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Taking Responsibility: The Decision-Making Process 

The decision-making process is not something that can and should be done instantly. For one, no one wants to be blamed for being “responsible” for a particular decision. That is why as much as possible, people tend to spend time thinking and deciding whenever they are faced with serious decision-making situations. In this write-up, I will be sharing with you some steps that can make your decision-making process easier and an effective.

Step 1: Reflect on your decision.

As you consider the topic at hand, you have to think thoroughly about how your perceived decision can help resolve the matter. You have to be objective in identifying what makes your decision a good and a bad one. By doing this, you get to analyze the decision based on different angles.

Step 2: Do Your Research.

An internal assessment of your decision is crucial in making sure that it is indeed the appropriate decision. Try to figure out if the same approach worked well in the past and if it had favorable results. By tracking similar actions in your organization and seeing the results, you can understand how it may also work once the same decision is made.

Step 3: Raise alternatives.

A coin will always have two sides. Thus, a decision will always have an alternative. There is no such thing as a “sole” decision or an “absolute” decision. If you think the conclusion you are leaning to is a good one, do not feel complacent about it. Instead, think of ways of how you could challenge it.

Step 4: Weigh both sides.

You’ve reflected and analyzed your decision. At the same time, you also thought and pondered on choices. Now, what do you think is the better one? Which decision gives more advantages? Which decision posts more risks? These are just the questions that you can ask yourself while doing the process of decision-making.  

Step 5: Finalize your decision

It is time for you to choose now. As you make the decision, it means that you are confident about and you know in yourself that it can give beneficial or desirable results. Whatever the possible outcome of the decision, you are fully prepared about it and have possible contingency plans.

Step 6: Act on it!

Decision-making does not stop in signing papers. You have to do something to make it work! You have to start exerting extra effort to ensure that your plans relative to your decision shall sail smoothly. Without action, the decision you’ve made will be significantly at risk.

Step 7: Review the results of the decision.

Whatever the result may be, either it was a good or a bad decision, you can always learn something from it. It will help you improve your decision-making skills, hone your analytical thinking better, and act as efficiently as possible. Raising questions like “what went wrong?” and “how can this decision be further improved?” are just some of the compelling questions to ask yourself as you review the results.

Decision-making, as I have said, takes courage and wisdom. As you decide on important aspects of your life, I hope that these steps will guide you and help you come up with good and sound decisions. Good luck!

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    The difficult decision that I’ve made in my is choosing between my mom and dad who will I go with because at that time I was only 4 years old because my parents were going to separate. At the young age it was painful for me to have a broken family. I love them both but I chose to go with my father because I am closer to him than my mother who is always away from home and always at work, not just because your family is torn apart, you will rebel and ruin your life just because of that. Prove them that even if your family is not complete you grew up sober, have good manners and respect for the people around you.

  2. The most difficult decision I’d make in my life is I resigned to my work and I lost my source of income. The reason why I resign just because the management is not good already and the owner of that workplace has change of his attitude. That attitude is not good to us and other people surround of that particular workplace. So i decided to resign and being of no work is hard because you don’t know were you can get your daily needs like to buy something or to go somewhere I’d like. I am working student that why that’s the difficult decision I’d make to my life, but that decision I’d make I did not regret it because weeks ago a person contacted me to do some work at they work place and that’s when the succession of my projects started and until now it has continued.

  3. For me what was the most difficult decision in my life. To become a independent daughter to my mother. I decided to school in CHMSC talisay, to pursue my dreams,instead to commute bacolod to talisay, my mother decided to rent house or bording house in me. For me it was a difficult to leave behind my mother and my sister in house. But i still remain happy for my decision. Because this is my dreams and also my family dreams.

  4. When I try to choose between BSED or BSIT since I have a qualified stanine result for both. Choosing BSEd would be a good opportunity for me to have a good working spot in the professional workplace in the future. However, my heart is far away from teaching and I would rather work with electronic devices than being in the school all day. Though I’m torn between the two, I still believe that I could learn from both. I think it’s a tough decision, when it comes to the future, nothing is really easy.

