Develop Your Brand with These Effective Strategies

In a vast sea of brands which are fighting to be on top—or, at least, afloat—many who dared try to join the crowd had sunk in defeat and, many, barely hanging. Being a starting company, after all, has a relatively high risk of not getting the right traction to pursue their business.

If only these startup companies had known the crucial element of branding, perhaps things may have been far less grim.

But branding itself is no simple process. Get it right, however, and your business will be heading at the right direction. Let us take a look at these tried-and-tested strategies that make branding a part of the key to success for any business:

Know Your Competition

It is already a given that many companies are oftentimes a replica of other pre-existing businesses that had found their place in the market. Call it copycatting, but the reality is that not many people are very creative when it comes to business and, oftentimes, those who do, have a dedicated R&D team for it. As such, many businesses competing for the same line of service is all too common and unsurprising.

If your business falls into this same situation, chances are your competitors are not far and between. Rather, they are close and aplenty.

One way of distinguishing your brand apart from the rest and make it stand out is to understand who your competitions are and what they do better than your business. Knowing this, the next logical step is to amp up your playing field to surpass that of your competitors.

Identify the Purpose of Your Business

Earning revenues to make a business grow is a very cliché reason why many companies engage in business the way they do. If this is the sole reason why your business operates, you are not entrenching your brand to a more meaningful cause. For example, wanting to become the household name for a special quality service or even helping the community or the rest of the world make better.

Yes, earning revenues for your company does help you improve your life as its owner and the people you employ for its operations, but there is more to just earning money that makes a business all worth it. Take it as adding more substance to your business than just money-making.

Believe me, when I say this, people who perceived your brand as inherently helpful to society are more than willing to support its growth and, therefore, propagate its goals to many others.

Self-identify your Business

You know what makes a company separate from the others apart from just name? It’s identity.

When you speak of identity in relation to business, you talk about its three crucial elements: mission, vision, and values.

The mission is knowing what your business hopes to accomplish and enacting the necessary steps to get it there. Vision, on the other hand, is framing a picture of how you see your business in future time. Lastly, values concern about embodying the right principles which serve as a pipeline towards a certain direction.

Involve your Manpower

Large companies invest money by delegating the branding of their business to a specific group of people, known as the advertisers or public relations department. But if you are a small company who could use every little help you could get in letting your business’ brand known, your overall employees make for an untapped resource for branding.

But, even the little things that your employees do is a kind of branding by itself which thus puts to another critical element about letting your business known. If your employees are level-headed and demonstrate the characteristics of an upright person, it gives an overall impression that the workplace is good as well. Again, this might also boil down to the company’s imposed values which are reflected in the people under its payroll.

Business Motif

A business image is more than just the characters that appear on its label or the picture of its logo, the real picture of a business is depicted by how its clients perceive it. You know that your business is developing itself to be good when your customers see it in a positive light, whether specific or general.

Question yourself this, “What does my client think of when they see my company’s name or logo?” If the answer to this question is generally pleasant, then you know your business is shaping up well to engage in the trade.

Know Where your Business Stands

There is no law which prohibits entrepreneurs to engage in as many businesses as they want to be given the capitalistic nature of trade, but this much freedom does not guarantee success for all business risk-takers. While a handful of companies—now giant in stature—were able to find success in broad dealings in trade, such growth did not necessarily happen everything during the early years of their engagement in commerce.

If you are a startup, you are better off finding your proper placement in the business first and entrench your brand in it by providing the best quality product or service. It is far better to fail on one thing you know you are very good at instead of failing on multiple ventures which you cannot handle all at once from the start. But, then again, failing should not be the right mindset for it but rather a success.

Formulate its Story

No good company is ever worth mentioning without a story of how it came to be from the start. Just look at the many large conglomerates that are still standing to this day after decades of active dealings with their trade—all of them has a story to tell that inspires many to this day.

For instance, Honda Motor Company, Ltd. was a story of a company which was conceived by a passionate and talented mechanic from a humble family who built his own rendition of a motor. Nowadays, this auto-manufacturing company stands as one of Japan’s most successful brands in the league of Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, etc.

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  1. Elizabeth O

    I think you gave some really great advice here that will help a lot of people out. Branding is really important as it shows people/customers exactly who you are so it is important to get it right.

  2. I am lucky to have figured out my BRAND a long time ago and have lived up to this brand since I figured it out. I love my brand, it’s 10000% my identity!

  3. Van Allain Cordero

    I never thought branding can be this complicated. Just imagine the things to consider before giving a name/brand to a company but once brand was properly introduced and placed it can never be forgotten with the proper service and products. This arricle let me think twice about Branding, never realized that this could also one of the factors to be successful in business.

  4. Jeri Mae Pabiona

    I love that this article enumerates how to keep your business alive. How your business would impact to people in a positive way; how to compete with competitors with humility; how it would uphold its purpose of serving; and how mission, vision and core values should be practiced. Branding your business would not only give impact to your customers, but also, it would give a sense of fulfillment behind your success in the future.

  5. Joenelyn Esquia

    “Branding” plays another dominant role in a business. It definitely increases the value of the business. It somehow not just easy as we thought. It should have also an intelligent market planning to be consider in developing our business brand. We need to take note that the name or design that will come up from our ideas will identifies and differentiates our product from the others. It will gives us a major edge in increasing competitive markets in this generation.

  6. Ma. Jasmin Bandria

    Upon reading this article, I think branding would be a challenge to every entrepreneur because you will not just put a name in a business but rather give an identity to it with the mission, vision and values of the business. I thought branding is just a simple part of planning a business. But this makes me realize that there are some things to consider in doing it, like identifying the purpose of your business, knowing your competitors and even the business motif.

