Bringing out a Talent’s Highest Potential  

Bringing out a Talent’s Highest Potential  

Bringing out a Talent’s Highest Potential

A person’s talent and skills need to be supported and developed to reach its full potential. Not everyone has the same level of understanding and development. Some are born genius, while others need the right coaching and training to be the best person they can be. Some people are born leaders and those who are fantastic as followers. Then there is also that kind who has the skills but are lacking when it comes to communicating.
It is one of the objectives of talent management to identify what type of person the employees are. In accomplishing this, they will be able to provide the necessary resources for employees to improve and achieve remarkable feats.

Human Resources Manager

The Human Resources Manager plays a crucial role in bringing the best out of their employees. In working together with the other managers, they would be able to identify which category the employee falls in and take actions to help those individual become better.

The Promising Leaders

People in the company are categorized into different groups. One of these groups is promising leaders. It is essential that these people are adequately identified by the human resources team and the individual’s immediate managers to make the transition easy for those with a bright future in the company. It depends on the companies’ disclosure whether they will outright inform this to the individual or not.
In most cases, the organization will not say anything so that the chosen individual will not become too sure of himself or be careless.

Importance of Emotional Intelligence

Leadership is measured based on the individual’s Emotional Intelligence or EQ. Using leadership training can help indicate promising leaders from the followers. Their reactions to given situations and how they deal with it mentally is a critical criterion for leadership. This will help the company decide on which person should invest its resources. The competition can be, but this will show which individual is more capable and deserving of the promotion.

The downfall of having Terrible Managers

Promoting an individual is a weighty decision for an organization. This can decide the future of the whole group. Choosing to promote a person just because of their technical skills but lacking in the leadership department is a terrible form of investment. Rather than help the company grow, this individual can cause problems if he or she does not know how to deal with employees properly. Good employees may end up resigning from their positions because of a bad choice of a manager. This shows how vital leadership skills are for those who are in a senior position.

The Important Role of Talent Management

Promoting individuals with promising leadership skills can cause issues with other employees. These employees might feel undervalued and may decide to look for other companies that can provide better for them. This is where talent management comes in. In promoting specific individuals, this should be handled subtly to avoid internal conflict. The ability to take care of the issue without raising any problems is how talent management operates.

Bringing the best out of an employee will not only benefit that individual but as well as the whole organization. This is a good activity that companies should practice using talent management.


  1. Sarah D. Rodenas

    This article “Bringing out a Talent’s Highest Potential” focuses on how to develop the professional aspect of the employee. As I go along with my readings on the article, I can say that leadership training plays a very important role in monitoring progress of the employees. Through leadership training, an employee would be assessed how good he or she is. Offers promotion for those employees who has good leadership skills and boosts the confidence of those employees who do not have a good leadership skills and this will promote success. Developing an employee through leadership training involves improving his or her skills in their current job as well as developing them for future responsibilities and new positions. This is one important role of Talent Management. One important thing I’ve learned from the article is to avoid being a terrible manager. As stated on the article, good employees would end resigning on their job if they were not treated nicely. Managers must see to it that there is right management style by treating employee nicely, and motivate them to ensure the greatest levels of productivity.

  2. Frances Anne A. Amantillo

    Identifying the skills and talents of employees and developing them are also a challenge in the company that I work for. This is because of the fact that some skills and talents of employees could be hidden if the job doesn’t allow them to practice and use the skills and talents that they have. In the company that I work for, we have leadership conferences and seminars to enhance employees wholistically. Also, we have a semi-annual evaluation in order to assess those employees who have good potential for promotion. We also believe that it is not just the know-how and skills that matter; values and work ethics also matter as well. I personally do case write-ups that address the work ethics of erring employees. It is vital for the company to have good leaders that have good work ethics.

  3. Pearl Joy Ortiz

    Employee’s success is being influenced by a type of leaders they learn from because leadership is enabling the highest potential of an individual. Research shows that people would be most effective and successful if they can work from their talents. Managers have great impact on their employees career path. An employee can’t choose a boss. Unfortunately, some were not lucky of having a good one. It’s difficult for employees to perform at his best while dealing with ineffective leader. There are those who are good at technical skills but lack of leadership skills but were promoted. Some have potential but were never chosen. This is where talent management comes in. Good leadership through motivation is very important for clear strategic goals and be able to reach them. Selecting and communicating potential people to develop, rewarded and retain. Employees who are lucky enough with good boss are motivated and most likely to stay because they felt the are valued. Effective leadership has the ability to plan for strategy for future company’s growth and profit. Good communication and feedback are steps for good succession planning. Discussing to employees about their needs, strength, interests, weaknesses and goals will help managers discover competency that can be beneficial for the company’s growth later on. The success or downfall of the organization depends on the type of leaders you have in the organization.