  5. The most difficult decision I made in my life is to let go of my dream to be a doctor due to a lack of financial support. I need to choose another curse that my parents can afford. I’m not mad at my decision because I understand our situation. I know that God has a plan for me and I trust his promises.

  6. John Peter Solleza BSIT 3 - C2

    The most difficult decision I had to make in my life came after graduating from Senior High School when I had to decide which school I would attend when I pursued my college degree. When my parents ask me about it, I tell them that I will think about it thousands of times before making a decision. This is a critical stage in my life for me to make this decision because I know that this stage will reflect my future life. Every night, I questioned where I would attend college and what courses I would take. I even felt anxious as a result of the situation. I was relaxed and brainstorming from then on. I looked for a school that was close to my home and found CHMSC. I researched CHMSC and the courses that they offer to students. I discovered similarities between CHMSC and my ideal school. I also discovered that CHMSC offers a Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Technology degree. I informed my parents about the situation and informed them that I wanted to be an electronics technician and that I needed to pursue a Bachelor of Science inIndustrial and Technology degree with a major in electronics.

    John Peter B. Solleza BSIT 3 – C2

  7. The most difficult decision I made in my life is to let go of my dream to be a chef. I need to choose other course than to take my dream course due to lack of financial support. Being a chef is my dream profession since I was a child. I am not mad of what was happened because I understand our life situation. Maybe someday I can be a chef when I have enough money to spend. For now, I will do my best to excel in my course and future jobs.

  8. Gian Gabriel A. Ybesate BSIT 3-C2

    The most difficult decision I made in life is about my self-development. Everytime I decide to engage something I will always end up thinking If I should pursue it or think of an alternative. The results will be unknown to me unless I tried but at the same time I was thinking, will it be worth it? Or are there other possibilities if I don’t? Sometimes I just go pursue something and that requires courage and there are good results and sometimes bad results. But the way I handle things like this is to think wisely and have a positive vibe because no matter what happens next is what life keeps me going.


    The most difficult decision I’ve made in my life happened this pandemic, I decided that my mom won’t come to our home, even she really wants to, I don’t want to because of her safety. She works abroad. And her body is weak when it comes to diseases and she’s getting older. Because of the pandemic I didn’t see her almost two years from now. We talk and she said she want to go home but I disagree to because it’s very dangerous. This is the most difficult decision I made because I’m not used to it, before pandemic my mom come home every three months and stay one week to spend time with me. I get the habit that in every special occasion she’s here, celebrating with us. It’s a difficult decision because I have to mind her safety first over taking a risk of her safety.



    My hardest decision ever is to continue working while studying and live an independent life and yes it’s so hard to accept that you’re now an in adult stage and need to generate your own income in order to achieve something in this trying times I personally suffering through a hardship because I can’t rely on my parents because we are now two students in college and it’s hard for my parents to cope up with the demands of ours so I chose to help them and sacrificing my comfort in life and work at first they don’t want me to work because working means I have to be apart from them but I explained them that I want to help them too and don’t rely too much on them.

  11. Anjeline C. Sampior BSIT3C-1

    The hardest decision I ever made in my life was choosing my college course. It’s very hard to think about what I will choose because I don’t know if I will be able to take the course I want. Nothing enters my mind of which course I will take. So I took the exam at CHMSC, my 1st choice was BSIS. I have no choice which other course to choose so that’s what I tried. When I got the result, I didn’t pass the stanine that was supposed to be in BSIS, so my decision became even more difficult. I was in the middle of just stopping or continuing my studies even though I didn’t know what course I would take. That day was the last day of public schools to accept examinations so I decided to continue my studies and because I wanted to be able to finish college. I looked for a slot that could be used in the stanine that I got. I got into BSIT major Electronics, wondering if the course I was going to take was good. So I made the decision that I would take the BSIT course. I didn’t make a mistake in the course I took. I was even happier and I learned a lot.

