How to Take Your Company to the Global Market

How to Take Your Company to the Global Market


The world is a big place to do business with. While you could choose to stick in your comfort zone—typically, your native place—and go through the same things year after year in business, it often connotes limited growth compared to those who took the risk of venturing overseas.

Yet, while it may sound so easy to make a leap into the global business stage, it does not necessarily always imply success to those who braved the idea. Like how building a startup and its eventual growth has its own sets of challenges and obstacles along the way, expanding to cater for the wider international clients is not without its conundrums for every business.

However, those who do venture on the bigger picture and overcame are surely to find growth to their business which is otherwise restricted in their original, local scope.

Reasons to bring your business globally

Here are a handful of ways in how you would be benefited with bringing your business internationally:

  • Finding a new market helps extend the sales life of your products or services
  • You get more freedom regarding the market you make business with or you get less dependent on the market where your enterprise is originally rooted from
  • In the case of the oftentimes inevitable business-hampering fluctuations, having options to different market helps you even out sales by shifting towards areas with more stable economic weather
  • You get to learn about corporate technology and, equally important, utilizing it as part of the way you do business on a bigger scale
  • You get to compete with foreign companies and even take the battle in their own ground

Questions to Ask

Your business may already be well-entrenched in the local scene and is confident enough in delivering the same quality products or services to a larger consumer base. But hold your horses, ask yourselves these questions first:

  1. How does your product or service fare with the targeted culture?

While there are kinds of products or services that are universally-embraced by people across culture, there are also the sensitive areas which you need to consider for your business to thrive.

For instance, if you are thinking of running a fast food chain in a mostly Hindu community area, ought to know what the people of this faith would consider as offensive and what is allowed, particularly with the kind of meat you’re serving.

In another example, in a country like Bolivia where eating home-cooked meals takes center stage in many of its inhabitants, a fast food chain is bound for a very small market and may not be feasible for business.

Knowing, therefore, not just the demand for a particular product or service but also the culture inherent to the place is essential.

  1. How familiar is your target market with your product or service?

You may be offering a kind of product or service that is still fresh from consumer consciousness or one that is familiar yet something very new. But, whether known or not, part of the branding process would entail you investing lots of time and money in educating your target consumers about what you have to offer.

  1. Are you comfortable operating your business in this new environment?

Unless you are comfortable that someone else will handle the early operations of your business in a new territory, the chance is good that you yourself should be the one doing the work from the start. But to conduct your business effectively, you must first learn about the culture and even have a knowledge of the language at the functional level.

  1. Other important things you should know

When doing a business, the quality of the infrastructure is always important, regardless of the trade. With the Western culture being the international standard for most of the time, you may want to ask yourself whether you can get Western-style accommodation and support as needed.

Furthermore, consider the quality of the roads. Are they cemented or are they still paved on soil? What about the supplies needed for your business? Is there a guarantee for it?

Now, not all places that are a hotspot for something are good for business. Sometimes, there are just those places where your business will not fly. But do not blame yourself for coming across such a bad experience in enterprise. Other times, you have just chosen the wrong place.

The Risks of Exporting

Going global with a business may open lots of opportunities you would not find by sticking to local, but perks such as of this nature do not necessarily come easy. Whether it is finding more than too many opportunities than you can handle or getting afflicted by the fluctuating currencies, the world of international business can be dizzying and not something a domestic-only business could see.

But while having the courage to choose to grow may be a wise choice if you’re serious about making a large leap in business, only those who do overcome the obstacles do attain its wanted benefits.

Many had attempted to reach for the wider world in business but failed. However, it should not imply you following the same route.

Common mistakes businesspeople commit when exporting

Listed below are the common mistakes people make when exporting:

Having no strategy

People may assume that big businesses are well-versed in making well-laid out strategies that maintain their position in their chosen industry, however many of these companies failed as well due to lack of strategy.

Marketing around the world

One common mistake that business people made is to think that they are ready to market their product everywhere. This usually happens when they get so many queries from various countries. People should understand their capacity and their readiness to respond to any open doors especially on countries which they knew a little.

“Different strokes for different folks”

Sales and marketing initiatives must be tailored fit to different countries. One should understand the cultural differences which have a great influence on the marketplace. The same issue must be considered when it comes to packaging, shipping, terms of payments and other fine prints requirements.

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  1. Arjay Solitario

    There are definitely a lot of things to consider why you should open your business in an international market. For example, Jollibee opened stores in the US with the consideration that there is a big population of Filipinos in the US. However, Jollibee also observed that other than the Filipinos, there are mainstream Americans who also patronize the product and so it led to even more stores opened in the US. The reason for the success of Chickenjoy, which also contributes to its worldwide appael, is due to the quality assurance claims that say the product is crispy on the outside, and juicy on the inside. Jollibee also started to strengthen its corporate social responsibility in the US and most notably, Jollibee has partnered with the Madison Square Boys & Girls Club in New York City, which aims to enhance the lives of children who are disadvantaged by socio-economic factors.

  2. Iche Calates

    Wooh! Taking your company to the global market is huge! But the question is how can we do that? In my opinion, there are things that need to be looked out first. Firstly and most importantly, is your business financially stable enough to go globally? If yes, then know your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of your business. It is also important to know your product thoroughly and you should be very keen when it comes to your competitors. We are not talking about local here, but global!

    Also, knowing someone outside the country is a privilege. I mean, when doing business globally, connections are very important. They can be your consultants, especially about the culture of the country. They can tell you how your product or service works in that specific country.

    Lastly, I want to say before we go globally, we should start somewhere. So, if you are in doubt now regarding your business, this is the sign, TAKE THAT STEP NOW.

  3. Bea Berio

    Bringing a company to the global market is a huge step to take. It’s like exploring uncharted territories and you are not certain that what you will find is the same thing as what you have envisioned. Which is why it’s very important that there is proper planning AND strategy. Even if you have a great product to offer to the public, without a plan and strategy on how to introduce and sell them to your new market, it would mean great loss to you already and you haven’t even started. I agree with “different strokes for different folks”, that initiatives must be tailored fit to different countries. What worked for you in your home country does not necessarily equate to what will also work in other countries. The most essential thing to consider is to identify and recognize cultural norm variations. View things from the other perspective and choose your company’s words carefully. Words, phrases, body language, and even images have cultural importance. Choosing the proper selection is a sign of respect that the locals appreciate. So yes, including the cultural importance of your target market and putting yourself in their perspective on your business plan and strategy will definitely earn you positive outcomes.

  4. Sounds good that your business is in the global market, but how? It is not a piece of cake to go globally. Know your strengths and weaknesses.
    Focus all your weaknesses and convert them into strength, be ready for all the obstacles that happen. Be prepared for the challenges in dealing with business. Develop high-quality products that can compete internally. Be a top product. Study all the factors affecting your company’s success in a global world. Think big, plan big and be a leading company. Covid 19 open a new business venture locally and internationally.

  5. Apollo Jose Ocillada

    Steps to take your business global

    1. Choose a few high-potential target markets.
    Making a hasty decision could backfire. In the early stages of global expansion, determine which markets have the most significant potential for what you offer. Market entry, size, and cost-effectiveness are all factors to consider.

    2. Respectful of cultural differences
    Culturally sensitive content should be prepared before traveling. It’s critical to engage your customer whether you’re building a landing page or a whole website. Campaigns aim to reach and engage their target audience. Creating an emotional connection in a foreign context can be difficult. Make your visual content relevant to the culture.

