The Negros Show Showroom located the Central City walk at Robinsons, Bacolod  is no doubt one of the best place to go when looking for  Negrense products. Ranging from Furniture and Furnishing, Food, Fashion and Garments, Gifts, Decors, Housewares, Natural and Organic, Novelty and Pasalubong— all these are found at the Negros Showroom.

When visiting the Negros Showroom, most guests would normally include souvenir shirts in their shopping basket. And when it comes to souvenir shirts, the brand ” Azatri”  which is owned and manage by a creative couple Ricky and Arlene Infante always comes first.

Known for their embossed tribal and ethnic designs, Azatri was born as Hierographics  in 1992 with P100.00 as capital, equally shared between Arlene Agusila (now Infante) and a college friend. Each share was P50.00. The said amount was used to buy 1 white t-shirt, I brush and 1 small bottle of textile paint. Arlene made the first Hierographics ethnic inspired hand-painted shirt and her friend sold it to her sister. In a month, the business grew to P5,000.00. Hierographics took in additional partners who invested P2,500.00 each –  the partner’s sister and Arlene’s then boyfriend  (and now husband) Ricky. In one month’s time, dividends of P2,500.00 each were taken out with still enough asset to make the business sustainable.

Azatri’s Membership at the Negros Showroom

In 1993, one partner of Hierographics   passed by ANP Showroom along Lacson and inquired how to join. Hierographics finally had a permanent marketing venue when it’s membership application was approved. The partnership, however, was dissolved shortly after this because one has to pursue a career in sales, the other was still in school and the demand of producing for the showroom became a big pressure. As for  Arlene and Ricky Infante ,they  just graduated from architecture school. After buying out the partners , booth parties  agreed that nobody will use the hierographics name again for sentimental reasons.

The Birth of Azatri

Ricky and Arlene coined a new name for the business. Azatri which is derivation from  Arlene’s initials AZA for Arlene Zamora Agusila and TRI for Teodulfo Ricardo Infante. The business name was approved in 1995 as AZATRI HAND-PAINTED APPARELS, our product line being individually designed hand-painted shirts.

Azatri’s stint at the Negros Showroom  just grew by leaps and bounds. From an itinial average sales of 4k a week, AZATRI entered the Negros Showroom’s  yearly top ten sales grosser in 1996, coming in at 6th place. By 1997, azatri became no.1 and maintained the top spot until 2008 an unprecedented 12 years. They  were dislodged in 2009 and again regained the no.1 spot in 2010 and up to the present.

azatri masks

Other Azatri  products:

Other Azatri products include: Fiberglass masks in hand-painted ethnic embossed graphics ; Resin novelties such as  key chains, ref magnets, fashion accessories, beads; Rubber novelties like  ballers, keychains, luggage tags;  Customized Sports uniforms with sublimation print; Customized corporate uniforms with print; Mugs; Mousepads, bamboo pens, pencils, stationary sets (customized); Fashion accessories


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  1. Kevin Bonn Abantao

    Azatri is one of the reasons why our souvenirs are really world class! Budget meets quality with Azatri products. =)

  2. Belinda Siason-Villa

    I always bought souvenier products at Negros Showroom given to our speakers which they really like it and other azatri products.LCCBEntrep

  3. Editho S. Mapa

    Truly, I’m really like this t-shirt#Lcc entrep

  4. Jasmine Grace Dominguez

    Me and my friends had visited Azatri last Masskara Festival and bought the same souvenir shirt as our remembrance. We are looking forward for another souvenir shirt this upcoming festival 🙂


  5. Bethel Joy Virata

    I saw these when I visit the Negros Showroom but I did not know about the sweet history behind these Azatri designs. Wonderful! By the way, I bought a nice bonnet at the showroom. 🙂 #LCCBentrepreneurship


    Very artistic and creative designs! I will visit your place soon together with my community.

  7. John Edward Q. Yong

    Whenever we eat at Chicken Deli, me and my family would always visit the Negros Showroom. =) I am amazed at the artistry of the “Azatri” brand. This is another reason for us to be proud as Negrenses.

  8. Aileen Casandra

    Another reason that we have to be proud of!!! The product of AZATRI itself and the story on how it all started. #LCCBentrepreneurship

  9. Mary grace fermo

    We love azatri products especially their t-shirts and fashion accessories. My friends and I already bought t-shirts in ANP showroom. Our preparation for the upcoming big event here in negros next month our celebration of Bacolod Masskara festival.#LCCBentrepreneurship

  10. Aileen Casandra

    I remember doing business with AZATRI during my college days and I commend the designs of the shirts they produce. How AZATRI started, was a SUCCESS Story!

  11. Creativity is putting your imagination to work and we can clearly see the artist’s colorful imagination with each piece we have at these exhibits. These artworks are just some of the many things that make us proud of being a Negrense. #LCCBEntrepreneurship

  12. Glaiza Mae P. Acuna

    We usually bring our balikbayan relatives to ANP Showroom and they usually bought some shirts and other souvenirs from there which gives a positive image on all the products displayed in the showroom. #LCCBentrepreneurship

  13. Leah M. Francisco

    It’s a perfect gift souvenir item to my relatives and friends who will visit the City next month for the celebration of Bacolod Masskara Festival. #LCCBentrepreneurhip.

  14. I remember I bought one shirt before as a souvenier to my korean friend… And she liked it! Now I know the story behind azatri.. Thanks sir!

  15. Nicar Corral Nogra

    Truly a pride of Negros. Its artistic designs are world class. Got your shirts as souvenirs for our Idols (JaDine) when they went here in Negros.


  16. Carina Makiling

    Will definitely drop by The Negros Showroom to take a peek of Azatri products. Interesting! #LCCBentrepreneurship

  17. Got their shirt when I visited your gallery. ang ganda 🙂

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