  12. Kent Nicholas E. BERTOLANO BSIT3C2

    Sometimes a decision can change to the direction of your life, even if it is a small or simple thing, things might just be better if you choose one that is good for you, a decision is either a hit or miss, it is either good or bad, its up to you what to choose. I had this experience back in Junior Highschool, it happened way back grade nine. I was addicted to online games, I played the game League of Legends in daily basis, I skip school just to play it, waste my baon onto it and buy in game items with my real money just for my own satisfaction. I was depressed that time, I don’t have anyone to talk to, it was the online gaming that helped me escaped my personal problems. I skip school a lot that time, when I want to be absent I have these reasons, I lie to my parents just to skip school until,.

    My teacher or adviser called my mother to report to school saying that her son have been absent for a week straight. I was called to go to faculty office, My mother wasn’t angry though, she was sad and crying, “what happened to you? I did everything, I gave the things you want, food, money, a home and love” I just sat, I cried too. I don’t know what to do with my life anymore. She want me to choose between school and my addiction. She said, choose whatever you want but remember I am not going to be with you in the future so think about it. The moment she cried I finally realize what I did is wrong. After that I chose to still continue studying, I graduated junior high and sinior high with honor.
    If you were to decide about something, think about the future, think deep, be mindful.


    The difficult decision that I made in my life is choosing the course I want in college. Before I enter the college I stopped for a year because I failed my entrance exam, my mother does not want me to go far way even if it is in Bacolod City, jeepney fare is quite expensive these days. Here in Talisay Campus of CHMSC I can just walk to school, its much cheaper and a good morning exercise too, to freshen up my mind. Then after a year I took the entrance exam again in CHMSC Talisay and lucky enough I passed the entrance exam. But my stanine isn’t enough for the course I wanted, then I choose the course which I don’t have any idea although my aunt took that course, I chose that course because even if I had less experience which such things I still have my aunt to teach me, and it will be taught to us in school eventually. I had to choose whether I don’t study that school year and wait again to take entrance exam for the course I want or study and take the course that I didn’t know so I don’t have to waste my years. In the end I chose to study for now, but still I want to take the course I wanted after I graduate. Things may not work for us today but it will come someday in the right time.

  14. The hardest decision that I made in my life is becoming a working student, it is difficult to be a working student especially when you are away from your parents, like me who is only a tenant in the city and only independent of myself, all my daily expenses are decided by me. Even though I am close to being a working student for 3 years, I still feel tired and I have proven and I really told myself that it was not a joke that I made this decision before, so I really took responsibility and stood up for myself. my feet, but sometimes I really can’t help but think that I wish I hadn’t continued planning to become a working student but there was nothing I could do because when I stopped it I would really regret it, so despite my hardships as a working student sometimes I also become proud of myself for what I have achieved now, I am in 3rd college and just a year ago I graduated and will be able to graduate from college thanks to the decision I made before.

    Axel Mer N. Dolero BSIT 3 C2

  15. Jerome D. Moreno BSIT-C3

    I think the most difficult decision that I was made is way back to the day when my mother and father got separated, I’m planning to leave the house that time. I don’t know what to do. Ill trying my self to be calm. But in the end of the day I need to be strong not for my parents, but in my brothers and sisters.

  16. Reniel M. Atillano

    Making decisions in our lives are not that easy because in every decision you make has it result, So everytime I make decisions I analyze it first if this kind of decision is good for or not, I think multiple times first when I make decisions because sometimes making decisions easily is just giving your self at risk and more problems, so I must think it first and analyze everything specially if it is a difficult decision, so that everything will be solve and not going to be worst, we know that everything happens in out life has its own purpose so what ever decision we made it makes us more stronger and it molded us to be a better version of our selves.

