8 Important Factors That Make a Successful Strategy for Social Media Marketing

8 Important Factors That Make a Successful Strategy for Social Media Marketing

8 Important Factors That Make a Successful Strategy for Social Media Marketing

Conducting a business has been relatively made easier with the advent of the social media. Bygone are the stiff option of spending a lot of money in order to advertise via traditional methods.

But while you can still opt to spend on social media to market your business with startling results, blindly tapping on this platform will not guarantee you better results unless you know what social media marketing was about.

Believe it or not, your effort of trying to reach a wider audience via social media will go long ways by knowing the underlying mechanics about it than merely dumping wads of cash in the hopes of growing your business as a result.

Let us help you get your social media marketing strategy work at your first attempt at it by knowing these 8 critical elements that make it a success:

1.Know your business goals

The social media offers enough flexibility that could enable any user to do many things at it, particularly for business. But without specific goals, the social media makes for a very vast terrain which forks at every direction and not reach a specific destination.

One very efficient early steps you could take therefore about your social media marketing strategy is to identify the needs of your company and how your chosen platform—social media—can aid with those. Generally-speaking, however, most businesses use the social media for the following purposes:

To increase exposure to a wider audience (branding)
Keep in touch with the existing customer base and retain them
Reduce the bottom line of the overall marketing costs

While you could come up with a myriad of goals in line with the purposes listed above, it is suggested that you focus only on two primary and two secondary goals. Again, trying to do everything at once is like heading at every direction which the platform gives you, only to end up lost and not reaching your goal. You do not want that.

8 Important Factors That Make a Successful Strategy for Social Media Marketing

2.Be clear when setting your marketing objectives

You may already have your goals to go for, but if you do not have an end-point for each, you will never know if you are achieving your goals. If you want to make your goals to be as attainable as possible—and thus, more realistic—you have to set some parameters that make them so.

For instance, if one of your main goal is to generate enough sales to keep your business afloat and growing, set a specific amount of revenue to target, whether the numbers are high or low. That way you would have a way of knowing that you are meeting your target goal or not.

Ideally, you would know if your objective is proper when it meets the standards of the so-called SMART approach which is an acronym for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound.

8 Important Factors That Make a Successful Strategy for Social Media Marketing

3. Target your target clients

If your business is struggling in making engagements, the chance is good that you do not have a specific type of consumers in mind as the ideal consumers. Even when your line of business is aimed at the general public, you should still be finding a commonality among your buyers based on certain demographic data.

This method may require a bit of statistical data gathering, but this is the most efficient way of knowing who your real consumers are among the larger population. Knowing so, you could easily adapt by pivoting your business strategy towards your target consumers.

4.Identify your competitors

Unless the products or services you are selling is one-of-a-kind, which no other knows of, expect to have some competition in the line of business you are trying to profit from. Knowing this, research a handful of companies that are offering the same products or services as your business do.

Call it business spying, but one effective way of standing out from the rivalry is to offer an overall better quality of products or services that your competitors cannot. Primarily, you would only this by knowing how the competition fares against your business.

Essentially, what this move calls is for you to keep up-to-date with the competition and try as you might to do better at what your rival companies are doing.

5.Find proper channels

There are literally tens or hundreds of social media platforms out there, each of which catering to overlapping or unique demographics and purposes. While you can put the effort and have your business exposure in all of them, not all of these platforms may offer the same quality of results as another.

For instance, you may get better engagement when you are marketing using Facebook but may not be the same case with Twitter given the demographics of your target clients. While you may try to even things out and push more marketing with Twitter to the level that of Facebook, sometimes the effort may not be worth it in the end.

Instead of trying to get more well-rounded with your approach, just focus on those channels which provide your favorable results and ditch those which are only wasting your precious time.

6. Plan and develop a content strategy

The social media may be a place of trivial things such as a repository of a person’s random rants and useless pictures. But the good aspect of the social media is also a thriving source of good contents, too.

If you want your business to be taken seriously, you would need to attract your target clients’ attention by providing them quality contents. In conjunction, do not neglect of other factors that will make your posts effective in its intended purposes such as time of its posting and the frequency by which they were rolled out.

Remember, much like everything that is profitable on the internet, quality content is king!