  7. Having had put up your business does not end there. You have to create your own brand to make your business grow and be known to market. Having your brand is just like creating your own identity and not just simply copying or duplicating others. Just think outside of the box because ideas are floating everywhere, you only need to figure out what was it that has not yet formulated.

  8. Belee Sevilla

    Upon reading these ideas and techniques in so called “branding” in a world of business your mission, vision and values is very important so that your business will stand out and heading you to success.

    • Ronnel S. Abelanio

      Branding is a strategy to make the business known in the market for me it also called”Self Identity”for the competitors..

  9. Jonathan Deligente

    In a business world , branding is such an important medium that needs to be focused on. Given that each competitors have their own style of branding , one must standout above the others for the purpose of getting the attention of the customers. Developing a brand is fun but tough at the same time . Creativity, Imagination and lots of ideas are coming through your mind which I think is very challenging. We should always remember the purpose why we put a business ( not only by earning revenues) and how it will affect our future endeavours.

  10. Marie Joe Cocoy

    Developing the business strategies is one of the effective ways for the product to be known and exposed. All businesses need exposure and strong fundamental, but even more than that, these strategies are very important to acquire loyal customers and have a name in the business industry. It’s not difficult to follow but it does take communication to build business reputaton.


    Branding strategy is a one of the important element in planning a business. What will be your company “known of” or “famous of” We need to establish a unique brand in order to be remembered by clients or customers. A brand that will make your company or business famous of its product and workers. It will represent the entire company or a business. For me having an effective branding strategy can help a company or business grow and gain more profit. It can be a way to boost your company on top of other competitors/business. A way of introducing your company or business to the customers.

  12. Having had put up your business does not end there. You have to create your own brand to make your business grow and be known to market . Having your brand is just like creating your own identity and not just simply copying or duplicating others. Creativeness and artistry are great factors to make your business stand out amongst others. Just think outside of the box because ideas are floating everywhere, you only need to figure out what was it that has not yet formulated.

  13. Jose El Cid T. Espayos

    Reading this article really made me think whats in the Brand itself. Well many things must be considered first, specially this one. Focusing in one thing may lead to a stagnant or motionless business because business itself must be develop, improve, enhance, widen and etc. That’s the reason why various of strategies were implemented depending on the nature of your business. Of course branding your business is not just about your product, as per say, it will define your business as a whole. Other businessmen will tend to do the trial and error which is the most common strategy, some will use the power of money to stabilize their business and some will expand branches to widen their scope. As mentioned depending in the nature of your business, as long you carry it out with possible outcome for sure, you are taking the right path. Do a research, eliminate all the things that needs to be eliminated and think of something new that will give you a upper hand against your competitors.

  14. Teddy Narciso Catubay

    Effective,Effecient,Innovative and Concrete Strategies make an a business prosper. I totally agree with this article since it speaks about the essence of successful entreprenuers and this has been tried ,tested and proven. I have learned so much from this article and makes me ready and prepare for my prospect business to be put up in a near future.

  15. Frich Adricula

    I can say that creativity alone is not enough in setting up your brand. You will have to see what others see or determine what sparks their interests. You will have to set up a brand that could be embedded to the people’s minds. I have learned that business is not just making money. It is also a way of connecting and establishing relationships that upholds values like, respect, professionalism, commitment, integrity and innovation, which in a lot of ways, can be the basis of your brand.

  16. Genesis Erl Genovia

    Successful business needs better understanding and considering the needs of the consumer, however that just not end their, we need to have a better idea of how to invite people to try the product or have the idea to put color in once concept such us the name of the business where anyone can remember easily of what your product is all about and having the story behind the sucess. Having this article can help boost the mind of how to conceptualize things in the future.

  17. Jefrey Pondales

    In this present generation we all know that competition to business is getting tougher and tighter. It is a must to come-up with a great branding strategy in-order to engage our business into the heart and mind of the customers.
    After reading this article, I learned that revenue is not the main source to have a successful business but there are lots of factors that need to be considered such as brainstorming,analyzing and gathering data to build a strong foundation and to stand out among the rest. On the other hand,some people that are engaged in business tend to forget the key. To have impact in this field, keeping touch and giving value to the internal and external customers matters a lot.

  18. Maria Jessa Christy Uy

    In a consumer’s perspective, it is really comforting to read an article that puts in to words what good branding is like.
    Being aware of the multitudes of products/goods,l and services, being offered, I can’t help but get confused at times. Because one product does differ from the other.
    But how does a person choose a product and stick to it?
    I have learned that there are brands that I am not comfortable with. For example in skin care products, it is important that you do a research first so you can prevent yourself from wasting your money.
    I have also learned that I have been choosing the same brand of shoes and clothes for as long as i can remember because they have consistety offered me comfort and a good sense of value for money.
    So branding really boils down to
    Knowing your customers needs
    Giving the best service you can offer
    Quality Products
    Product or Service is positive and not Offensive
    A Brand that has a heart
    And many more factors that can help you achieve that life long success in your business.
    Branding gives life to you business.

  19. Christian Catoto

    “Branding makes you live for a thousand years, or more.”

    Global life expectancy in 2015 was 71.4 years ( WHO, Global Health Observatory (GHO) data ) and is expected to increase as technology progresses. But branding, if done right, makes a person remembered for centuries or even a millennium. Who wouldn’t know Einstein with his e=mc2 or the Wright brothers who invented the first flying airplane or even Karl Benz who made the first car. These people and many more died hundreds of years ago yet their names are never forgotten. That’s how important proper branding is in business. It is something that makes your venture immortal and remembered. And in order to be successful in making a brand is to inspire people. Make people believe what you believe. Make a brand by inspiring people what you are passionate about. People don’t buy what you do but why you do it. (Simon Sinek, Leaders Eat Last) Want to be immortal? Inspire people. Leave a mark.

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