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The workplace  is full of difficult people who can fix your life miserable if you have them.Difficult people come in all forms, sizes, and personalities. They are exacting, often defensive, problematic, and can drain all of your vitality.

Every day, we hear people  sharing a story  of how a co-worker    is driving her nuts and sapping her vitality. Very often it’s the boss who they see as being arrogant, condescending, and disrespectful or maybe still a rowdy. It might be a coworker who is argumentative with a large ego and thinks he’s always right.


I. Understand what motivates the difficult people you work with

◆  most common types of difficult people

Coping strategies

◆ How to counteract typical weapons that difficult people use

◆   overcoming resistance

◆ Recognizing the consequences of not dealing with difficult people


II. Predict and prepare for confrontation and conflict

◆  dangerous myths about communicating with difficult people

◆ How to keep your expectations realistic

◆ Phrases that can inadvertently provoke difficult behavior

◆ Body language that clues you into a confrontation or conflict that’s brewing

◆ A simple step-by-step plan for constructive confrontation


III. Stay calm, cool, and in control, no matter what

◆  questions to ask yourself about a confrontational situation to help you keep your head

◆ How to use your anger as a positive tool

◆  steps to a meaningful idea exchange when you just can’t get through

◆  proactive keys to conquer even the strongest resistance in others

IV. Minimize – even eliminate – the likelihood of difficult encounters

◆ Active-listening skills that help you find the root cause of conflict

◆ Communication techniques that can head off difficult encounters before they boil over

◆  ways to bring out the best response in anyone

◆ Easy persuasion strategies that really work

◆  steps to constructive criticism that’s powerful – and positive


V. Learn from difficult encounters … and beware of potentially violent behavior

◆ 3 keys to permanently resolve any conflict

◆ You’re not a loser! How to neutralize your emotions after a tough encounter

◆ Recognizing the escalating scale of violent behavior and indicators of potential violence

◆ Preventive measures that can reduce the chance of violence in your workplace

◆ Your Personal Action Plan for successfully handling difficult people from now on


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  1. Victor Y. Lee, Jr.

    Difficult people are everywhere and we cannot avoid them. No matter how good the company is, there will always be a person who will not be easy to deal with or might ruin your day. You will see them everyday so you have learn how to deal with them. We just need to do our best to try to listen and understand. Another important thing is always think first before you speak. Master these skills and you will be able to face them comfortably.

  2. Marc Joven Abuy

    Handling difficult people depends on how we deal with it. If we keep on fighting those people and create altercation with them, i think there is no possibility of resolving that conflict. All we need is a little patience.

  3. Manilyn T. Tero

    being difficult differs from one person to another – LISTEN. As in listen because that’s when you could hear them clearly. Remember that hearing id different from listen to the person. I do believe that it is one way to maintain a good relationship at work, of course with the help of person in charged in Human Resource.

  4. Maritess Valderrama

    How to handle difficult people article helps me to deal people with a sense of responsibility. In a sense, that never fight them back but instead trying to understand them as much as we can. It will be our pleasure if we can accomplished our goals while working with those difficult people. We just have to be patient in everything for us to promote good results in a professional ways.

  5. Mark Jansen E. Espinosa

    Dealing with certain people day after day can be incredibly frustrating, especially when you consider yourself a social inclined person. You’ve always figured you could get along well with all kinds of people until you had to work with them. Along the way you would work with difficult people that you could not even understand. They’re the people who often are uncooperative, uncommunicative, uncompromising – and just plain unpleasant to work with, so this article simply provide us those tips that we could be able to work with and be productive even with difficult people either in the workplace or in a certain organization. It makes us effortless to deal with them and we can welcome them daily.

  6. Joerina L. Guotana

    Been with this for so many times. Especially with the company I was connected with since I am an Account Supervisor for more than three years handling different types of agents.
    Handling difficult people is not easy. You need to have a lot of patience. You have to develop your self awareness, open mindednees, you should give feedback and ears always willing to listen.
    These skills may not come naturally in a person but these can be develop overtime.
    There will always be a difficult people not only in the workplace. At times, we may not be able to fix them. So we also needs to figure how to cope up, always care for and protect ourselves.

  7. Minette Ira Quiocson

    Meeting and handling difficult people is something all of us need to master. Not just at work but everywhere. We can never avoid them, and thus we need to start with our selves. Coping with them can be called a skill. Once we master this skill, we’ll be able to face anyone comfortably and professionally.

  8. Arthur M. Boboli

    For me in order to handle difficult people in the organization. You have to be calm, understand the person intentions. And get some perspective from others, and let the person know where you are coming from. and also you have to build rapport, and treat the person with respect. And if you already exhaust everything and if does not work. You have to escalate to the higher authority for resolution. Thanks!

  9. Rosmond Pasar

    I usually distance myself to difficult people but if one happens to be an HR, we must be prepared in dealing with them. A listening heart may be a good tool to reinforce a conflict attracting individuals. But this doesnt mean that you have to be soft all the time. I believe handling these people can be achieved through moderation. Remembering that the company’s success or failure is under your care.