    3. Utilize local resources
    Focus on local experts who can help you reach your target audience. Let them know you care about their well-being and how you can help them by clarifying your message and enlisting their help with various aspects of content, such as social media. Speak with local experts to learn about the market.

    4. Learn the language.
    A language barrier can slow you down. Be realistic if you only offer your content in one language. Localization tools can translate your content. Consider hiring a freelance translator to translate your website. Start with English-speaking countries and move on to other languages when you are ready.

    5. Visit each country and make personal connections.
    Meeting in person does not replace the personal connections and trust built over time through meeting in person. To better understand your employees, suppliers, customers, and the media, it is beneficial to travel to all countries where you expect to do business. Local people sharing their customs and appreciation is a great way to attract new visitors.

    6. Focus on international marketing strategies.
    This may have come up during your research. Your peers prefer search marketing, social media, and online advertising. Learn more about blogs, forums, email marketing, and other channels to deliver your marketing messages using the resources found here effectively.

    7. Customers from abroad should set up a billing and payment system.
    Weak payment systems and complicated currency exchange may cause small businesses to be wary of global expansion. New billing and payment tools have made working with international customers much easier.

  6. The kindness and friendliness of most Filipinos is something that most tourists observe. Filipino culture is frequently linked to Spanish and American influences, as well as other Asian ideas. The best thing a Filipino can do to succeed in the global market is to showcase the culture’s distinctiveness and incorporate it into their products or services. Furthermore, Filipinos are known for their excellent English skills, and we all know that English is the universal language. Filipinos are capable of communicating effectively in terms of language since we can effectively provide communication and information. The goal to stable the product name so that it becomes the consumer’s first option, and ultimately, monitoring the country’s economic demands to keep the trend and its name on the runway.

  7. Gracelyn Mae G. Nico

    The most important thing to keep in mind when deciding to expand your business globally is to research closely so that you will not encounter problems pertaining to national securities guidelines. It wouldn’t be enough to just learn about the market on a computer screen or just in your office. The statistics will not show the actual situation on the ground and how the business will operate. You have to make local contacts and experience living in the prospective target market you’re planning to expand your business with. I believe it is the most rational way of making sure everything will not fall out of place.
    I believe that getting into global market will help improve the profitability of the business. Even though your product does not cover a big amount on your local target market, it is possible that there are consumers will to spend their fortunes for your product and letting them acquire huge quantities. Instead of continuing to sell them locally, exporting your products will extend its life cycle

  8. Jen Benoman

    Ready to level up your business in the global market? The answer is yes, indeed! Although it’s quite risky to invest business in the global market, it’s worth it. It’s not an easy thing to do but consider the guide questions and anticipate the worst thing that may happen to your business if you invest globally. It takes a lot of courage to invest in it. Take into consideration doing market research before entering the global market. Not just knowing the people, location but also its culture and norms. By then, you can at least minimize the error and be able to come up with a solution if a problem arises.

  9. Kevene Anthony M. Ting

    Bringing our products on the international stage is a good thing, but not an easy one. Entering the global business takes a lot of time studying and planning. We cannot just enter that level unprepared and just do business without the right strategies. We need to know who are our target markets and learn about their tastes and preferences so that we can market the right product for the right people. We have to make a comprehensive research on how their government and economy operate and identify possible problems that may arise in that specific nation so that as early as possible, we can come up with early solutions.
    Engaging in international trade is such a challenging to do, but it also brings in a lot of opportunities for our business. If we want to achieve greater heights, we should not only limit our businesses locally, but we should also explore the international environment because it is an entry to a bigger picture of success. If we want more sales, we can find new markets that will be loyal to the products that we offer. There are times that our sales are not that good locally, but who knows if we entered the global market, a lot of new markets may like and patronize our offerings and eventually our products will be exported. If changes in the prices of commodities may arise, having more alternatives to our variety of markets helps us reach our target sales or exceed our break-even because we do have other markets to rely on. We also get to learn about innovations and technological advancements which is a very important part of doing business in a larger market or a global level.
    If we want to engage in international trade, we have to consider the products we offer in a specific area. For example, if we want to put in a restaurant or food business in a Muslim country, we must not offer pork because they do not eat those. After all, that is against their religious belief. Instead offer them with menus, like lamb and for sure they will buy your products. Another thing is we should educate our target markets with our products so that they will get to know more of what we offer and eventually if they like it, they may also refer it to others. Before putting in a business in other countries, we should learn a lot about that specific country so that it would be easier for us to understand the way things are happening. It is also very important to find a strong location for your business and make sure that it is located near your target market and the supplies to be used in the business can easily be delivered once it is needed.
    Exporting is a very good idea if we want our businesses to grow, however, it is very risky. If we want to export your products, make sure we have the right strategies for us to stay and maintain our position in that industry. Some businesses fail because they lack strategy. Let us make sure that sales and marketing initiatives are fit to every country we market, such as the advertisements and packaging. Make sure that we pull in a lot of new customers and not offend people because we irresponsibly initiated an advertisement or packaging that might offend their culture.
    International trade helps businesses grow not only by pulling in new markets but also by getting access to a wide range of foreign goods at a cheaper price. For example, we can buy the raw materials of our finished product at a lower cost in the global market compared to the price of the raw materials locally. If that happens, we save more money and probably invest that in other important things that may help our businesses survive in the long run.

  10. Leddielyn C. Tomayao

    Doing business globally is not a walk in the park. Yes, it means higher earnings but it also means higher risk. The keyword to ask yourself is – Are you ready? – If not, then start to be ready! Work your brow out because the global market is a huge undertaking. Charging headfirst like a bull without thinking your strategy will get you to nowhere. Do some research, set up a goal, and a timetable. Everything must be taken into consideration before going global. The global market is scary, but it is where the bigger market and wider opportunities lie, so be brave enough to go there. If you are truly equipped then you can conquer the world. Have some defense, have some battle gear, anticipate every consequence, and above all have a product and service that is globally ready in quality, personality, and is necessary. All else will follow, technology is already here to assist us to bring those products and services to the global market.

  11. Rachelle Beth M. Balansag

    It has always my dream to bring my business internationally. This article is very relevant and timely to me. There are advantages, disadvantages, opportunities and threats in taking a company in the global market. The advantages and potential benefits are really appealing however to be able to reap the benefits business owners should overcome the challenges stated in this article. Before I’ll export I need to ask myself first, how does my product fare with the culture of the country I’ll exporting? How familiar are they in my products and services? Is it fresh to them or are they already familiar with it? I should also have a strategy in place for exporting and marketing the products. Every country has their own preferences and cultural differences so my sales and marketing initiatives should be tailored fit to the country I’m serving. Thanks for sharing this very important aspect in taking our company globally!

  12. Izza Nicole Arcenas

    In order for us to export our locally made products we should be able to know and identify our target market. Globalization is the trend now and a businessman we should adopt to the changes that were made overtime. Being in the global market, your products should stand out among the rest so you can connect to your consumers. Building your brand first locally before going into the global market to have a controlled quality and production checking.

