Performance appraisal is certainly one of the much awaited moments for employees of a company. This is where employees would know how they fair as employees in the eyes of their superiors.

Performance Appraisal is the time when the management reviews the performance of employees for a specific period of time. Some companies opt to connect performance appraisal with the salary increment. However, I don’t recommend it until such time that you have well studied your system and had tried it for a considerable length of time to test its validity and check some loopholes.

Performance Appraisal could be a dreaded experience to some who doesn’t have the skill to do it right.  So let me share with you some tips on how to do it. Feel free to write your message below should you need help.



Set the date and time in advance that is mutually convenient for both you and the employee, and that will allow enough time for each of you to do preparation.

Review your references: the job description and key performance indicators; work rules and procedures; employees’ logbook and your documentation notes; any feedback from internal or external customers; current disciplinary memos if there is any; the previous performance review report

If you have asked the employee to do a self-review, be sure to give him time and have it early so you can prepare.

Remember to avoid:

  • the tendency to overrate a favored employee;
  • become too strict or too lenient;
  • the tendency to rate an employee lower than circumstances warrant;
  • letting outstanding work [or unsatisfactory work] immediately prior to the evaluation offset an entire year of performance;
  • Rating all your employees, or groups of employees the same.

Be prepared spiritually and emotionally especially when reviewing a problematic employee.


  • Put the employee comfortable and relax.
  • Explain the purpose of the review.
  • Be mindful of your body language: good eye contact; attentive posture.
  • Remind yourself that you are evaluating the performance and not the personality
  • Ask the employee for ideas about how to resolve problems.
  • Emphasize not only the  areas that need improvement but the strengths of course
  • Be honest and be prepared to discuss questionable items.
  • Don’t forget to set the Performance Optimization Plan or Performance Improvement Plan

Closing and follow-up

  • End on a positive note.
  •  You should sign the review as well as the employee. The employee may opt to file an appeal to the HR if he or she is not amenable with the result.
  • Follow up developments on the set Performance Optimization Plan.



  1. Ramie June P. Arnado

    Performance appraisal is a tool for assessing and measuring the employee’s performance in a systematic approach and understanding the capability of employee’s methodical approach to assessing the performance of employees to understand the capacity of employees. It is also used to evaluate the employee’s performance in specific training or development. On the other hand, this article is composed of strategies and methods in conducting effective implementation. It allows the reader to understand how to initiate proper and effective performance appraisal. It serves as a guideline not only for the management but also for the employee. Moreover, having an accurate and fair assessment of the employees’ will eliminates doubt about biasing in the workplace. It will also motivate them after they evaluate their performance according to their strength and weaknesses.

  2. Joel Nedamo

    This article reminds me when I was working at Dualtech Center Foundation in Canlubang, Laguna. If I will be given a chance to work there, I will be grateful to do so. Why? Of all the institutions that I worked for, only this institution gives an appraisal for their employees. Every end of their will be a performance appraisal and it always entails an increase of the basic monthly salary if the management is well satisfied of your performance. I really feel that the management or the institution as a whole valued all their workers. And I really appreciate that as well. The only problem was that me and my other half agreed to transfer here in Bacolod because of the bad traffic in Manila that is why I resigned.


    Performance appraisal is also known as performance review. Considered as a strategies of any company to know whether an employee is performing well with his given workload. If not, company needs to provide coaching and training sessions. Evaluate results fairly without favoritism and bias. Due credit should be given to the right employee. Good ambiance and pleasant approach in doing performance review contributes comfortable interaction. Let them be reminded always that their performance is being evaluated and should be taken personally. Be fair in giving feedbacks. Always let employee feel cared and valued for this will instill loyalty towards the company and will motivate them to work better or even at their best.

  4. Romeo Laud, Jr.

    Performance appraisal (PA) is a useful tool on accessing one employee on how he/she perform in a certain period. This can be a nerve-wrecking experience to any employee, exciting, it tackles the areas that needs improvement and best contributions to any organizations. Performance appraisal can really be quite tricky as some department heads/managers tend to favor some. This is where the value of an effective leader and fairness comes into play. An effective department heads/managers should be able to set their personal interest aside and give a just/fair performance appraisal to subordinates/employees. But somehow, performance appraisal is very important in the company because it could be an outlet to improve and develop the performance of an employee. To improve the PA, there should be regular coaching and feedback which helps the managers and supervisors focus on empowering employees and given them an opportunity to improve their individual performance. Also, performance appraisal is done to determine whether the employees should be retained, promoted or transferred. It can be the basis in wage or salary adjustments. Lastly, there is no perfect performance appraisal but it provides a rational basis for constructing a merit system and implementing strategic goals and performance expectations.

  5. Edmar M. Genovia

    Performance assessments enhance employee morale by motivating them to work harder to meet the organization’s objectives. Businesses can use appraisals to establish guidelines for finding the best candidates for advancement, assessing employee strengths and weaknesses, and delivering constructive feedback. Employees that have a history of working hard or going above and beyond the call of duty are frequently recognized with performance reviews. Employers can track employee performance in a variety of methods, including regular one-on-one meetings and formal evaluations based on KPIs. Managers can use this information to assist their employees in charting a successful career path that includes improving their performance and learning new skills. Performance assessments are an important part of the talent management process because they ensure that businesses do all possible to keep high-performing personnel. A performance appraisal has the ability to boost employee engagement, communication, transparency, and recognition when it is given.