  17. The hardest decision I ever made was when I joined a group of scams in an online games and I was caught in the scam and I was ashamed of what I did. and what I learned there is that I should first get to know my companions before I join a group because we don’t know if we are in the right place or in the wrong place. because of my trust, I was even affected by the scams they were committing that I didn’t know I was part of. and the decision I made I regretted and I proved to the people that I had no intention of cheating. I will do my best again to restore their trust in me. and I will prove it unto them. I am also a human being like them who also make mistakes.


    One of my biggest difficultties in my life are that are pursuing my college, i know that in other people this is not just a big problem but in my case I’m the who supporting my study. I’d take a part-time job so that i can help the expences of my study and i need to get away to my parents for this. Im also rented a room at Bacolod City and that includes my expenses and plus we are now still suffering from the cause of the pandemic both of my Parent are suffering because there income now are not sufficient to support me and my siblings in our study and I see them getting older and as elder son, I need to study finish my study to help them by financial and that reason why i made up in this decision. Then I do believe that i can get through this difficulties because I believe that all my hardship now will be has a good results in the future and I know that God will guide through my journey in my life.

  19. Norman B. Lopez BSIT 3-C1

    The most difficult decision that I made in my life is that I want to stop schooling because my father is in jail and I don’t want my mother to be alone and depress.And i don’t want her to sacrifice all things that my father do.But in God’s will and God’s plan I continue to study and my mother advice me and tell me not to stop because all of the sacrifices and struggles will payback to be a successful person in the near future.

  20. Renan P. Bisagar BSIT 3-C1

    The most difficult decision I made was to get vaccinated, because many say that the vaccine has negative effects on their bodies and also affects their health, such as not being able to sleep and getting chronic illnesses. It has also been reported that even if you are fully vaccinated, it is still possible that you will be a carrier of the COVID19 virus. It was difficult for me to decide whether to get vaccinated or not. I overcame this by doing my research and not listening to the rumors that I heard, so I decided to get vaccinated because the virus is more frightening than the vaccine. There are people who die from the vaccine, but there are many who die from COVID 19 Virus . Being vaccinated can help our country and other people more because the spread of the COVID 19 virus will be stopped.

  21. Paolo Miguel S. Samson BSIT 3-C2

    The most difficult decision I made in life was quitting on my photography passion and focus in schooling. Ive been thinking about this for a long time if I should really do it. I have been doing photography in 3 years now. Landscape photography was my thing before getting my camera, since years have passed I have decided to use my equipments to earn money by having a photography service in events but the timing was not good for me. Since school has started it was difficult for me to accept clients and almost gave it all away to my other photographer friends just to be in school. I couldn’t even have a portrait session for my portfolios. So this was the point if I should quit photography and focus more in school. Then one day one of my photographer friends told me that I should not quit on what I love to do, i can do both at the same time and just need to have the right timing and adjustments. I must be prepared for hard work and sacrifices I must not let anything limit my passion. So that then I decided not to quit, until now im still accepting clients, having portrait sessions and doing good in school at the same time.

  22. Jhon Christian T. Talaman BSIT3-C2

    The most difficult decision that i made in my life is when i was choosing the course that i want but due to my parents cant afford the tuitions in college because i have a twin brother that are in college to and i have a younger brother that are in senior high school. So i decided to search for a school that the tuition is free so it can help me and my parents to less the amount of money that can be used for schooling in and to my brothers. But the course that i want to take is not in the school. So i decide that i give up in the course that i like and choose another option of course that has in the school and right now i immediately like the course i taken this time.

  23. Hance Peñafiel BSIT 3-C1

    My Biggest decision in life is overcome my fear-face it
    Otherwise you will keep running,but no result everyone is born with fear therefore it is normal for us but fear the circumstances and conditions at the time but when you afraid that you can feel fear any time help yourself fight your fear and out of your comfort zone,because im shy person and i want to fight this fear to socialize other people.

    Because on it and become a slave to it fight your fear as early as you can they help develope your interests in other things decision is a process

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