Office dramas, toxic working environment, and terrible bosses, these are just some things that are ruining your office experience. Not only will this will stop you from working it could eventually hinder your growth if left as it is.

If your workplace has become so unbearable that the only solution is for you to resign, then do so. You should be able to do what you want and work wherever you want. However, this isn’t the case for most. There are numerous reasons why some workers can’t leave their jobs. It may be due to location, high pay, or circumstances that make them impossible to resign. Whatever the reason may be, there is a solution to this.


Here is a guide to making your job feel like work again and not just a place where you make money to pay the bills.

Obsolete rules and policies that are not useful anymore

Many companies today are still operating under the same policies they did 10-15 years ago. People are forced to follow the rules especially the clocking in and out of the building. This is, of course, depending on what kind of business the company you are operating.

For people who cannot stand stiff environment, first of all, before even accepting a job we must review the requirements, and the company policies carefully. This is to allow us to think if the kind of situation and working environment is really fitted for you.

However, if you are already there and you have no other options left there are still creative ways to improve it. You can try to partner up with other workers who are facing the same dilemma and convince the human resource department for more pleasant working conditions. This way, they might consider your proposal as you now have presented your case with several others.

You have a moody boss

Authority figures are there to guide and teach us. But when they go beyond the standard behavior, a boss should have, there will be a misunderstanding, demotivation or worse – legal battle.
Having a moody boss is quite difficult to handle but not impossible. First of all, understand that he is a difficult person to deal with. This should at least help you cope with his mood swings. When you receive negative feedbacks, evaluate yourself and try to improve. Think about what you did wrong. But if there are constant shouting and harsh treatment especially over tiny mistakes, then think whether you still wanted to stay or go somewhere else.

There is favoritism

If you’re the boss’ favorite, then it means you have done great work. Or perhaps your boss likes your personality and attitude towards work. Whatever it is, you are fortunate. If you are the favorite, try to bring up others in projects when their skills match what is needed. Encourage and try to get along with your peers for them to also work hard. But if you are not the favorite then try to have the initiative to help the boss when needed. Or even asking if there’s anything he needs help with so that you can also show other strengths and skills you possess.

Irresponsible co-workers

It is common to have problems brought about by mistakes of others or mismanagement in a workplace. Workers blaming each other without even trying to solve the issues themselves is a toxic environment to work with.

Regain cooperation and order by setting up rules. There should be employee review and reports every so often. The management is not excluded from this. I guess, talking to the human resource department would be of one of the best things to do.

There is no growth

We work not just for profit, but to grow as well. This is what drives people to achieve more. But you cannot improve if your work does not encourage growth or limiting your potential. Sure, the management wants success for the business, but sometimes they fail to recognize the need of people for growth.

We can escape this stagnation by being the one who initiates growth. Talking to the managers about possible projects or other improvements is usually a good start. Always remember that change starts within you.

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