  4. Jenny B. Barros

    Identifying born leader is of course if the outmost importance but no point is made of managers hiding the great potential of some staff in fear they would replace them or be promoted over their heads. The HR manager must be aware of this! Many managers like their own “kingdom” staying undisturbed and staff shining too much are usually being put down by colleagues and/or supervisors for the obvious reasons. The first job of HR is filtering out the bad managers and supervisors already employed. Each unit, each department must be given clear job functions/description and targets. At the beginning easy targets, if those are not reached it usually mean that unit or department has a management problem that needs fixing and it is a must to find the cause. So working with managers is not enough and could be counterproductive! EQ is the ingredient that will make the boss or a manager get the best out if his staff and keep them motivated. If HR manager has EQ but the boss hasn’t the HR manager better look for another job. Managers should also have a certain done if EQ but not too much. Otherwise if they leave they may take a whole team with them. Terrible managers can bring the downfall of any company but as outshine above, with due process they can be rooted out. Any manager with many excuses, reasons, etc… not to change should be giving the boot. The most difficult is to identified shining star and future leaders when they are hidden by their superiors. Many good ones are list so managers can only be trusted when they are open about the value of their charges.

  5. Mark Joseph N. Traje

    Not All Employees are Similar and expected to follow the same order having the same understanding on how to get the right results expected from them.
    Thus, this has to be understood by the organization and should do necessary actions to address it because it can lead to unproductive results.
    To unleash the highest potential of an individual it requires training and development and should be monitor and with the help of the existing leaders. You can never raise good leaders if they are mentored by wrong Managers.
    Hiring Leaders/ Managers is critical. Character and Attitude is always first where skill is next to it. Character is always believed as “Built In” or innate to an individual which he embodies that even before he/ she was part of the organizations. Character and Attitude measures how the person would react or behave in certain situations that may arise. While, skills can be learn by time so long as the employee has the right attitude in the process of learning.
    Therefore, unleashing the Highest Potential requires critical analysis on the Process, Emotional (Character/ Attitude), and Good Mentoring by Great Leaders in the organization.

  6. As an employer we need to support the development of our new employee and the old employee. We need to upgrade not for them self but for the company seeks. As human resources we need to identify our employee base on their performance if who will send for training. Our role as human resource is very crucial in the company because we are the one who identify the employees who were going for the training. Some of our employees where born to be a leader. We must identify them and promote them for manager. Sometime we need to gives those changes to practices their leadership. If we identify the skills of our employees we need to use them, because sometime if the employees feel that their Job is easy for them. They where get bored and sometimes this will be the reasons of leaving the company. we must use them if we bring out the best for the employee will not only benefit for them but for the benefits of the company.

  7. Analie Joy A. Soriaga

    Bringing out a talent’s highest potential is the greatest goal of Talent Management. It does not only help the individual himself but the company as a whole.

    Having employees at their highest potential makes the performance of the company better.

    To achieve this, there are different factore that needs to be considered. One of which is the full support and effort of the HR Manager and the employee’s immediate superiors.

    Top Managers or leaders play an important role. They must be committed and patience in doing what they can to enhance, develop or improve their respective subordinates. Moreover, leaders must be open and willing to enroll their staff to different trainings they need.

    On the otherhand, leaders must also not forget that their are employees who are less efficient and effective than the others. Leaders must also know how to deal with then to avoid conflicts and issues.

  8. Ma. Joyzel Ubal

    Having good leadership in an organization may make or break the success of a company. Given that the company already hired the best talents for the job, what’s next? How do they hold on to these talents with the competition that is blossoming like flowers all around? It is now in the hands of the company’s leaders or managers to make their employees feel secured to make them stay. If you have managers and bosses that support you and listens to you, may it be your needs as an employee or a suggestion for the betterment of your work, it would be a great boost in the employee’s morale to be better and to work harder for the company.
    It is indeed important to have talent management because it is also the proper way to distinguish who’s fit and who’s not so fit to manage a certain department of the organization. Talking about an experience with a previous employment wherein the job itself is not so stressful and the camaraderie within co-workers are great but the manager that handles this certain account is not that good when it comes to dealing with his subordinates. Eventually, one by one, his good employees chose to transfer to another account and the others just left the company for good just to avoid further conflict with the manager. Being in the top has its perks but it also comes with overflowing patience, understanding and emotional intelligence to be able to sustain and retain the great talents that are under your wings of leadership.

  9. Irianne Teriz G. Chainani

    We have employees engagement program in order to bring out the highest potential of every talents. This engages employees to create a conducive working environment. In my several years of working in different industries I had experienced different kinds of employees engagement programs . Some were done through employees satisfaction surveys, vertical meeting and mentoring. These methods were all effective in motivating employees.

