective colleges, etc. This could actually become one of the bigger uses for VR in the near future.

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