  13. Zandra I. Garagara

    The main factor Filipino may consider first is the international trade. It needs to study detailed strategy to encourage and identify its target costumer. The patience while processing, perseverance of studying marketing plan, being innovative in achieving the goal and planning the best way for the availability of resources and materials may use in business are some attitude and considerations of the business owners may have to compete globally. One considerations is to know what Negros product that can build a strong consumer base globally. The problem is the products that sell well here may not be have same appeal in other consumer outside our local jurisdiction. This must be understanding the trend of consumer wants and taste and understand detailed aspects of business expansion

  14. Kris Laica M. Artos

    We can bring products in the global market by promoting and advertising through social media or internet. But before we promote our products and services we should also consider the full process of planning, creating, positioning to promote it in a global market. So that the effectiveness of your product and services can attract buyers or customers.

  15. Negros products can be introduced to the global market through exportation and advertising quality insured products, not only this it also requires experties in planning before venturing in the business.

  16. In a businessman’s point of view, exportation may seem to be an opportunity but requires lots of strategic planning and business planning before the exportation. Also, in order to make everything effective and efficient there should be a big planning behind it such as choosing the right supplier, the right logistic medium and right people to work with. On the other hand, in expanding globally we should be vigilant also with the traditions of other countries for example “HALAL CERTIFIED” for UAE countries.

  17. Joseph C. Gubat

    The advancement in technology creates a lot of opportunities and easier ways to connect to the global market. By simply using your smartphone and laptop you can now easily market your product globally. We are lucky to have this tool – making our lives more easier. With this, we can now introduce local products of Negros in a new format, way different from the traditional ones which requires a lot of work and investments.

  18. Jerald Maglantay

    To be able for Negros companies, specifically, Small & Medium Enterprises to compete globally, it needs the support of the National Government. This was made true, with the recent signing of President Duterte, of the Philippines Innovation Act, as this act will enable SMEs to compete globally.

  19. Vanessa Joy Arcenas

    Target market research is definitely a top priority. It is critical to find out if your product can be accepted to begin with. The questions highlighted above are helpful to gain that understanding. Once that is settled, other factors can then be considered. Social media can be an effective tool in terms of promotion in this age and technology but may have restrictions depending on the targeted location.

  20. Louie Canlas

    I believe that for us to bring Negros products in the global market we need to have a plan, we need to be good with public relations and marketing. With the age social medial it would be easier because, we can communicate with the rest of the world, we can do Blog or Vlog about the products and advertise it through the different social media platforms. We just need to make sure that we will be able to advertise it in a manner that would get the attention of the business world.

  21. Mark Jayson Torres

    Bringing the products globally is very risky enough. Doing business around the globe can seem a long way from doing business in your hometown. One big difference between bringing products internationally are culture, practices, taste and preferences. Like most long journey, going global of Negros products can be achieved by tapping and asking help from the government first, by asking for financial sources and figuring out the ways to make sure of getting paid. And the most important thing is the support coming from the people itself, because how can other people or target markets love our own products, if we the citizens itself doesn’t even patronize to the product. Support system is very important in order for our product to be negotiated and dealt in the market.

  22. Rebecca Sales-Cabigo

    We have various products here in Negros, some already branch out in different places but some stayed as is in Negros because they just want to concentrate here and be back by people who crave for their specialties. But why we have to bring Negors products in the global market? And How do we bring Negors products in the global market?
    Why there’s a need? One reason is because we need to expand our market place, we need to hinder the fluctuations and we need to compete with foregin companies. But how? Bringing Negros products in the global market is not just an easy decision. You have to think well and be ready for the outcome since business is a risky venture.
    Here’s some consideration in deciding one’s product to bring global. First, concentrate in one area, in one country, as much as possible in nearby country so that the culture is not that far from our country. Study the culture of the country, what is appropriate to them, and what is not, respect their culture. Once you have chosen the country, then make a feasibility study, a business plan which suited to the needs of the country, considering again their culture. Apply varied marketing strategies since you will just introduce your business in a new place and they have no idea on your business. And also you have to follow the rules of the country you are investing too and it follows the good relationship you are showing to the people and the government of the said country so that you can stay longer and invest harmonious relationship with other people. Your product is very important, since you want to earn money to your product, it is very important that you have to develop your business and always innovate your product.

  23. Shanelle Anne Machan

    Doing business globally is a long way or process from doing business in your own hometown or country. We can bring our local business to global by preparing a business plan it will assess your business’ readiness to grow internationally since it will be composed of several strategies when putting up or expanding of business. by conducting foreign market research to identify international market and proper positioning of the business. Also, set a reasonable price to the market.

  24. Dhevie Salazar

    Going global is no easy task. It takes a lot of intensive planning to tackle the risks that the business might encounter in the future. Technology made global trading convenient and increase the capacity of Negros traders to bring their products in the international arena. Nowadays, applications were developed and programmed to trade products and services online. With the use of internet, it’s way easier for Negros businesses to extend their market globally.

  25. Ryeo Venn Abellanida

    We could bring Negros products in the global market by studying where our products are needed. It is true that marketing a product will mostly likely be sold but not sustained if the product is of no use to the community you are selling to. Next is reducing the cost to produce the product for it to compete globally in price. Our sugar, the main product of Negros is expensive compared to alternative products. We must have the right connections as well, a good network gives an edge in expanding and competing globally.

  26. Roland Feb Penas

    Bringing our products across global market is not an easy task to tackle. It takes a lot of determination, effort, time and resources to be able to do so. One should have the right strategy on how to introduce a certain product abroad. Start by educating yourself. Learn as much as possible about the market you are trying to break in. Reach out to potential prospect in your target population. Once you have identified your potential population, start building relationship with them. Use the advantage of technology. Introducing a new product globally will not be an easy task but with proper planning and preparation, success is inevitable.

  27. Angel Mae Carlson

    Based on the article above, before any business should decide to rush into competing globally, they should really consider the guide questions mentioned in this article. Not all businesses have the potential and capability to compete or even survive the global market. For me, strategic planning and strategies and research should be done before hand. The business needs to consider a lot of aspects from available finances to product specifications. Most importantly, knowing your product/service by heart can help in considering the target market or country, culture of the chosen market/s, polices and regulations, advancement in technology and your competitors. If the business is prepared for such and is ready to compete with global giants they can consider bringing Negrosanon products abroad.

  28. April Rose J. Balongo

    Bringing Negros products to the global market needs intensive planning, time, connection and ways of transporting the products or services conveniently to the other parts of the world. We should clearly decide on what products or services we want to introduce to the global market that would catch the attention of our target market. Is the products or services we offer a need to the current market? It’s just one of the many questions that traders should address before venturing into the international scene. Because we all know that doing business globally is really a big risk. It doesn’t have a guarantee that the people of the foreign country will patronize your products or services. Likewise, we have to choose wisely of our international business connection and established trust. It is very important to build and established trust to your business connection. They are the keys whether your business will succeed or failed in the market. As for Negros, we are famous for our sugar products. If we want to bring our products to the global market, we should create an effective and strategic plan to differentiate the quality of our products from the rest of the world. Both private and government sector should collaborate in order to execute this and make it a success.

  29. Rennie T. Craus

    Negros Island products are the one of the best in the world, but the question is, are these products known to the international Market? it saddens me to face a question how do we bring products in the global market? Having the fact that we in terms of quality products we produced, we have limited market to promote these and make it known to the international business arena and this is based on my opinion and to be objective I conducted a quick extensive research if how do we market our products globally, and the result shown a LACK of opportunity for our products to be seen in the international market and be reached by potential customers. The products we have here in our island deserves space in international battle since this place has so many things to offer in the world. The government may play a great role in here by supporting our starting local businesses be recognized not just here in the county but outside of it as well.

