Digital Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Digital Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Digital Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses


Thinking of starting your own business with little capital to invest in it? The idea of starting out small in business is nothing new. Some who are billionaires of today even began small before they made the riches they now have today.

But before you drool in the dream of owning and riding expensive cars or owning massive real estates, focus first on formulating ideas that will make your business generate revenue which is perhaps one of the most critical aspects of any growing business.

Saving you the trouble of coming up with your own from scratch, listed here are some of the tried-and-tested ideas that guarantee income:

Produce Engaging Contents

The commercialization of the internet had paved way for information to flow freely on the vast network. If you are a reader, this means that the internet provides a sea of information which can be accessed for free at most.

On the other hand, if you are a publisher, this makes the platform a preferable choice for producing contents that add value to your line of business. Essentially, by choosing to publish meaningful contents, you are applying a kind of marketing that benefits your business long-term.

Make instructional videos

Making a video is easy enough with the right gadget. But making high-quality videos for business takes more than just a camera and the person presenting a content. It oftentimes takes a professional approach to do.

But, given the value that videos make in engaging audiences, it thus makes for an ideal medium in establishing your brand to a wide audience. If your business is along the line of the tech industry, for example, making instructional videos pertaining to your niche makes for an incredible way of building authority.

You may not necessarily have the knack for professional video making, but there are a lot of talented people in the work pool that are more than willing to put up their talent for your business with the right fee.

Opt for Advertisement Promotion Credits

Not all who engage in advertisement campaigns online have a lot of budgets to fuel the cause, some are actually more conservative about it.

If the budget is tight but making an advertisement via social media or Google is a necessity, there are a handful of coupons and discounts out there which you can take advantage of. While you are snooping for the said discounts and coupons, you might as well ask your web host for any of such offers.

Tap Reddit

The barebones social media, Reddit, is not just a platform for people’s nonsense, another aspect of it also holds meaningful contents for users. While you can just add to the clutter by posting crappy contents in it, you can also win the platform by posting only valuable contents. If you are to do it for business, better do the latter.

Make use of social media

Reddit is not the only social media you could use to your advantage with your business. There are literally dozens more of it which you can utilize. For instance, giant social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest play a significant role in tapping to a wider audience. If you want to show more about your business, Instagram makes for another indispensable tool for marketing.

 Advertise on Stumble Upon

Although there are literally plenty of platforms which you can advertise from with efficacy, no other platform is perhaps as reasonably cheap yet effective as Stumble Upon’s Paid Search Discovery. Basically, this method magnets the right audiences directly to your site with the goal of improving its engagement.

 Engage in Infographics

Infographics have a way of summarizing pieces of contents in one engaging visual material which would otherwise be difficult to comprehend by texts alone. As such, infographics have become an efficient way of marketing which competes against other methodologies. When used for business, infographics are said to be effective in driving referral traffic as well as to links.

Recycle old contents

Making something fresh for your audience may have its appeal in keeping them engaged to your brand. But this does not have to mean that previously published contents can no longer be used for the same purpose.

When you are hit with a dry spell in your budget and that producing new contents is not as ideally viable, recycling on your old contents is still effective in keeping your audiences attached to your brand. After all, many people have a very short attention span with regards to the information that they come across with. What may be a fresh information one day may just be forgotten a week after.

Connect with the workforce on LinkedIn

Unlike other social media which also caters for non-working students and kids, LinkedIn is a mostly professional-only platform where opportunities are plenty. By sharing meaningful contents in this platform, you are connecting to a huge concentration of people who have the capability to spend.

Network your brand via a custom referral program

The word-of-mouth remains a very efficient tool in expanding your network. On the internet, the practice just took many forms: one of them is the so-called “referral system.”

But, of course, in order for you to drive the system, there must first be a catch to it. One very effective way of launching the referral mechanism is to lay out a reward system wherein an individual gets something for every successful recommendation.

Kickstart Online Contests

People like the idea of winning, even if it only takes good luck to go about it. It’s for this very same reason that gambling is very addicting for certain people. But, what better way to gamble for this person than not losing anything in the process?

By choosing to kickstart an online contest, your audiences are literally engaged to win by betting on themselves after following a set of instruction about it. Whether the prize is real or not, the real benefit in conducting this kind of activity is in the magnitude of engagement which you are driving towards your brand.

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