7.Set aside resources and budget

The use of the social media may be free for the most part but, if you are using it as a marketing platform, you would need to spend a little bit to make your approach go a long way. Apart from the platform itself, you would also need other tools or manpower that themselves might require some costs to acquire or use.

8.Assign a dedicated personnel to do the job

While you may be capable enough on your own to handle the marketing of your business using the social media, but there are evidently more benefits in having more manpower with this goal. Whether it is about having someone dedicate his time in providing quality contents for your social media page or one to handle customer inquiries via the platform, there are plenty of roles which other people could fill to make your business boom.

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  1. Thoughtful piece! Thank you for sharing this

  2. Maria karlem kho

    Using social media for any type of business can look easy to stabilize and there are only few redevelopment to follow as its grows,but there are also certain factors to consider if you really want to make it bigger than how it is on the present time.

  3. regie paña

    this article is very important for the business planning.how to know to handle your business and inhance your ability to manage your own business.we thankful for this article specially on the marketers like us.

  4. Couldn’t agree more on the objectives on setting up a business and who’s your target market. The article helps a lot not just SME’s small medium enterprises but as well as field operations eg. sales, marketing, business development officers, even product managers. Indeed it gives a lot of ideas and thinking to them on what marketing strategies they have to plan and lay-out. There are a lot of ways on how to market your products/services on the social media platform, the only concern is if you have enough manpower to do it. I fully agree on No. 8 to have a personnel assigned like the social media specialist/digital marketing speciaist/content specialist to work on the load. These factors are really big help in todays marketing side. It gives you an idea on how to keep your products/services top of the line, branding, and on how to be always ahead of your competitors. No wonder why other companies hire specialists for social media platform.

  5. Joie B. Cabillos

    I appreciate the suggestions and ideas that this article has given me about how to make effective marketing through social media and even some tips on how to make my objective clear to set goals, which clearly can also help me distinguish which social media works for me. There are broad area in social medias and it ia important that before diving into it , I should know the key points and this article says a lot about setting the point and goal. Esp that social media can be either used to make or break.

  6. Ronnel S. Abelanio

    This article helps a lot when planning and building a business, the said strategies or a guide in a social media marketing.

  7. There’s a wealth of information on this article- seeds of ideas that will help marketers win the field of social media. I like how the old, golden but effective principles of “SMART” Planning and Objective Formulation still play vital roles in making your Social Media Marketing endeavors a success.

  8. Need I say more? Just wow! After reading this gives me more confidence that if i use it in starting my business i would be successful. Thanks for writing this article.

  9. Van Allain Cordero

    They say that the great teacher is experience. That is true but it would be great as well to have a guide or a check list for it to have more chance of being a success! Nice article! Hoping for more articles that could help newbies just like me in this type of venture.

  10. David Toledanes

    This is a great article. It’s a good read for entrepreneurs who are just starting up and want to know the fundamental building blocks to penetrating the social media market. The fact that it focuses more on social media is a plus since social media is one of the easiest and fastest way to introduce your business, as it has an almost infinite market potential and the widest reach.

  11. People say that being good in sales is an innate virtue, like people who are good in sales are born with that skill. Perhaps it’s because there are really people who are charmers. They attract attention and business confidence. However, this doesn’t mean that only people who are born salesman has a place in marketing industry.

    My marketing professor keeps on saying that marketing is a science that really needs to be given utmost diligence studying. Thank you very much to this article which highlighted the eight (8) key-strategies in marketing. As a neophyte, I really find these techniques helpful in getting a close. Kudos to the author. You got a fan in me here. I’ll watch out for more of related posts in this blog. Way to go!


    Being able to know these 8 important factors really helps me a lot as a beginner in marketing business. It greatly expand and explores my thought for making strategies good for making a business. Though it is difficult from the beginning, but in the near future we can achieve it through effort, dedication and your love for work. Thank you for presenting this article, it really helps me a lot about my understanding and knowledge in making a business.

  13. Frich Adricula

    A good read and a great help not only to young or inexperienced people planning to put up a business, but also to entrepreneurs urging to dive in to the world of marketing with the use of the social web. Especially now, that social media has become a necessity to most businesses. Though this is not as simple as it sounds (As stated on on Number 5), you will have to select the proper and the best channel where you can market your product. As this would take a bit of researching, we also need to consider about spending as well (Number 7). I’d say that social media is not just about exposing your business to the public, but it also teaches you on how to prepare.