  30. Vem Lorraine Fernandez

    Bringing products to global market could be in different ways depending on what products we are offering to our global market. The type of business I promoted in the previous blog comment was the tourism industry of Negros and this is not literally a thing to be parceled to somewhere around the world and generally customers does not use what we offer but they experience this and no one customer has the same story to tell. To penetrate our desired international market, what’s going wild today is the social media system of the world. Vlogs and blogs posted through different sites and channels promotes the experience of our tourist attractions to the farthest of the World Wide Web that even our physical promotions can’t reach. Input everything we want our market to know and they will know. The Internet is one of the ways we can penetrate our global market.

  31. Alvin Ivar Bandiola

    Every market local or foreign have its distinct characteristics. different marketing methods is necessary if you want to enter such market. to bring our local products globally a wide-range of study is essential. The quality of goods/products must be maintained in a good export condition. Good connections and communications must be established especially to those who will be shipping the goods and your target market. and most of all, a good promotion and advertising of the goods/products is necessary to catch the interest of your target market. The use of social media for advertisements may give a big advantage.

  32. Genie Mae D. Panzo

    The Negros Occidental is gifted with abundant natural and man-made resources. Negros Occidental can participate in various Products and Tourism Exposition so that we can exposed our products especially obtaining global market opportunities for local products. For Example attending the event held in the World Trade Center some may be interested in our agricultural products like banana sticks, banana marble,muscuvado, sugar and coconut products. The Local Government should have a workshop to all the exhibitors the needs of individual and business plans so that local products can be globally competitive.

  33. Renato T. Vingno

    Competing Globally is not an easy, you have to consider the prices, quality, quantity, creativity, and services you have to offer to the costumers globally. This task is need of long term planning, research, development and big capital. In bringing Negros products to global market is to maintain the best quality and uniqueness of the products in a minimal cost. Also providing the products in terms of sizes,colors and variations that may attract attention of global costumers to choose our Negros made products. Another thing is to equip with the advancement of technology. Considering that some of practices of the companies in Negros Island are now behind with the global technology trends. So this is challenge to develops markets, advertising of Negros made product in the advancement of the technology.

  34. Nineth D. Cuadernal

    3. The Global economy is very competitive as we all knew and to be able to showcase and battle what Negros Island have will take a long way to go. More that a feasibility study, businesses in Negros Island should take into the depths of the legalities, traditions and customs, different culture and the competitors in the global economy. How can we bring Negros Products in the global economy would mean investing in a more advance form of technology and communication. This will help us in dealing with a large-scale of competition in the global market. Also, we have to identify the target-niche, by doing so it means preparing ahead for the cons and pros of venturing into whatever business we sought to deal with. Another important factor is the support of the local and national government. Patrionizing our very own products the first step of making it known in the global economy. They say Filipinos are flexible and have that enduring will to pursue whatever it plans to. With proper planning, on-point business strategies and competitive drive i believe Negros Island can compete in the global economy.

  35. Hazel Love Y. Baya

    Bringing local businesses to the international stage may require a lot of effort and resources. Negros Island produces good quality of the agricultural, like sugar, banana, rice and etc,
    and manufactured products that are sellable both in local and international markets. On the other hand, one of the fast and worldwide approaches in connecting other people is through social media. With this, a business owner can take advantage of the benefits social media can offer. They can promote their products through it. By using social media, a lot of people will be aware of the product Negros Island can offer. Also, it can be a good promotion for the tourism of our island and country as a whole.

  36. Hazel Love Y. Baya

    Negros is known as the “Sugar Capital of the Philippines”. But aside from sugar, Negros Island is gifted with creative entrepreneurs that develop a variety of products from the natural and local goods of the island. Their products are created with care and high quality. With this, I believe that businesses in Negros can compete in the global market. But before entering the global market stage, owners should take into consideration the country that they want to export their product. If possible, they can conduct a feasibility study to know if their business is fitted in that country. They also need to learn the laws and policies of that country to avoid future legal problems. And most importantly, they should study their future target market. Because if they are not familiar with the market they will be dealing with, it will be difficult to promote their business and product to them.

  37. Marie Bernadette F. Maquiling

    As of present time, the avenue for global market has been opened through the internet. This an economical way to reach clients through online advertising and retailing. But there is another way to reach global markets through participation in international trade fairs especially the ones sponsored by the government through DTI. Here, the customers get to be physically in contact with the products and personally interact with sellers which facilitates rapport. An online reference on the products for a wider range of options and ordering details may be handed out to the customers during the event.

  38. Rhea T. Prado

    Bringing products in a global market has wide variables to be considered. Since it is not a cinch for everyone entering business especially for those doing it globally. The 7 P’s in the marketing mix should always be the foundation in every action and must be on track to make sure that you are doing the right thing. Taking advantage of the opportunities takes a lot of guts and readiness in facing all the obstacles. Here in Negros, we have products which are equipped to soar the global market. We just need the right platform and good timing in the midst of the rapid change of customer needs and wants. Creating awareness that such a product or service is existing that can satisfy what they are looking for or can be a solution to their problems.

  39. Ricky Jocson

    Venturing into a global arena and risking outside the comfort zone, mostly done by those passionate and vissionary. Those who have faith and believes on his products, to its capacity to overcome obstacles and many challenges the company may faced along the way. And has a well-established ready talents. Ready to compete globally.

    We Filipinos are much lucky to have burning passion in all we do, a perfect discipline, that dedicate ourselves not only to company’s success, but more importantly in valuing and developing our people.


    Bringing your company to global market is not a risk but is an honor for showcasing the Republic of the Philippines in the world. It is a lot of risk and lot of work to be done. It is a matter of decision and intensive research, planning, strategy, hard work, dedication, commitment and focus to achieve your objective to bring your market globally. Be sure that you are equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills, passion and creativity on how you market your product. Like other countries they bring their market globally, so be it, We Filipino can make the same. Courage, wisdom, strategy with internalization of craft. Do not be afraid to commit mistakes but rather your mistakes, can be use as your strength to handle any situation you may encounter. Do not be ashamed to ask to any competent person what is your problem, this will make another learning that can help you manage any situation may occur. Divine intervention is very important plus dedication and commitment to your dreams. I believe that divine intervention is something anybody needs when doing business. Second dedication of your work can lead you to document every detail for you to learn the progress of your business without counting time and effort. Commitment is something that is not easily give up on situation and critical problem that may encounter, always stays positive and committed to achieve what you dream. Bringing your company to global market is an achievement and an honor wrapped up with lots of risk and guts, but when you focused on the negative side there is no possibility that your business will prosper. On the other hand, if you are willing to take risk, accept and embrace everything that can help you achieve your dream, welcome other culture an tradition, open-minded, continuous learning and focused, surely your business will prosper.