  10. April Rose Colango

    In every workplace, difficult people to deal with is inevitable. It is for us on how we dealt with it. We’ll ensure that it would lead to a positive outcome. If ever that negative vibrant happened, then learn from it and find solutions on how to resolve it nicely. This article is useful as it will help us on how we can cope up with difficult people that we encounter. It may be friends, family, or colleagues.

  11. Mark Joseph N. Traje

    As a Human Resource Student below are the benefits and Insights I got after reading this article for each content:

    1. Understand what Motives the difficult people you work with
    – This content help me better understand that it’s not always about whom we deal with but most importantly is to understand the MOTIVE of the person we deal with. This also help me understand that there are effective ways that are written on how to deal with difficult people/ employees.

    2. Predict and Prepare for Confrontation and Conflict
    – Preparedness will always define the end result of each action. This is what I learn from this content. Learning the nonverbal and verbal ques will help us on how to deal with difficult people.

    3. Stay Calm, Cool, In Control No Matter What:
    – As they say, best ideas comes out once you are in you’re normal state of mind. This content reminds me that regardless how difficult the situation is, you need to be in control of what is happening and still in focus to each of the objectives.

    4. Minimized even Eliminate the likelihood of Difficult Encounters
    – This content help me understand that difficult encounters are avoidable and that’s with correct and effective communication techniques (includes effectively listening, persuasion strategies and the like) .

    5. Learn from Difficult Encounters
    – Every situation has its own learning factor. This can evidently help us improve ourselves in handling same like situation in the future and will help us prepare for more good and effective encounters.

    Overall, this article help me realized that difficult individuals, situations and organizations are always present yet It is our responsibility as a Human Resource Persona to understand, validate, prepare and learn from each encounters.

  12. Goldie Ann Luna

    With this article, it helps me to never lose the composure and always be ahead of the circumstances. The way I understand, a one on one coaching or counseling is one of the keys to understand why an employee is so difficult to handle. Anger is no way that solves the issue. To deal with this type of employee, we have to understand that there is a reason why they act like this. They have to be valued by showing to them what we (management) are doing or advice is just for their best and making them feel management cares for everyone’s personal growth and well-being.

  13. Mitchell Escabillas

    Handling difficut people is a challenge. Communication skills is important in this situation, you need to be a good listener also and understand the issue. We came from different backgound, have different experience so keep calm and be patient and be open minded always

  14. Arissa Ina Claur

    You get to meet a lot of people everyday and not everyone is your cup of tea. You encounter difficult people not just on the workplace but pretty much everywhere and its best to know how to best deal with these people.

    I have little patience when it comes to negative/ difficult people but I’m trying really hard to keep calm and just let it go. They can really get into your nerves and it can be maddening/ frustrating sometimes. However, I figured, that like me, these people may be going through something awful and may just be having a hard time coping. Empathy plays a big role- you have to understand what they are going through and be open to listen. Always choose to be kind and do away with the negative emotions.

    As an aspiring Human Resource Manager, I have to work on my skills on dealing with difficult people and on finding ways to make the workplace a positive environment for the employees. This blog article is a good start as it includes the key points on what to consider when handling difficult people.

  15. Kent Juneil Padrinas

    Working with difficult people is never fun, but all companies has their fair share of difficult people to work with. Learning to cope and deal with this people is an important skill that we need to learn as future HRs of a company, The article genuinely helps in that regard and will help us in dealing with these kinds of people not only in the workplace but in life as a whole.

  16. Rudyla Fabelena

    Dealing with difficult employees is never fun, but it is part of HR’s responsibility. We need to deal with them, don’t put it off, develop a plan and come up with a resolution. Dont be subjective, focus on the behavior, not the person and try to know what are the reasons behind the behavior.

  17. Herminia M. Bedayo

    How to handle difficult people especially in dealing client at the service counter to keep calm and stay in your post in handle some ignorant people.

  18. Jay Rivera

    This, I believe is inevitable in every company. I have encountered and dealt with these kind of people as an employee for the past few years.

    In my opinion the methods discussed in this article are very useful and associable as an HR student. This also provided me ideas on how to deal with this type of people accordingly in an organization real time and for future reference.

  19. Mariel M Comawas

    Handling difficult people is not easy. You got to learn how to deal with them. All we can do is stay postive and calm in every situation.Some difficult people never talk and listen. You can confront them or just avoid them. We can also raise it to the management.

  20. Raysamel C. Jover

    We come from different upbringing we can not please everyone. For me the most important weapon in handling difficult people is the Value of PATIENCE. With good listening skills and good communication technique always remember be humble and again have Patience.

  21. How to handle difficult people especially in the workplace keep calm and stay in your post, handle it intelligently always think broader as you can, and all things there is always a good ways to solve it and we must identify what really the problem is and what is the best solution for that.

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