Benefits of Talent Management 

Benefits of Talent Management 

Benefits of Talent Management  

The concept of talent management may be one of the most topic being talked about in the Human Resource (HR) industry. This specific aspect of hiring makes it advantageous at the end of the company or business owners since they are assured that the right people are with them. Though the proposition is true that there is no such thing as a perfect organization regarding a workplace, it is also true to say that such conflicts and problems could be avoided if there is a good process of talent management. In this article, I will be sharing with you some benefits of talent management which you may want to ponder about.

   You get to hire the suited person for the job

One of the greatest fear of companies and business alike is to hire someone who cannot do the needed job to be done. In the end, it seems that the hiring process was not practical since there is a backlog of work. Rather than doing the job, people are stocked in mentoring and even teaching the hired employees from scratch. Such a scenario could be avoided through talent management since people working on it could manually trim down the number of really qualified applicants based on different factors such as education, work experiences, and personal skills.

   You get to get hold of the top talent

Through the years of hiring skills, you get to see who are the real deal and who are not. It will be much easier for you to see who is talented and who are the bluffs among the applicants. By doing so, you have a higher chance to hire people who are right in the area of expertise. You can be assured that as much as qualification is a concern, these people are suited for the job.

   You make the hiring process easier

You won’t have to worry about the long cue of lines plus the tedious task of interviewing each one of the workers. All in all, you have to be strict about the rules and stick with your schedule since these could help you go on with the process quickly and smoothly.

   You can understand your employees better

Since your employees have gone through your supervision level, there is a higher chance that you will get to know them both in the professional as well as personal level. You can be assured that as much as understanding and relationship is a concern, you are on the right track.

   You could reach for the help of other professionals in training

Since you know the strengths and weaknesses of the hired employees, you can now plan ahead of the time for the possible intervention that you want to do. May it is in the form of training or seminar; you know the needed people to help. In short, you know the needs of everyone who works in the organization.

Proper and better talent management is necessary for heading towards success in any organization. With its strict implementation or relevance of objectives, the company or business will be a step closer to the overall goal of the company.





  1. Sarah D. Rodenas

    This article entitled, Benefits of Talent Management helps me realize that Talent Management is very important in an organization. After reading the article, I was able to know and make myself aware about the different benefits about Talent Management. First is, you get to hire the suited person for the job wherein productivity is observed not only for the employee but also for the company. Second, you get to get hold of the top talent. This is very important in meeting your expectations for the company. Third, you make the hiring process easier. Fourth, you can understand your employees better. This is very important so that employees will be supervised according to how they perform their tasks effectively. And lastly, you could reach for the help of other professionals in training. In talent management, it is very important to provide opportunities for the employees to grow for they will be mentored with so many things from other professionals.

  2. Mark Joseph N. Traje

    Hiring the right employees would mean getting the right results based from the organization expectations. Having the right understanding and established Talent Management in the organization would help the company identify the right individual to hire, promote the good leaders and ultimately make the process easy. Also, it is easier for the organization to identify the highlights (successes) that needs to be sustained and challenges that needs to be develop.
    Therefore, if Talent Management is in place both Managers and Employees can benefit to it.

  3. Jenny B. Barros

    There is no doubt that talent management when properly executed can bring great benefit to any company. It is also true that in HR and company organisation perfection is just an aim, not a state, usually far from it. It seems though that this article has SME in mind because in big company without training done by experienced staff, things do not move forward, however such companies should have people dedicated to training, even professional trainers! In depth knowledge of the work cannot be 100% taught on the job. It would just take too long and too many mistake woukd occur. All new staff need a minimum of training. For SME it will of cours increase the backlog but there is no alternative. Secondly getting hold of the top talent in the way it is described csn only be achieved by people with a very long experience or who have had some training in psychology. In most companies talent recruiters haven’t yet reached this level so no generalisations are possible here.
    Of course the hiring process has to be strict, seamless and flawless but if there is not long line of applicants, it means the jobs opportunities haven’t been advertised or made exciting enough for grabbing the attention of potential applicants.
    Understand your employee better entails a personal touch only possible in SMEs. In big companies, supervisors and/or managers would fulfill this function and discuss with HR when facing problem with an employee.
    Yes training is a must as mentioned above. Without proper training the best intention staff would most likely lose his heart after many mistakes, errors and blames.