  41. Henry L. Umadhay

    How do we bring Negros products in the global market?
    According to the investment priority profile provided by Department of trade and industry region 6 in their website, Negros occidental top priority sector is the gift ware & holiday decor, which is one of the top exported products of the province. There are 32 major players with 1,500 skilled production workers and 3,000 subcontractors comprise the sector product lines include laminated products,tabletops,gift and accessories,handmade paper,desk accessories and clocks.
    Also, the other top priority sector is the food processing. There are 34 major players comprised the sector. The product line are flour-based products such as piaya, barquillos,and other assorted pastries,noodles,native delicacies and a variety of cakes and pies.Resourced-based products such as pickled products,muscavado sugar,banana chips,nata de coco,kaong,mango jam,chili sauces,fruit juices,red tiger prawn,crab meat,canned bangus,dried fish,squid flakes/rings,and tuyo in olive oil (herring);and tocino,chorizo,dried tapa,other meat products.
    Our products are world class and it is viable in foreign markets. And we can export more of our products abroad thru maximizing small business potential thru internationalization.
    There is a need to maximize the potential of small and medium enterprises (SMEs),which comprise 30 percent of the country’s exports.Internationalization of SMEs here in Negros Occidental and in the whole country means having a relationship with foreign partners whether through exports,imports, or foreign direct investments.Internationalization will bring a higher degree of innovation and sustaining growth. More innovative especially if they have access to better quality of raw materials.
    there are internal barriers that may prevent local SMEs to go internationalize. These include mindset and lack of information. They do not have the confidence to penetrate the foreign market, and they have limited appreciation on the potential benefits of tangible opportunities for internationalization.
    Department of trade and Industry and other government agency like the Philippine Statistics Authority can provide information on markets including standards. This is through trade show and other export forum.Local enterprises must be educated how to use data and information in order to build their businesses. They must understand the market conditions and customer’s context. Their scale is also contributing to the difficulty to gather such information which requires so much cost for them.The government assistance should be needed to be able to bring down information cost and for foreign procedures and documentations.
    The SMEs should be very active to electronic commerce(e-commerce).Government should address high internet access cost. Trade agreement have been identified as one the drivers of internationalization of SMEs,it is very important for the Philippines to be always open to integrate its economy to the rest of the world through trade agreements.
    There is also a need for the improvement in logistics and communication systems.
    SMEs in Negros Occidental are supporting the push for the internationalization . The government to provide enabling environment to the businesses,especially exporters. They need a lot of support from the government for them to capacitate themselves.
    The government shall continue to provide packing credits for the exporters need for money to produce particular orders from the clients abroad

  42. Joey L. Yane

    Q: How do we bring Negros products in the global market?

    A: Negros has this unique culture and even approaches in the business industry. Entering a global market could be tough, you have to do an intensive study on their market, do business plan, explore marketing strategies, deal with their culture as well, their beliefs and laws and a lot more, and this is true, but try to see on the other side, what’s unique about the products of the Negrosanon? For me it’s the culture, it’s the people, As I see it, it’s the community of business where we value people, we promote family and that would give as the advantage when we take our business on the global stage.

  43. Jijie B. Torrion

    Bringing local products globally needs time and extensive strategic planning. Sales promotion and online advertisement can create a platform for your business and can reach customers wherever they are. Knowing your target market and the quality of the product help widen the business connection in the global market.

  44. Rowena Saylon

    Taking our local products outside our comfort zone takes a lot of guts and determination. We cannot deny the fact that there could be challenges and risks in the process. We have to be knowledgeable of our target market, their cultures and practices, rules and regulations, the consequences, etc. We are known for being hospitable, friendly and can easily adopt to other countries. These are some of our means in meeting other people, knowing our target market, and evaluating how our local products conform to their needs.

  45. Justin Myko G. Agpangan

    Considering the strategies and factors mentioned above, I think there’s a possibility that businesses in Negros Island could take their products in the global market. I think the business should first study the country in which they would want to venture. I think they should study the country’s culture, faith, governing bodies, and the competitors in the area in order to determine if the businesses of the products are saleable. Feasibility studies are important regarding this matter. Furthermore, marketing strategies that are tailor fit to the country should be done to make the product famous.

  46. Thanks for sharing such a great informative post it really helpful and amazing so keep it up and all the best.

  47. Jezamie Nicolas

    Filipino exporters should consider that global market is very competitive. We should have proper planning in terms of what industry are we going to engaged into, our products or services, our business location, our target market and feasibility of business as a whole.
    We need to decide if our products or services would be feasible for the locals considering their needs and wants and their culture. Our products or services should be a good quality. It would also be a good idea if we know the population of our target business location. We should consider if our business location is strategic for our targeted market. Is it accessible? What would be the productive timing for operation? Of course, it is but very important that peace and order situation should be considered.
    Modern technologies are also very important aspects to consider and we need to cope up to compete globally.
    The other thing that Filipino exporters should do to win in global market is growth and expansion. Growth and expansion are the major factors many companies wanted to achieve in entering the global market. Filipino planning exporters who wants to expand their customer base should have a better understanding on the supply chains of the country that they want to get business with. They need to develop their competent supply chain management because a different industry relies on the delivery of the components. Exporters must be ready to offer a hight level of coordination between sourcing, manufacturing, distribution and customer service to ensure that customer needs are fulfilled. Exporters should also find ways on how to simplify the shipping process. It can be simplified by looking for a local business partner or getting connected with local courier. Working with a logistics provider that has the speed, network and capability to support complex value chains is the key to success.
    By doing this, it helps simplify shipment processes and reduces the cost of numerous shipments. It helps business save both money and time.

  48. Geiczar Ross D. Real

    Filipino culture are often affiliated with Spanish and American and mixed with other Asian beliefs. Best thing that a Filipino could do to win in the global market is to promote the uniqueness of the culture and infuse it on their product or services.
    One thing that most foreigners notice in most Filipinos are their hospitality and friendliness. As businessmen, having good relations towards business partners and potential business partners are a good start to win in the fast-paced global market. Also, Filipinos are known to be good English speakers and we all know that English has been the universal language. With regards to this, Filipinos are competent enough to communicate well in terms of language because we can deliver communication and information well.
    But where do Filipino really lag behind? I strongly affirm that Filipino exporters should stay relevant in innovation because technology is really fast changing and demands of the people globally are also changing. As these changes continue to grow, the capacity to change should remain to be able to compete in the market.

    • Shernie Gelera

      As i have read this article bringing product or business globally needs a deeper decision making. The two considerations that strikes me most that could bring Negros products globally are familiarity of the market with the product and the risks of exporting. Negros island products are well known and tested by it’s people but how about the other countries if we considered their culture? For the Negros products to compete globally is to risk funds in developing it’s products to suit the culture demands of a particular country. The product to be exported must be competitive enough to battle criticism of the consumers, the images or packaging of the products, the consciousness of the target market must be answered about what you have to offer.
      It will be a big break for the Negros island products to have a name in the global economy so we must need and consider the following: The strategy, the proper timing for entrance, the funds needed to elevate and adopts the culture of a chosen country, the plan to stabilize the products name to be the consumers choice and lastly by monitoring the economical needs of the country to maintain the trend and it’s name to the runway.

  49. Florencia Sumcio

    3. What do you think are the best things that Filipino exporters should do to win in the Global Market? What are the factors that need to be highlighted?
    – As globalization grows, more companies are venturing business in other countries. In Global business have a lot of opportunity at the same time is risky. Expanding business globally, start with a clear plan to provide consumers with better products and services and need to maintain the market of competitive price. Most of the countries have a tariff or fee that is charged to companies bringing goods. Be aware of these tariffs so you can incorporate the financial planning of a globalization plan. Regarding the Rules and regulation of different countries, be attentive in every transaction you made. Build a good relationship with your customers, because Filipino has a good quality service and we are very hospitable. Implement transparency to your customers, according to (KEES KAMIES) “Give trust, and you’ll get it double in return”. It should be a start of a long relationship between the company and customers.

