The Art and Skill of Negotiation

The Art and Skill of Negotiation

In any industry and organization, the concept of negotiation plays a vital role. The method of negotiation is primarily focused on settling differences between and among people. As individuals engage in a conversation to achieve a particular goal, they naturally tend to assert and win the situation or the argument. Thus, it becomes a bit chaotic and problematic when two parties or sides do not meet halfway.

This is where the different stages of negotiation come in. 



As part of the preparation, both parties and individuals must agree on a detail of the negotiation. This will cover the venue or the place where the negotiation will take place, the date, and the time. A list of names of the invited attendees shall also be prepared so that people will know whom to expect. Setting the time meeting into a fixed time duration is suggested because it will also limit the possible endless disagreements. Most importantly, another part of preparation will be getting to know the topic at hand and the stand of both individuals or parties.


This part of the negotiation will entail thorough listening to both sides, raising possible questions, and clarifying possible unclear details. If the other side is trying to dominate the conversation, then adjustments in the flow of conversation should be made. Both sides must be able to present their respective points.

Clarification of Goals

Clarification of goals will mean that both sides can now respectfully share their possible concerns and issues about the other party’s side. This is the time where the weak points of each side could be raised so that they could be addressed later on. 

Negotiate to Achieve the Win-Win Outcome

Negotiation should always be anchored on the value of a Win-Win situation. It means that as the negotiation progresses, both sides should get a fair share of advantages and privileges. The goal of negotiation is to make sure that conflicts can be resolved by aiding the concerns of both parties. 

Come up with an Agreement

When both sides can express their ideas and concerns, it is time for them to come up with a mutual decision – an agreement that will indicate all the things that both parties should abide by to achieve a win-win outcome. Honoring this agreement is a MUST – since all negotiations are deeply anchored on the values of trust and respect. 

Implementation of the Agreed Actions

So, now that an agreement had been made. It is time for both parties to execute whatever actions were agreed upon. An active work coupled with open communication in the implementation duration is a way to ensure a smooth and successful implementation. 

Negotiation is not easy. It can test someone’s intelligence and behavior. What matters most is that both sides can express mutual trust and respect at the end of the negotiation process. 

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  1. John Peter Solleza BSIT 3 - C2

    In terms of negotiating, I have some strategies because I was an ABM student in Senior High School. The last time I negotiated was in the month of September. I bargained for one of my bike’s parts, the handlebar. My handlebar was in good overall condition, and I had only used it for a few months. However, I sold it because I wanted to upgrade my bike’s handlebar. I then shared it on my social media account in the market place. Then there’s the person who likes my handlebar. We discussed the price and condition of my handle bar on my messenger account. We don’t waste time, and we quickly close the deal. We both agreed on the price and the item. However, as I was driving home, I realized I had made a mistake during the negotiation. I learned that you should not offer your lowest price first. I learned that the customer should first inquire about the most recent price of the products or items. As a result of this negotiation, I realized my mistake: I offered my final price too quickly.

    John Peter B. Solleza BSIT 3 – C2

  2. Enrica T. Abrio BSIT 3-C2

    The last time that I make negotiation is when my friend asked me to buy some of her product and I told her if I can buy it lower than the original price and she said yes because I did her favor and she did mine too. The negotiation between me and my friend went well and my learning to that experience is that if you give something, you also take something.

  3. My last negotiation is with my supplier and my friend. I am an online seller. I sell tops and one of my friends buys tops but I need to order first from my supplier two weeks process before picking up the items and I told my friend about the processing my friend shows an agreement that she agrees about the process. The items came and I need to pick up my items because my friend needs her order. Because she needs to go to her hometown. I chat my supplier that I need to pick up my items but she said she’s not available. My friend canceled her order because she can’t wait until the next day. I’m very disappointed to my supplier because I need my items but she’s not available. I learned a lot of this ,before you order you need to know your supplier first.

  4. I think last month I set some negotiation or agreement to my friends on Facebook, I sell some of my products to them because I am a online seller. Then after that I discussed the prices of my products and the quality. Then after we talk on chat we talk about the place where we will meet. Then they agree with our conditions that we made. I learned that setting agreement or negotiate is not that easy because you need to discuss all the quality of your products and also you have a good communication skills to empress your customers because being a online seller is not that easy.

  5. My last negotiation was when I offer tutorial to my neighbor. We negotiate what to teach and how I will be paid. I made our conditions and we agreed to both conditions. After that negotiation, I learned that it is not easy to negotiate because I need to made conditions and also I need to impressed them with my skills so that we will end up agree with each other.

  6. My last negotiation it was my friend, I am a online seller . I sale a bag, shoes, dress, T shirt and tops. I learned a lot of techniques how to get deal with my friend. She said if i would lower price my bag that i sale . She will buy a bag but the items should be a lower price than lately.
    So i decided to lower price my items, so i agree with them. Me and my friend show for agreement.

