Intelligence   and expertise on the  subject matter  are not enough to ensure training is effective”



Most organizations have a pool of trainers conducting various in-house programs for their employees.  These pools of trainers are important to take in various organizational objectives.

Skilled and highly motivated trainer can mean so much difference just conducting a training issue and producing solutions.  Intelligence   and expertise on the  subject matter  are not enough to ensure training is effective.

Organizational pool of trainers  in your organization suffers a vast influence on the success of any employee they come in touch with. Hence,  this Advance Trainers Training Course by INTRASPEC.

INTRASPEC Management Consultancy’s ADVANCE TRAINER’S TRAINING COURSE will enable organizational trainers to be   discovered to the most up-to-date training methods and techniques. The  Advance Trainer’s Training Course by INTRASPEC  is filled with practical exercises and valuable content  needed to equip organizational trainers  to run a highly successful  training.

INTRASPEC Management Consultancy’s ADVANCE TRAINER’S TRAINING COURSE  is practical and based in the real work situations, not just academic theory. This program focuses on what happens before, during, and after you deliver training, and what to do if training is not the right solution

 “Skilled and highly motivated trainer can mean so much difference just conducting a training issue and producing solutions”

Course Outline

  •   Adult Learning Principles: Understanding and Application
  • How to use various Learning Styles
  • Self-Assessment – What’s your Style & What to Watch for?
  • Understanding & Practicing Presentation Skills
  • What’s the difference in Presenting, Training & Facilitation?
  • Using Anchoring & Appropriate Body Language
  • Communicating with Power
  • Identifying and Resolving Gaps – Exercise/Feedback
  •  Understanding & Practicing Facilitation Skills
  • Encouraging Participation & Discussion
  • Intervention Techniques & Solutions
  • Facilitating Group Exercises Successfully – Exercise/Feedback
  • Understanding & Practicing Training Skills
  • How to be Professionally Assertive and in Control
  • Structured Role Play
  • Delivery Options – Which is best?
  • Keeping it Interactive: Tips and Tricks – Exercise/Feedback
  • Understanding & Applying Coaching and Influencing Skills
  • Creating an Impact: The Principles of Influence
  • Providing Coaching, Feedback & Constructive Criticism
  • Power Questions – Exercise/Feedback
  •  Putting it All Together – Presentation & Feedback
  • Train Back of Your Content Using Layers of All Techniques Learned
  • Live Feedback, Coaching & Tips
  • Essence Appreciation
  •  Wrap Up – Evaluation & Results
  • Completion of Key Takeaways, Action Plans & Evaluations
  • Follow up Options (Coaching, Onsite Training, etc.)


INTRASPEC Management Consultancy is a Bacolod City, Negros Occidental based training outfit which conducts trainings nationwide. For more information, email:



  1. I’m into teaching right now and I think training and teaching has similarities as it deals with people but in training, it’s a lot different. I think this will help a lot especially dealing with different kinds of people in one room and what are the tools that are needed for training.. Thanks for this post! 😀

  2. There are always new development and advancement in any field. This is where ample training is needed especially to those who are handling in house programs for employees.

  3. Trainers are vital members of an organization so it’s really important to equip them with the proper knowledge that they can later on impart to other members.

  4. I have not attended training for some time.
    I wonder if there’s one at Intraspec that is suitable for my skills.

  5. This training will help other organization to improve because of highly trained and skilled moderator.

  6. For sure this advance training course will benefit a lot of organizations and companies. Kudos to the people involve. Nice one Jo!

  7. I really enjoy having training programs tailored to improve job performance. Last November, our company had a training about meta-coaching and it has somehow made difference in my performance and outlook. Your advance training course is really relevant and essential in improving a company's competitiveness especially for those companies that are in highly competitive industries.

  8. Though I live in Negros Occidental, I never heard this consultancy agency in Bacolod. I’m a bit misinformed about INTRASPECT Management Consultancy. Anyway, their job is most welcome by a newly established or founded business entreprenuership or whatever as far as management is concerned.

  9. First time to hear about INTRASPEC. And reading about it, it really help and trained organization to build a team, behavioral and management as well.

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