  50. Mellany Ann F. de Asis

    Filipino businesses who are planning to enter into global market to expand their customer base should improve market access and make all the products and services be of top quality. The factor that needs to be highlighted is the government assistance and protection by signing on a Free Trade Agreement that will lessen the customs duties and policies. Develop a solution that would help Filipino exporters simplify their shipment processes and reduce the cost of multiple shipments that could helps businesses to save both time and money.

  51. Jezamie Nicolas

    3. What do you think are the best things that Filipino exporters should do to win in the Global Market? What are the factors that need to be highlighted?
    Filipino exporters should consider that global market is very competitive. We should have proper planning in terms of what industry are we going to engaged into, our product or services, our business location, our target market and the feasibility of business as a whole. We need to decide if our products or services should b a good quality. It would also be a good idea if we know the population of our target business location. We should consider if our business location is strategic for our targeted market. Is it accessible? What would be the productive timing for operations? Of course, it is but very important that peace and order situation should be considered.
    Modern technologies are also very important aspects to consider and need to cope up to compete globally.

  52. Louie C. Pagdato

    3. Filipinos already proved itself in different areas globally. It may be in arts, sports and other crafts. We Filipinos believe that we can do better and compete with other countries.
    Competing globally is not an easy journey for us given the amount of resources that we have and the kind of politics existing in our country right now. In my own opinion, we can survive this competitive world for as long as we maintain having the right attitude. Positive attitude towards our dreams in life could be one of the factors that could move our business globally. We should believe in ourselves that we can do it. We should strive harder, improve more and grow bigger and reminding us to keep our feet on the ground.
    In addition we should be more persistent and innovative which I think we Filipinos are doing now a days. Try to explore and research new trends in business economy. Go out from your comfort zone and innovate your product or services into the next level. And while we keeping an eye with our competitors, it is best to always remind ourselves that the biggest competition we have is nothing but our own selves. At the end of the day it is not the one that on the top that matter most but the one that survived.

  53. Riza Mae H. Villanueva

    As you can see, exporters must know the cultures of certain countries. Filipino exporters should know the culture of other countries in order to build business from there. It will be very easy to invest or to do business in a certain country ones you know the culture of the people living there. Even if the products are good but you don’t research about the country’s likes and dislikes, pros and cons, etc., your products to sell there will fail. Keep in mind, always do research about the country and at the same time, do business plan.

    By knowing the culture of a certain country is one way of connecting to them seriously. It shows how persevere you are in terms of building a business. That is a good thing for the most part. Moreover, they must have a sense of budget of their money for it will help on having good management and good trade.

  54. Vivien Elaine A. Gavieta

    Filipinos have proven itself many times in the Global Arena. Not to mention, Bench, Penshoppe, Tanduay, Jollibee and San Miguel , “tatak-noypi products” undeniably possess an extraordinary appeal to the global market. What then will our aspiring local exporters do to win the global market as well?

    The formula is simple. As evident with our successful Filipino producers, it’s a matter of feasting their eyes, filling their hearts, and feeding their souls. How is it done? Feast their eyes by means of allowing consumers to see the beauty and attitude of Filipinos through varying forms, colors and textures of products. Second, Fill their hearts by informing them of your two-way advocacy, one is to promote Filipino products, and the other is to give back to the communities in need. Lastly, feed their souls, by means of showcasing our heritage, history, and stories of Filipino.

    Yes! Its simply taking pride with the authenticity of our materials which can assure durability and originality. Our country has so much to offer, and its about time, to show the world that those expensive bags our Hollywood actresses proudly wear? Are actually “Made in the Philippines”. (Or if made in other countries, surely its materials are sourced from our country). See? The Filipino brand truly has its own identity that has recall and more appeal to the consumers. Truly, its about time.

  55. Ma. Carmela Joy D. Alegada

    The best thing that Filipino exporters should consider and realize before venturing into international trade is the need of a great strategy. Having a good set of planning will never go out of style. The strategy or the plan should include the identification of the the target market and the target country to export the product. An exporter should have a definite market and country to make sure that you can consider the availability of your resources and products. Another thing to consider the the kind of product you ought to export or to cater internationally, it should well ft with the target country and should be quality wise. Global market always consider quality over than that of quantity so a filipino exporter needs to put into consideration that a product should qualify with the customers satisfaction. And lastly in order to compete globally is the idea of patience and being innovative enough to pursue whatever goal you have set. many are called to compete globally but with the balance of patience, perseverance and goodwill an exporter will never go wrong.
    Now came the factors that an exporter should put into mind that there are fortuitous event that might happen, especially that our country is a typhoon visited area. Infrastructure should be well developed in order to provide smooth transportation of goods with the support of both the local and national government.

  56. Geiczar Ross D. Real

    As an exporter, it always best to study the your market and where to get your local resources because that is where will you become productive and less costly. Study your market such as identifying what are the trends, culture, norms and other beliefs that people does in the area to identify what products to offer and how to develop them and make it unique. Mentioned also earlier, you study also where you get your local resources due to the fact that it is best and less costly if you get most of your resources from the host country and to also know what could be the alternatives.

  57. Jocelyn D. Palomo

    Being able to survive in the global market is a very meticulous task to do especially for Filipino exporters. Every transaction has its own process and ways. In order to do so, Filipino exporters should always stay in the game by :

    1. Studying the market and think of a detailed plan.
    To be able to adapt to their business practices and their ways of doing business, Filipino exporters should study the prospected market and see what will sell and what will not depending on the location and condition of the country where you are sending your products.

    2. Starting with 1 country at a time.
    Do it one step at a time. Quality will be achieved once you have focus on one place for a start. You will have more free time to discover things and ideas will come up that you can do in another country that you want to do business with since the ways on how they do business varies from country to country. It will be easier to solve problems when the need arises making the targeted customers to be happy with the services and products you provided them.

    3. Being prepared to carry out shipments quickly.
    Be sure to ship the products on time. Know and calculate the shipping costs and expenses during shipment periods. Check the availability of international shipment and how does it work. Communicate and have a clear shipping detail and make sure to always have shipping insurance to secure your products. This will create a sense of respect and trust from the people whom you are having business with.

    4. Develop your business to sustain international success.
    Pick one product first to take overseas. This will give you time to establish the name of the product and calling the product in the country’s native language will increase the possibility that they will try your product. Keep in mind as well to be aware of the country’s religious beliefs and culture because this will greatly be affected by this factor.

  58. Ma. Lourdes B. Navarosa

    Filipino Exporters played a vital role in the economic boost of the Philippines. We salute you guys. According to the source, Filipino exporters should take advantage of the Philippines winning potential market in the global economy. Came across with the readings, DTI Secretary Ramon Lopez urged exporters to avail the benefit of Free Trade Arrangements (FTA) which the Philippines is a member also of the Asean FTA with China, Japan, Korea, India, Australia and New Zealand. It was also noted that Philippines has a bilateral agreement with Japan and recently Philippines signed the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and been awarded with Generalized Scheme of Preferences (GSPs).

    With the above mentioned mechanism – these will provide market access for the Filipino Exporters’ goods and services to have a zero tariffs. Also it is noted that Filipino exporters has to reposition themselves in the market by doing relevant differentiation, unique selling propositions and inclusive innovations anchored on the country’s areas of strengths. Philippine Export Development Plan (PEDP) emphasized the need to diversify and expand export markets. On the other hand, service delivery and support system of the government must be properly provided to support the continuity of the macro-economics of the country.