  4. We must get and choose the right talents basis on your qualification and set by the Job Description that we need. If hire for not suited it is the big loss of the company because if we hire the right one we cannot waste time and money for the wrong chooses we make. We must get the top talents and hold the right talents that we have by retaining them. Because we hire not only for short time process but for the life time process in order to be successful in our business. That we hire new talents in order for the company to rich their goals and dreams. We must also build a good relationship to our employees, because if we set a good working place by building them a good relationship we the employees were stay in our company.

  5. Pearl Joy Ortiz

    Talent Management assures the right person for the right job through proper assessment and mapping of skills to increase employee productivity. These strategies focus on programs to develop and help talented people engage, making a company become more competitive in the world of business. Talented people produce better results so, company productivity also increases. Through training, succession planning and performance management better professional decisions will develop. Aligning employee’s profile with his interests and skills increase job satisfaction. Better understanding of employees create a good working environment. Knowing employees well enrich good working relationship and creating good working environment. Retaining employees with highest potential is one of the company’s best assets. Good compensation package and right positioning will make employees feel valued then they will commit to stay longer. Mostly, workers leave seeking growth and not well compensated which result to increase in turnovers and recruiting for another candidate for the job. In talent management, hiring will be better and easier since recruitment process has been strategically design.
    Presently, there were companies having weak talent management. Employees clamor for unjust hiring procedure, not giving good benefits, and ineffective leadership making them leave and seek for better opportunities outside the company. Having strong talent management creates positive culture for the organization, making it automatically penetrates the market efficiently and effectively.

  6. Analie Joy A. Soriaga

    On top of the financial benefits we can gain from having Talent Management around, it also helps a lot in making the work — managing people — easier, more effective and efficient.
    Since Talent Management is very keen in terms of the qualification or specification of the job, companies are able to hire easily only the best and suited person for the job. Company are able to hire only the best, committed and loyal candidates/employees.
    Companies also benefit from Talent Management in terms of understandstanding employees better. With Talent Management’ the company are able to deal deeply with the employees from recruitment/hiring stage up until the employee is deployed. Companies are aware of their strengths and weaknesses which leads to proper intervention .
    I firmly believe that if companies are able to adapt to the new trend- Talent Management, they would be able to deal and manage their peope better and eventuallly reach their targets or goals.

  7. Ma. Joyzel Ubal

    It is true that having good talent management in the company could really help improve the performance of the employees and at the same time I would be beneficial for the organization in the long run. The company gets to hire the right people for a certain job with proper placement of the job description and the duties and responsibilities affiliated with the job. Well thought of and studied job description is the first step in hiring or in looking for the right people. If the company has this already, it will be easy to hire perfect persons for the job and eventually retain top talents to help them grow together with the growth of the company.
    The success and downfall of an organization is not only dependent on the management or the owners alone but more so on its employees that are doing the “dirty works”, as they say. Top management will not do the clerical or cleaning stuff of his company but they will hire for someone to do that and how do they do that? – through talent management.

  8. Irianne Teriz G. Chainani

    In some business they may think cutting out budget is the most important thing to do even when the budget is big enough to cover all the expenses. But they must realize that having talent management is the safest way off achieving goals. Yes a business could grow to its maximum capacity but they ought to know the importance of having a well versed talent management because it smoothens the employee relations.

  9. Rodolfh D. Doruelo

    Benefits are the one who motivates employees; they give encouragement for your work producing a healthy environment in the workplace. If the benefits are good and will make satisfaction to the employees thus, employees will give their best services and can give productivity to the workplace, but somehow if the benefits are not good well, employees will not give their best services to the organization and it will cause transferring an employee to another organization. As I’ve read this article about the benefits of talent management, if we deeply understand the whole meaning and adapt the benefits of talent management, well I can say and conclude that the organization will not have any more hindrances or difficulties in terms of hiring or handling a person in the organization. Because the benefits of talent management give you an idea or steps to make the organization organize or being systematized, it helps the organization to become better and to have completely productive employees. This article will help you a lot if we consider this as factors of improvement and successful to become better and best to the organization.

