What Makes a Great Team | The Team Glorious Experience

What Makes a Great Team | The Team Glorious Experience

We live in a world with billions of people, many of whom are a stranger to us. And, like people that are strangers to one another, being stoic is a common attitude and which, through constant practice, become a way of living for most people. To be indifferent—although oftentimes for good reason—is a trend.

But even people who were once strangers to themselves can be a group of individuals whose ties are close as families even though the affiliation is not necessarily linked by blood. In an organization or in a work setting, it is called a team.

Team Glorious loves fellowship, in most of their regular classes they would bring food and share the same for everyone in the class

A team is like an organism. It is alive and functions as a collective whole, basically the sum of all its parts. If each and every part is working at its tip-top shape and fostered by a seamless interdependency with one another, the team—essentially the metaphorical organism—functions healthily to do its work.

It is akin to saying that a productive team is made of people who are able to perform their functions in conjunction with others in a way that is not causing unwanted friction.


Some members of Team Glorious during the culminating activity in their Area 8 held in Punta Taytay, Bacolod City

Some teams are borne out of need only to reach only a certain goal regardless of the people which consists it; whereas a “good” team is one formed out of the consideration of each and every individual as concerned by the whole while not overlooking a common goal.

Some members of the  Team Glorious after their graduation practice 

The Team Glorious

To be in a “good” team, therefore, is like being in a real family—your interest is as good as the rest as well as that of the whole group.

But while ideal, a good team is not necessarily borne simply by just finding the people to fit into the group. It must also be shaped by the quality of interrelationship between its members—often, by everything which we regard as positive as love, belongingness, camaraderie, openness, sharing, caring, etc. This is what Team Glorious is all about.

The team Glorious is a group composed of 41 Graduates (just a portion of the total graduates) of La Consolacion College Bacolod, BSBA Major in Marketing Management under the Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program (ETEEAP)   of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). This group started to gel together as a Team when they were doing their graduation paper under one and the same mentor.

In as much as positive growth is invoked in a group by taking in the good elements of its environment, a team is propelled by honing the right components in it, people and their relationship.

What Makes Team Glorious a Great Team

It is no secret that good teams are generally successful in their particular endeavour. Like negativity, positivity in a team can be an endless cycle if constantly nurtured based on the following proven notions:

1. Emotional intelligence (EQ)

Even in the school setting effective team members need not possess only mental skills (IQ) but also emotional intelligence (EQ). We need not debate of what is more important between the two but Team Glorious proved that if members are aware socially, the majority of the team members puts in quality output.

2. A mix of Introverts and Extroverts

Team Glorious is a mix of introverts and extroverts individuals. While many are go-getters, doers and more sociable some team members are just silently doing the task given to them to contribute to the general objectives of the team.

The mix of personalities in the group created a good flavour which prevented setbacks brought about by dips in the group’s morale.

Team Glorious staying late at night for the coaching sessions and paper critiquing.  

3. Commonalities in Dreams and Aspirations

The most common goal among the members of the Team College is to finish college which they failed to achieve in the past brought about for various reasons.

These aspirations made each player resistant to stress and pressures coming from their adviser; financial challenges and much more.


Happiness, when sown in a well-connected group of people, spreads fast as if a contagious disease. In the work setting Happy employees make successful workers which exhibits positive attitude and are caring with one another. They are also more creative in what they do. Ultimately, people like to work with other people who are happy.

4. Fun Sessions and a lot of moments for humour

In the midst of pressures and many challenges, the members of the team never failed to find time to laugh. While humour is not directly related to the effectiveness of any team, yet for this group humour inspires intimacy and trust. Moreover, it was also observed that humour and fun created a positive impact on various facets of team interactions such as the development of group goals, emotions management and effective communication


Outing after their graduation.

A positive environment creates less tension among members. With less stress, people produce more results. It also fosters the notion of courage to take risks and also makes a team member less afraid at committing mistakes (some things are best learned when making errors).

5. Positivity and Lasting Relationships

A positive mindset coupled with a great sense of humour as mentioned above has been proven with the team Glorious as they were facing critical and stressful situation especially when they were on the last phase of their studies.

The team went through also a phase of pessimism especially when everyone was pressured to meet deadlines and many were asked to repeat/redo their terminal papers. However, since positivity were inculcated in them coupled with their strong desire to succeed and the support they get from their peers, they were able to successfully address all the challenges during their studies.

in one of the outing (not a school activity) of Team Glorious 

6. H.O.T. (Honest, Open and Trusting) Communication

Team Glorious are a bunch of mature people. They share personal issues with each other without fear of being rejected and judged. These factors made the group relationships even closer and stronger.

7. Leadership

Any team needs a leader not only to motivate but also to provide feedback and nurture effective communication and other people skills mentioned above.

The Challenge

The great team will surely stand the test of time. Hopefully, the Team Glorious’ friendship would stay though they are already graduates and are busy with their individual careers.

The Team Glorious graduated last summer, yet, even up to this time they still meet as friends, constantly communicating with each other and celebrate their individual successes in life.

Their mentor is so proud of them.

Kudos Team Glorious!!!

All 41 members of the Team Glorious successfully defended their thesis…although the good feeling that comes from being in the right team cannot be overemphasized, it is also worth mentioning that being in it is also about attaining goals, more so than an average team.

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