  59. betsy mariz demontano natavio

    Before going globally or penetrating the global scale, there are a lot of factors needed to be considered in order to win in the Global Market. Every country has different cultures and beliefs that may serve as a hindrance in putting up a business. The exporters should know the culture first and the people. They must conduct a study first if the product or services are being accepted and will be patronized without contradicting to their beliefs and culture. The products must be tailored fit depending on the demand of the consumer. It is also very necessary to come up with the branding that will be easier for the consumer to identify. There are a lot of risks to take in expanding the business internationally. The exporter and business people must plan it thoroughly in order to succeed. There is no assurance but all they have to do is to believe to their product and always believe to their own capacity.

  60. Joshua Japitana

    Filipinos are known for our extravagant talents. We can turn a trash into something extra ordinary and a lot more which allows us to be able to compete worldwide. Sadly, Filipinos are also known to be a good imitator.

    Below is one of the things we can do so we can really compete with other people all around the globe.

    *Be New and Innovative- Make sure to offer something new yet, almost everyone can relate. I know it is easier said than done but that’s the only way our product can compete globally. There is no need for us to follow or immitate. We have to create something original and relatable to people. Why should we conform and try to blend in if we can stand out.

  61. Gekka Kaye Eusebio

    The best things that Filipino exporters should do to win in the Global Market is that improve their branding, product quality and learn the culture of the country they tend to export to. Also, the need to cope up with existing market demands and have unique selling proposition and inclusive innovation. The need to strategize and study as well as take into consideration the pros and cons. For example, in the documentary I had watched, Starbucks already had a set a name in the market but why did it fail in Australia? Simply because they did not study the country and that Australians loves coffee especially espresso, know their local barista and Starbucks failed in that Part. On the other hand, as Jollibee goes international, in order to fit in the market, they need to fit the country’s taste and style for food.

  62. Mirriam Dickinson

    I couldn’t agree more on point number 3 on where you have to learn the culture first of the country where you plan on trading. Its like “ the best way to learn a particular language is to live in the country”. If you try to think of it, sitting down and having someone teaching you French language in school or at home will take you ages in order to be fluent with the language. But having interaction is a different thing. It brings a package, aside from language you can learn the culture, their practices, the places, the market, and the people. Try to live in a country where you plan on trading and venturing business. There you can build relationships and trust and finally build your business.

  63. Pearl Joy Ortiz

    -the best thing Filipino exporters should do is to ask if he is ready to go global and his preparedness for a new business venture.
    -build a business plan. It will help him identifying the procedures, legal requirements, the costs, and the strategy of exporting. Venture on global marketing to plan, create, position, and promote your products to improve effectiveness, to have strong competitive advantage, to increase consumer awareness, and finally, to increase profit while reducung costs.
    -identify your potential target market. Do market research. Know your market, current trends, and your competitors. What is good for China may not be good to other countries. Study appropriate approaches for various locations as they are covered with different norms and cultural preferences.
    -advertise. Attend expo or trade shows. It enables you to sell your products and meet prospect business partners. Make use of the latest technology (internet), as we all know social media is very influencial nowadays.

  64. Joe Salvador Mercado

    3. What do you think are the best things that Filipino exporters should do to win in the Global Market? What are the factors that need to be highlighted?
    The Filipino exporters should be more sensitive in the culture of the country that they want to place their business in. It would be useless to sell pork on a Muslim country. By making sure that the product you are selling won’t contradict the culture of the country then we can possible say that we then focus on the quality of the product we are selling and where it would be sold. Factors that needs to be considers when exporting or doing business globally are:
    a. Know the products that you are selling.
    a.1 May it be the quality or price, exporters would need to make sure that the competitiveness of their product is on par or may exceed the expectation from the country in which you are bringing the products unto. One good example are the Chinese products, they focus more in the price than quality, but the availability of their product is so much that it would remove the “rareness” of the products that they are imitating.
    b. Strategy
    b.1. It is not new for a business to have strategies, may it be a strategy for the taxation, product, shipment, market and to everything. This is one the factors though that needs to be considered by all businessmen may it be that you are new or an old timer.
    b.2. Make sure that the strategy is feasible, substantial, reachable and of course possible. New timers and old timers a like would fail if they won’t have a clear strategy.
    b.3. Know your goal. Each member of the company or business should have a clear goal on why they are selling and what do they want to reach. This way everyone is calibrated and can work as one when it is time to work.

  65. The article presented ideas which are essential in taking a company to the global market. It has listed various reasons why a business shall take a higher leap towards success through engaging to the global market. It also has given different issues that a business shall deliberate in order to identify if it is feasible to enter the global economy. In my opinion, the best things that Filipino Exporters shall do to win in the Global Market are studying unique cultures in various target markets in such a way that it shall not violate or offend a certain culture with the packaging, presentation and contents of its product, research for law regulations and customs formalities in order for it to have smooth transactions upon entering the international ports and also during the selling of its products and services, studying and understanding the local language of importing parties especially when the English language is not commonly used in order to clearly address issues and concerns that may arise along the conduct of international business, and researching, studying and analyzing the mode of transportation of its products may it be through sea or air in order to deliver the same quality from its port to international ports.

  66. Nadia Diana S. Casas

    The factors that you need on taking your business globally is to be ready with your expenses, hire best employees that meets your standards,prepare for payments of taxes and rule of legalities,and its culture. With these Filipinos can market thoroughly its products and services.
    Knowing its diversity or its culture you get to know the scope of its economy, what product to add and cater, or services to offer. Because of this you’re starting improving your sales while you’re becoming innovative by adapting their ways.

  67. Jackie Lou A. Lasola

    First, study the culture of the country you would like to deal business with. Does the product or services are acceptable to the culture of the country? Will they embrace it? These questions will help and guide the Filipino exporters in the planning and decision making stage. By understanding their culture deeply, visit the country more often, mingle with the locals, do more research about the country and gradually embrace their culture.
    Second, going into the global market is very tough. Tough competitions and criticisms are the challenges that the Filipino exporters may face. Criticism in terms of the product quality, handling customer service, prices and the management itself. In order to win in the global market Filipinos should consider the following: improve marketing strategy, conduct a continuous product development, establish research and development team and have a consistent employees training and development.

    • Kris Laica M. Artos

      We can bring products in the global market by promoting and advertising through social media or internet. But before we promote our products and services we should also consider the full process of planning, creating, positioning to promote it in a global market. So that the effectiveness of your product and services can attract buyers or customers.

  68. Cybel Valaquio

    Filipino exporters should do to win in global market are the following:
    • To plan, do market research and strategize where the potential location to export goods.
    • To have a better understanding of the supply chain process. Filipino exporters must provide a good coordination between sourcing, manufacturing, distribution and customer service in order to meet the customer’s needs and satisfaction.
    • To consider the fact of having a business partner to help you to expand globally. For example to collaborate to other international company by being a supplier of its raw materials in producing a product.
    Here are the factors that need to be highlighted:
    • The Cultural Factor- This refers to the beliefs, norms and traditions of a particular place. This factor must be consider as the filipino businessman export his products to a certain country. Every nation has different cultures, what is acceptable here in the Philippines may not be acceptable to other countries. In exporting, you must have to be flexible and to adapt other cultures in order for them to consider your products or goods.
    • Language- This is also an important thing in entering global market. An exporter must learn the language of a certain country to penetrate with or to do business with. In order to have an effective communication, being able to speak and understand their language rightly will create a good coordination with both parties.
    • Economic environment- Filipino exporter must know the economic status of the country before he will export the goods. If the economy and capital market is stable or not.
    • Legal Aspect- As an exporter, you must have the knowledge about the laws, policies, legal rules and regulations of their government or state in order to operate your business in a legal way.