    Agreement shows us a no more argu, instead me and friend have a good communication to each other. And this experience have a value to me.

  7. Gian Gabriel A. Ybesate BSIT 3-C2

    The last time I’ve been negotiating is when I was browsing for a smartphone. It was around 2017 and as I was browsing, a client approach me to explain the details of their products. I was browsing for a smartphone with good specifications and affordable. I ask about the features of the smartphone I saw and the client explained them but also offered me that I can expand the phone’s storage which will cost me more than I can afford. I declined the offer because I only need to buy the regular version. The client keeps sales talking that the expanded version will be useful and I know it is. But I cannot afford it so I have to decline the offer. What I learned in the negotiation is “what I want and what they want” in a transaction. I value what I need and being specific about it and they will find other specifics to find needs that are not stated.


    The last time I negotiate is with a vendor in the market. I bid to a fish his selling, the price of each fish is 30 pesos for small fishes and 55 for the big size of fishes. I make a negotiation I will buy plenty of fish if he gives me discount. For small fishes I will buy it 2 for 50 and I will buy 8 pieces if he will agree to my offer. I will buy 4 pieces of big fish if he will give it 50 per piece. And after of discussion he agreed to my offer.


  9. Hance Peñafiel BSIT 3-C1

    My last negotation made is between my cousin because she asked me if im willing to answer her assignment and module so I decide an angreement and condition I asked her I will help and answer your assignment but you will treat me if it is done and she said deal no problem but make sure you will do all the task in the module and I response I’m give you all the answer in the sheet of paper and you will copy in your module.

    Negotation skills-integrative solution(win win solution) they satisfied both parties my cousin will spend not more time to answer module because i will help her but I will discuss and explain her how did find the answer of that questions this negotation is suitable to make an angreement that both parties are satisfied or 2 parties need collaboration.


    In my personal experience the last negotiation I’ve made is when entering college it is the most difficult part on which school to attend and how to persuade my parents that I want to go in CHMSC Talisay to study even though it’s a little bit far from our city and cannot come home everyday, but as an dedication every day I give them an insight about this school, on how it improve and lastly it’s free with a quality education. In return I promise them to finish my study no matter what happen leading in this present time which resources are scarce but I pursue it by finding a work and finance myself while studying and that’s how it changed my life on how it affects my perspective in life that we must not stop trying in life no matter how hard it seems.

  11. Adrian Semillano

    I remembered when i negotiate my old bike with my neighbor. First i talk to him and said all the damage of my bike. Then the good ones. And after that i convinced him with a tire that not easily find in market. And he amazed of what did he see. And lastly he buy my old bike with a friendly cost.

  12. Jerome D. Moreno BSIT-C3

    Way back a month ago when I decided to buy some pair of shoes in the shoes store somewhere in Bacolod I ask the sales lady if how much is this cost of the shoes, she says 675 pesos, But I see in the price of shoes is only 625 pesos so I decided to negotiate, I ask if this shoes has a discount or can be lessen its price. I learn that when you buy anything don’t just buy quickly just be observant on it. Because sometimes the price that displays in the shoes is not correct.


    The last time I made a negotiation was in my father’s small business in our house which he sells phone accessories, I am the one who is in charge on handling customers. A customer wants to buy a Gudi charger that cost P220 , she wanted to have a discount for it. So, I give her a discount, I sold the Gudi charger for 200. She had less 20 pesos for the price of our Gudi charger. I learned that having a business requires a mindful mind-set because you need to be prepare when the unnecessary outcome comes. Set a goal for the business especially to our target customers. Our customer gained discount from us and we also have a profit even though we give her a discount. Its a win win situation for us. She is satisfied for our product and we are happy to serve them a good quality product. I have learned that it doesn’t matter if you have a big or small amount of profit as long you are gaining from it. The business will grow as long as you are dedicated and make the target customers satisfied with the amount they give you for your product.

  14. Kent Nicholas E. BERTOLANO BSIT3C2

    The last time I had negotiation was about the small business of mine and my Girlfriend. We were selling face mask holder though it was commonly called as lanyards. I was selling it to a woman whom wanted to it for less than the price given, by the way we were selling it for 40 pesos each. I asked her first how many she wanted, then she replied ” I will buy 5 if will give me a discount”. After that I replied Ok, so the total amount for 5 pieces are 200, but I will give it to you for 190. Then she replied how about 185? It seems a bit low though, but if you calculate our profit it is already high enough. So I said Yes, then she bought 5 pieces for 185 pesos total. I learned that if costumer wants “ayu” or discount you should start with the highest amount you can sell your item. Example if an item is being sold for 99 pesos and the buyer wants a discount then start around 95 pesos and work your way down if he still refuses to buy. Don’t discount ro much though, profit is important. Also if you are selling a 100 pesos item try deducting 1peso. 99 pesos is looks cheaper than 100.

