Best Christmas Gift Ideas

Best Christmas Gift Ideas

Best Christmas Gift Ideas

Gift Giving is fun for many of us especially if money is not an issue. It becomes depressing and stressful if the budget is low and the list of people whom you would like to give gifts are plenty.

This is also very true for many small entrepreneurs in the country. Most often than not, owners would want to delight their employees especially those who are performing very well with gifts which are apart from the usual 13th Month Pay or Christmas bonus. Many employers would want to shop for their employees, business associates or even for people whom they are grateful for helping them with their business.

For big companies, a budget may not be an issue. However, the bigger the company is, the more people that they also want to remember during the holidays.

More and more companies big or small are now getting practical when it comes to gift giving. For many people, receiving plenty of candles, or figurines or other stuff that are not that useful or practical may not be as exciting as getting gifts which they can use.

As a giver, when thinking of these practical gifts, it is essential to think of the receiver.

Practical gifts may fall in any of these categories:

  • Something that solves a problem.
  • Something that a recipient must buy soon.
  • Something that can be used regularly.
  • Something that recipient needs

Listed below are practical gifts which will surely make any employee or business associates happy.

Best Christmas Gifts Ideas

The items listed below can be purchase hassle-free at

Gift Checks

One of the most practical gifts to give is the gift check. If you don’t know what the person needs it would be best to provide gift certificates or gift checks. With this gift, the receiver can opt to get what he wants or need. At GC Regalo, you can buy various gift checks.

Sodexo Premium Pass

The Sodexo Premium Pass is accepted in over 10,000 partner partners, SM and SM affiliated establishments all over the Philippine. Price: PHP 560.

SM Gift Pass

This gift certificate is accepted in all SM Department Stores and SM affiliated establishments around the country. Price: PHP 560.

Rustan’s Supermarket Gift Certificate

This gift certificate is accepted in all Rustan’s Supermarkets and Marketplace by Rustan’s Shopwise/Wellcome. Price: PHP 560.

Shopwise and Wellcome Gift Certificate

This gift certificate is accepted in all Shopwise and Wellcome outlets. Price: PHP 560.

Walter Mart Gift Pass

This gift certificate is accepted in all Walter Mart Malls, Abenson, Electroworld, and Homeplus stores. Price: PHP 560.


Ham is synonymous to Christmas Almost all tables have ham prepared to celebrate the holidays. With this, it is so safe to give ham as a gift. Purefoods has a wide array of hams that come in a gift-ready box packaging.

Purefoods Fiesta Ham Gift Pass
Price 539.00

Purefoods Jamon de Bola Gift Pass
Price 325.00

Purefoods Pear-shaped Ham Gift Pass
Price-PHP 205.00

Christmas Gift Baskets

Another practical gift to give this holidays is the Christmas Gift Baskets. Loaded with items that everyone uses for the season, this gift idea is just perfect.

Robinsons Econo Basket 350E Gift Pass
Price- PHP 369.00

Robinsons Healthy Basket 350A Gift Pass
Price- PHP 369.00

Robinsons Mondelez Exclusive 350 Gift Pass
Price- PHP 369.00

Robinsons Premium 500 Gift Pass
Price PHP 529.00

Robinsons Basket Galore 1000B Gift Pass
Price – PHP 1,059.0

Robinsons Basket Galore 15ooA Gift Pass
Price- PHP 1,589.0

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