  10. Mizpah A. Villamor

    I believe, in a nutshell, this article talks about working with people as one of the major benefits of Talent Management. To work with people requires special skills and sensitivity as compared to working with machines or papers or computers. The unpredictability of a person’s response and reactions is a challenge for Talents Managers. Through time and experience, with careful observation and study of persons’ behavior, Talent Managers will be able to respond to the need or the workforce. While working with people have challenges, there are also rewards too, especially if personality-wise, the Talent Manager is a people person.

    Talent Managers get to have a personal, face to face encounter with the employees from the very start. There, managers start to build rapport and make an impression on them, knowing them and assessing their training needs, directing them to the next possible position that will benefit them and the company. Talent managers through the nature of his or her work build relationship with the talents. There is also one thing to be mindful when it comes to building relationships with employees, that is to be careful that boundaries will not be crossed. Sometimes an overfamiliar relationship is not healthy at all.

    In the nature of my work, and learning about Talent Management, I am glad that I have in many ways also applied and benefited from this management style. I have discovered and learned that managing people is no easy tasks. It requires patience, a lot of it really, given my personality and leadership style. I agree with the benefits of Talent Management, you can never go wrong in knowing your workforce well and building a wholesome and genuine relationship with them. The rewards of working with people are greater compared to its challenges.

  11. Managing the various human resource processes can sometimes feel lije a juggling act. Between recruiting the right candidate, on boarding them, and on to succession planning, there is a lot to manage.
    Talent Management us the process of recruiting, training, developing and retaining staff by organizations so that, they are able to reach their business goals.
    With the current market becoming highly competitive fir quality workers or war on talents, human resource is considered as a top priority. I experienced abd witnessed the shaky operation if a certain company when most if middle managers as well as the human resource manager resigned because of changed if administration. I do believe that the success of the company lies on the people wuthin them. It is important to find, hire and retain quality candidates and top performers. A strong and efficient talent management system can help with attracting abd retaining top talent as well as making a bottom-line impact on productivity.
    Hiweve, a tale management system can help employees feel engaged by empowering emplo abd managers to interact their professional growth abd development. Employees profile stored within talent management and systems allows you to retreive the files easily to look into the progress of the employee while they are still in the company. Thus also allows you to maintain long-term relationships with top performers and could even leaf to reduc turnover.

  12. Rustom M. Padios

    Business aims to be on top of their game and it will only be possible with the help of a competitive and talented employees. More than the financial, technological, and even capital resources of the company, human resources is also of the same importance. The human side of the organization are responsible in utilizing the resources of the company in an efficient and effective way. With that being said, talent management is crucial in making sure that talent is available, developed, and retained.

    Talent Management benefits the company in many ways and usually leads to bigger sales and higher profit for the business. For me, the three most important benefits of talent management are the following; competent employees, productive operation, and profitable business. An effective talent management program will help the business find, develop, and retain competent workers. Through talent management, the company will be able to identify the required skills and competencies during recruitment stage, develop these employees to the type of workers the company need, and retain these employees in the organization. Aside from having and retaining the top talents, a productive operation is also expected if talent management initiative is well planned and executed. It creates a domino effect for the business, high performing employees resulting into productive operation of the business. And lastly, effective talent management results to a profitable business. Profit making is the primary goal of most business and usually profit is the determinant of whether the business is successful or not. With the aide of talent management, desired profit of the business is very possible to be realize. Again, your people together with the other resources will determine the future of the company.

    The internet will give us tons of benefits of talent management and all are beneficial to the company but at the end of the day profit will be the primary barometer of success. Business should remain focus on its goals- have the best talent, retain this talent, value this talent, and utilize this talent to realize the goals and objectives of the business.

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