  14. jan edward estilo

    This 8 factors gives an strategy how to open up business or making business wide..By using this step by step you will know how to conquer and reach the success of the business.but you will also know the limitation when you aquired the result for this.as part of the life even newly stand up business after a day has already a competitor so you can back.up your marketing plan..starting up the business is not easy because of unique idea it has to deal lexperiments to make the business boom and visualized the result..Applying this 8 factors can make you think and experience how challenges come in the business. That can make you adapt and be knowledgable to reach your set goals for you successful business..thank you for the strategy

  15. Jefrey M.Pondales

    Social media is a great platform to spread words for business.Knowing the important factors to be considered in social media marketing is an advantage among the others, which we can use to have an affirmative outcome to build a strong backbone in social media marketing.hence, these factors is useful but always consider the pros and cons in any instances.

  16. Jefrey M.Pondales

    Social media is a great platform to spread words for business.Knowing the important factors to be considered in social media marketing is an advantage among the others, which we can use to have an affirmative outcome to build a strong backbone in social media marketing.

  17. Jonathan Deligente

    I must say these 8 important factors can definitely help those who are planning to put up a business and market it through social media . We need to have a goal of course and make excellent strategic plans since there’s a lot of competitors in the online world . What caught my attention is the so called SMART approach which i think can be easily remembered by anyone who are anxious if they’re doing the right thing in marketing their business in different social media platforms


    This article is very informative and helpful in having a business. Every business or company needs to have a marketing strategy. It’s like a competition needs to have a strategy on how will you win. In business you’re spending time, money and effort. You’re not creating a business without gaining any profit/income on it. Nowadays, we all know in business we need to adopt changes. One example is with the use of technology like computers and social media. It can be used as one of the marketing strategy on how you can market your business to anybody. In just one access on the internet/social media sites you can inform millions of customers, suppliers and even investors. So that it can help your business grow. With the use of social media sites you can advertise your business without spending too much money.

  19. Belee Sevilla

    Awesome tips indeed!
    As a student at the same time an entrepreneur I’m very much thankful with these ideas. I knew that these could help me a lot to make my little business a successful one. Looking forward for more sales by following the inputs I had read.

  20. Marie Joe Cocoy

    One of the most important fields of practice that every business should have to consider is having the best strategy to cope with the advent of social media and technology. Indeed, the 8 important factors mentioned were very efficient and effective and effective social media marketing strategy. Once we have these elements, social media could be a great impact and help that would maximize the business potentials to be more productive, known and ethical.

  21. Genesis genovia

    For future business ventures this will help a lot, by reading this will help you on how to run a business wisely and this will lead you to more success, i commend this post for giving the idea on how to become a successful entrepreneur.

  22. Joenelyn Esquia

    This is an amazing article for an entrepreneur who will open a business. As for me who will be planning to own or build a business, this is a great deal of information in making my business a success. No questions. It is a must read article. Very well said sir.

  23. Joenelyn Esquia

    This is an amazing article for an entrepreneurs who will open a business. As for me who will be planning to own or build a business, this is a great deal of information in making my business a success. No questions. It is a must read article. Very well said sir.

  24. Zayra Monique Roque

    Since everyone’s into social media, it’s a great idea to use it as part of the marketing strategy for your business. This article will really help you realize that it’s not just about posting nor creating your own page for your business, but it’s important to set your business goals and objectives to help you successfully connect with customers.

  25. This article is so amazing because it tells us how to build our business properly, especially to those who are planning and doesn’t have any experiences. It helps what clients to target , set goals for the business, and to know your competitor. As we all know without the proper strategy and planning for your business it will ne unsuccessful. This article will really help us a lot. Just remember be SMART and apply this information on your business

  26. Teddy Narciso Catubay

    I would say amazing post since it tells us on how to be effective and effecient of having businesses. It’s really helpful or useful like the SMART approach for running any kind business to make it successful after applying all strategies or approach. It motivates more the readers and student like as a Marketer.

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