  69. Jonathan Reeve B. Miranda

    Advertisement and promotion must be applied for the business to be known and to let people have an idea what the product is all about. The price should be reasonable without affecting the product’s quality. Price and quality should be balanced. Again, connections is a must. Having them can help you and your business grow. Processing of orders must be fast and reliable as well. Customers always want their ordered product to reach them as soon as possible. Delaying the process and shipment of it might disappoint them and that will lead to bad feedback and will destroy the reputation of the company. While processing and shipping their order on time will satisfy and will make them happy and they will probably order again. They might also recommend your company to others when the service is very good. New customers for you if that is the case.

  70. Jholina B. Indac

    “global exporting” first and foremost starts with the product or services that your company offered. I think the best thing that every Filipino marketers must deal guaranteed products that offers reliability, assurance and exceed customer satisfaction. Moreovers, marketers must endure changes, strong foundation, exploring new sets of customers and set up proficient supplies to meet customers demand. But good thing being a Filipino for us we’re ready and open to new possibilities and changes. Easy to cooperate with others.

    Here are some of the factors to be considered in doing business globally.
    2. Customers
    3. Wide range of Employee
    4. Market Competition


    Q1. What do you think are the best things that Filipino exporters should do to win in the Global market?
    A1. Filipino exporters must take heed of their exported products, like Mangoes; Mangoes must undergo quality check procedure to determine that mangoes are in good taste (sweet and firm) and worthy to purchase in order to satisfy foreign consumer. In addition, knowing that Filipino mangoes are classy will surely increase popularity that could lead Filipino businesses to win in the Global Market.

    Q2. What are the factors that need to be highlighted?
    A2. Mindset and skill are the most highlighted factors to consider by Filipino exporters which are more relevant to the example as mentioned above. Minset needs to win in the Global Market; the more you learn the faster you become succesful and that will help you develop your skill to provide a good variety of your exported products like again mangoes.

  72. Nelly Jean D. Tiburcio

    The global market is a wide and risky place to do business. You don’t know what the future lies ahead for your business, you might win or lose. There are many things to be considered before entering or venturing into business most especially when you want to do business across the border line of the country. For there’s a big difference between domestic and global business, in the domestic your only competitor is within the country product, while global you compete to all the countries best product and services. Global market might be complicate or more complex to deal with but engaging into global market opens lots of opportunity and diversification. That’s why the best things that the Filipino exporters should do to win the global market is to understand first the culture and norms of the country they want to venture with to penetrate the market and think of the strategy they can apply. Reconfigure the product based on the countries preferences in order to compete their local product and services. And think of how can they market their product or how can the product can catch the attention of the consumer across the border line of the country. Build a good relationship to a country your planning to do business with, and be open to all the changes that might happen along the way. And there are two factors that need to be highlighted in global market the cultural factors and socio economic factors. Cultural factors set the moral, beliefs, norms and laws of the nation or the community that need to consider before anything else in doing business globally. And socio economic status is based on the family income, education and work experience; there capability to purchase the product and avail the services is based on what they earned. . Business competition is very tight just think on how can you standout to the rest.

  73. Claudine Faith Ignacio

    Before going to global market it is necessary to conduct a research for your business ventures. It is necessary to know how can your products and services affect a certain country. It is also important to know the culture and their beliefs, their way of living in order to create an effective marketing strategy. Market research is one way to know your prime target market, and of course to know how can your product and services penetrate the market. Prepare every documents needed especially when exporting your products. Agree of terms and conditions and other financial option when it comes to payments. You have to consider also the pricing of your products internationally whether it is acceptable in the market most especially to the consumers. It is also important to have a consultant , lawyer, accountant and experts in doing business globally that can help you especially in international transactions.

  74. Ira May Macadagdag

    3. How to Take Your Company to the Global Market –
    Question: What do you think are the best things that Filipino exporters should do to win in the Global Market? What are the factors that need to be highlighted?
    Ans. For a company or a Filipino exporter desiring to conduct business in the global Market knowing the local business culture first will help them gain and maintain market leadership. Exporters should seek help in legal and consulting services that is more familiar in understanding the latest trends and developments in the local area that they will be conducting their business with. Other important factors that a company or an exporter should consider in initiating market entry and in maintaining the industry lead is to build strong relationships with local partners, promote business through advertising and attending local trade fairs and seminars.

  75. Florencia Sumcio

    In Global business have a lot of opportunity at the same time is risky. Build a good relationship with your customers, because Filipino has a good quality service and we are very hospitable. Implement transparency to your customers, according to (KEES KAMIES) “Give trust, and you’ll get it double in return” it should be a start of a long relationship between the company and customers.


    The best things that Filipino exporters should do to win in the global market is for you to have a quality of products and services, to know what is popular to all customers, also have a good place, you also have a unique market strategy. And you have to offer the kind of product or services that is still fresh from the customer and yet something very new to their taste.
    And the factors to be highlighted is to learn about corporate technology.

  77. Rustom Padios

    Indeed, globalization is taking over. Competition nowadays is not anymore limited to the community where you belong or the nation where you operate, competition has reached the global heights. We Filipinos dream to be globally recognized, something that most businessmen, if not all is dreaming and working for. Obviously, going global is not a walk in the park, Filipino exporter needs to go head-to-head with foreign competitors if they want to give their competitors a good challenge in the global business arena. For me, the best things that our Filipino exporter can do to win in the global market is to offer a product that is by nature a need or is necessary in their daily life. It may sound ideal but I believe that if a product is of need with some unique features of course, it has also great potential of making it big in the international set up. Second, Filipino exporter must also adopt and adjust with the culture of its target market. It’s good to be unique, to offer a different product in the global market, but exporter should also take into consideration that culture varies. With that being said, exporter must adopt to the taste and preferences of its target market, putting in mind that marketing is about satisfying the needs and wants of your consumer.
    The factors that need to be highlighted are the company image, good brand position and of course good marketing and promotional efforts. I believe that if a company has good product image, it will serve as edge especially in gaining target market’s trust and confidence on the product you are offering. Another, having good brand position, which mean being able to create a unique identity in the mind of your target market is also advantageous. People always wanted something new, showing them that you are offering something different may entice product trial. And lastly, have an effective promotional effort. It’s like asking yourself, how will they buy your product if in the first place they are not aware about it. Product awareness may lead to product trial. Filipino exporter needs to be creative and innovative if they want to make it big in the global market, which I know Filipinos already are.

  78. Agnes Catherine M. Jose

    Technology related products may seem to be the trend in export nowadays, but I believe that Filipino exporters should find their niche in the global market. Philippines, known as a country rich in agricultural products, should push for exporting mangoes, pineapple, banana, coconut and the like since not so many countries can offer this to the global market. The Philippines can revisit its agricultural resources, and improve them through training and technology advancement. The Filipino exporter should also use to its advantage the free trade agreements we have in other countries to expand in their market globally like in Japan, India, China and Korea.

  79. Riza Mae H. Villanueva

    Filipino exporters must know the culture of other countries in order to build business from there. It’s one way of connecting to them seriously. Moreover, they must have a sense of budget of their money for it will help on having good management and good trade.

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