  10. Mizpah A. Villamor

    How rewarding it would be if you are instrumental in bringing out the highest potential in an individual. Such privilege is in the hands of Talent Managers. Talent Managers should have healthy self-esteem and identity to be able to bring out the best in others without being insecure and feel threatened by their growth and advancement. In ancient times, it is a master’s desire to train his students to be masters like him or even more than him. I see Talent Managers like the masters of ancient times. They are like mentors who develop their mentees.

    Bringing out the best from talents and developing them to their highest potentials, however, is no easy task. This should be done with careful thought and detailed process to minimize setbacks as prescribed by this article. A standardized step can be of help so that everyone in the company got to have their equal share of opportunity. Eventually, in the course of the process, the best and the brightest, not only in terms of skills and intellegence, but also in terms of character, ethics, and principles will stand out and be identified. These people, with proper guidance and training will bring the company to achieve its goals and even to higher level.

    My take out on this article is that I should develop a deeper understanding of the people I work with and manage so that I may be able to respond to their needs and see which aspect of their work they need help and which part are they good at. I should also be sensitive to spot on their giftings and talents so that we can maximize it for the betterment of the team and the organization and also the people we serve, being in the business of life transformation and leadership development.

  11. Rodolfh D. Doruelo

    Talent management has a big role in the organization without talent management the employees have no support to develop their potentials and credibility. Talent management helps employees to expose and emerged their skills and talents in the organization. As this article giving some points to bringing out talents highest potential which helps the organization to identify who is the better and best employee for the future. In addition, talent management helps the organization to determine those potentials leadership employees to your organization. Therefore, talent management for me has a significant part in the organization, giving good quality of work at the same teaching on how to be mannered and being professional in the workplace. Moreover, according to Bruce Kasanoff there are 10 best ways to bring out talent in your employees, first is believe in them, believe in the employees who have potentials to do the work in order for them to have strength to do their task, 2.Demonstrate belief by listening, as head of the department show to your employees or subordinates that their suggestions or contribution are very important in order that they will feel that they are part in the organization 3. Share both your weakness and strengths; be honest of what you feel whether it’s good or bad share it in your co-worker in order to help you in your task. 4. Understand your own biases, before you start to work be sure that yourself is completely check both emotionally and physically. 5. Be simple and clear it means to be more humble, humble in a sense that doesn’t put yourself into the highest level that will result into negative effect because it can create to the organization a toxic and stressful environment. 6. Inspire, don’t intimidate, it means to be more positive, be happy and don’t feel negativity in the workplace. 7. Invest a lot of training; take a risk in investing a lot of training to those employees who have talents and skills in order to have a successful organization. 8. Praise effort, not ability, as head of the department, show your appreciation to those employees who have a good contribution in the organization in order to feel them that they are important because sometimes employees need an intrinsic motivation, 9. Spread credit fairly, giving an intrinsic and extrinsic motivation you must give to the employee fairly and both are given equally. And last is send your team members on to bigger and better things, feel them that your employees are important in the organization and send them to all training and seminars that enhance their confidence and strengths. This article will also help you and are needed to be observed and follow all steps that promote good quality work in order to have a successful organization.

  12. The 21st century leader must have the ability to make the most of every situation. They are courageous and not afraid ti challenge the status quo and push the boundaries to make things better. Because if these qualities and many others, the best leaders know how to get the most out of people, they enable the full potential in others, (Llopis, 2019).
    As leaders for more than a decade, I am still wondering what is the best way to bring g out the best in the organization. I always want to help people exceed all expectations and accomplish more than they thought possible, HOW and WHY? are often the questions that I asked myself, especially that the culture is different in government practice.
    According to John Maxwell ” Leadership is influence-nothing more, noth less”, whic is also supported by Tim Irwin in his statement, ” Our words can build a stronger cire in those we influence, our words commensurately contain the power to weaken the core if someone we lead.”.
    Research shows that science has revealed that affirmation sets in motion huge positive changes in the brain, thus, ever talent in on institution is considered unique individuals considering the multiple intelligence that each one possess.
    As what Winston Churchill stated “Continuous effort- nit strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential., which
    can be achieved through the full support of administration in the employees professional growth and development.
    Whether it is Einstein, Gandhi ir Martin Luther King, all of them achieved greatness in their domains just because they exhibit and observed the highest potential in their undertaking. Therefore, in order to ve successful abd achieve greatness, you have to eork to your best potential. Usually the highest potential is considered exertion of greater level of efforts, however, working on the highest potential is easier said than done abd there is much more to it than jyst exerting efforts.
    Thu, before achieving highest potential, it is imperative that you know what your potential is. You need to know know about what you do best or the th you love doing the most. In most if the cases, it will be the things you love doing in which you have potential, and as 21st century leader we play a great role in molding the person with its inexhaustible potentialities.

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