  15. Reniel M. Atillano

    The last time I negotiate to someone, it goes well and has good outcome because when I negotiate I explain it first clearly if what kind of benifits they can get to it, after that I would answer their all questions regarding to our negotiations so that everything is clear to them, and if they have some suggestions or opinions I consider it also so our negotiations would goes well and have good outcome negotiation
    Reniel M. Atillano Bsit-3C1

  16. Angelo Casilagan BSIT 3 1-C

    The most recent negotiation I had was when I purchased a phone from a well-known individual in my town who works at SM Bacolod’s phone store. So here’s what happened: I told her I wanted to buy a new phone and asked if she could give me home credit or a debt that I could pay back every month. So she responded “all right” and informed me how much my down payment would be. And I told her that my down payment was P9,500, and that a new phone was P12,000. So she stated that there was so little left that you could already get a new phone, and she added, “I give you a chance, you don’t need an interest, but you do need to buy our phone insurance.”But she insisted that I pay her the remaining debt in three months, with no interest. So we computed, and I said it was fine. The insurance was P1500 for a year’s worth of coverage. If your phone screen breaks, they will repair it for free, and if it gets wet and cannot be repaired, they will replace it. If you like, you can add more money if you desire a higher-priced phone. It’s advantageous to both her and me. It can help their business earn more money, and it’s also good for me because my phone is covered for a year. That was the last time I bargained.


    One of our subject has a group reporting in this week and that my last negotion in my classmate. Then we plan our assigned topic on how we are ganna report it and and deliver to our meeting. And we divided all the topic so that each one of us has a contribution in our reporting and all of us are agreeing in this plan and each of are need to make a PowerPoint presentation in there topic to present in the time of or report. And before our reporting everything are fin, i think me and my classmate are benefits in our reporting because we gained new knowledge and experience in reporting.

  18. Norman B. Lopez BSIT 3-C1

    The last time I made some negotiation is when I buy my bicycle.Me and the owner of the shop talk about the price but the bike is so expensive and have a high price.So that as a buyer and a wise person, i talk to him and tell him if he can low the price of a bike.The owner understand immediately and no longer offer a high price and after that long convo,we have a deal and i bought his bike for a lower price.
    The learnings about this is you have to be patient and be intelligent and wise at all times.

  19. Renan P. Bisagar BSIT 3-C1

    The last time I made a negotiation was when I bought pre-loved clothes in a store. The price of one item of clothing is 200 pesos, so I bid for 150 pesos only, and if the seller agreed, I would buy three clothes. After negotiating, I buy a lot of clothes and also save money. The seller also benefits because he has the income and can also reduce his merchandise. I learned that having negotiating skills will help you become more wise when dealing with other people.

  20. Paolo Miguel S. Samson BSIT 3-C2

    The last time I did a negotiation is when I was selling my girlfriends violin. She told me that the price of the item is 2,000 pesos and it was the last price that she can offer if someone buys it. Months later a customer message if the item is still in good condition, I replied yes but there are some scratches and dents in the item but not noticeable and then ask if it is still sound good I replied yes because the item was barely used by the owner. Then she asked me again if there is a last price I told her that 2,000 Pesos was the final price of the item, then she told me if she can buy it for 1,900 Pesos and will pick it up right away. I paused for a moment and then message my girlfriend telling her the whole transaction, she was also suprised about it then she thinks about it. After that she accepts the offer of the customer, so I told the customer that the owner accepts her offer and now both of us had an agreement. Then later the item was bought by the new owner and it was a clean transaction. What I learned from my negotiation is that always make the discussion understandable and think before having an agreement in something that you are not so sure about.

  21. Aki nishizawa bsit3 c1

    The last time that i have a negotiate to someone is when the time i bought something in the market i negotiate. The original price of 2 medium size milkfish is 200 pesos but i would like to have a discount when i buy the 2 milkfish but the vendor doesnt alloe and agree to my offer because he said that the weather is not good and the fish is expensive if the weather is not good and i realize that if they agree on my offer their gain in the selling of fish will be small i just agree to what and said and just bought the fish. We need to think also their situation and the conditions before we negotiate with other people i think that if i bought many fish to him maybe he give me a discount because i bought not just 2 fish and their income will be fair. And their situation i also realize that it is hard to catch a fish when the weather is not good i think that if the weather because the sea is unstable and you cant predict what will happen when the fisherman go out to sea. But maybe he will give me a discount because the weather is good compare to the weather is bad because of typhoon

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