  6. Nino Ramon Christopher Cordova

    Based on the article of Dr. Vito on the “Tips in Conducting Effective Performance Appraisal” it gives us the ideas on how to properly conduct a performance appraisal as an employer. A guide similar to a job interview which is more formal because the discussion will greatly affect the mindset of the employee.

    In the performance appraisal both employer and employee must set a target KPI (Key Performance Indicators) at the start of the year. Then during the evaluation or year end assessment the employer and employee must set a date to discuss and analysis the agreed KPI. The employee must be given the chance to rate his own performance and then the employer must also assess and evaluate the rating of the employee and the both parties must agreed on the common rate. Action plans to be prepared or to be discussed if there will be any KPI which have not attained or completed by the employee.

    In addition, the employer or the immediate superior must be sensitive enough on the reaction of the employee. He must properly convey the purpose and the benefits of the evaluation. He must not degrade any non-performance or deficiency of the employee.

  7. Jomar Funoan



    Performance appraisal refers to the regular review of an employee’s job performance and overall contribution to a company. Jojo Vito Ph.D., as stated in his column emphasize conducting effective Performance appraisal for the employee. There are some tips for Performance Appraisal before the review schedule a time and date for convenience for both parties. Review the references like job description and key performance indicator, documentation notes, feedback from external and internal customers, and current memos.
    During the review, explain the purpose and ask the employee for ideas on how to resolve the issue. Emphasize all aspects that are good for the organization. And the importance has Performance Improvement Plan. For closing and follow-up, end on a positive note sign the review as well the employee. And Follow-up developments on the Performance Optimization Plan.

    The organization should have an annual report for the performance of the employee. Performance Appraisal is one way to monitor the performance of the employees in the process of identifying, evaluating, and developing the work performance of the employees. The purpose is to help to achieve the goal and objectives of the organization. Here are some of my tips in Effective Performance focus on opportunities and growth, Focus on solving problems, Focus on the individual and avoid bias, lastly treat good performance with respect

  8. Joji Ivan O. Juesna

    Effective Performance Appraisal will benefit both the management and the employee. the results of the appraisal will give the management idea what to improve on and or continue to develop in the performance of the employee. The employee will also be able to gauge himself and look at his performance objectively. This can also foster growth in the working relationship of the employee and the management. Unfortunately in my work experience, i was previously employed on short term (1yr-2yrs) projects and now currently connected with the LGU, performance appraisal is not conducted. With short term projects everything ends once the project is completed. With the LGU “Performance” is based on politics.

  9. Mark Winston Gabutero

    Performance appraisal is an important process within the organization. It allows the managers to determine whether or not the employee is performing well or not. I would agree to the statement above that it “could be a dreaded experience to some who doesn’t have the skill to do it right”. One must be aware of the circumstances during the process of appraisal. On a positive note, performance appraisal can be used to determine whether your employees need trainings or upskilling to catch-up with uncertain work situations. In the end, performance appraisal is an important tool that can be used to help the company with its growth by evaluating the current performances of the employees.

  10. Mary Rose S. Tubid

    The article Tips in Conducting Effective Appraisal ( by Dr. Mariaito “Jojo” Vito gave tips on administering performance appraisal. The author provided appraisal techniques before, during, and after to make it more effective.

    The discussion will be helpful to the management that is going to conduct a performance review. The process should have the preparation and planning for both employees and management. Performance appraisal is an essential strategy that will determine whether the staff is doing well or not. Also, after the coaching and training, it will answer if those strategies are effective. A professional HR manager and the management also challenge during this period. They have to provide feedback for their strong and weak employees in a pleasant way. They also have to avoid favoritism. Appraise their people according to their performance and not on their relationship. Besides, they have to keep a good setting and comfortable interaction during the assessment to ease employees. It is challenging for the management. They have to be fair and productive despite a hectic schedule and lots of works to do. Appreciating the employees and letting them feel to be valued is also one of their responsibilities. This strategy will instill loyalty towards the company and will encourage them to perform well as well.

    In conclusion, the management has a great responsibility in appraising employee’s performance. They have to be fair, from addressing the weaknesses up to appreciating their people. Valuing people will boost their morale and relationship with the company that will result in productivity. Making them loyal will promote equity and save money than recruiting a new one. It is just a matter of appreciation, yet the impact affects the company negatively or positively depending on the management’s approach.

  11. Francis Ian Pandanduyan

    In my own point of view, sadly some companies are not exercising performance appraisal and that is not a healthy way in retaining your employees. These tips in performance appraisal is a good basis in rating your employees job performance as HR staff you should not be biased in conducting the activity, there should be a performance evaluation report coming from the supervisors/managers of the employee these are your reference in giving your rating. Also, I learn how to handle situations concerning employees that needs improvement and how to approach them without hurting their ego. performance appraisal is a privilege to all employees, they become competent to work. it is like giving them extra reward because they perform beyond expectation.

  12. Jermond O. Juesna

    It is always a good way to end a performance evaluation with a review of the results with the employee involved. It is a way for the company to show sincerity in their employees work performance that they are demanding a better output from them. Having post evaluation reviews with the employees also promote intemacy with the company in such way that workers will feel more responsible for their work since it is closely keep track of and not as a passive event in during their time in the company. Also  it is a great way for the company to show appreciation to their employees for the reason that they are not only called out when they are prerforming poorly but also when a potential improvement could be done to their work, and much more for an outstanding perfomance.

  13. Myrly V. Cabrera

    Performance appraisal is one of the strategic tools of HR in determining the right employees and assessing their performance. It is also a better basis to evaluate employee’s contribution to the company, their skills, achievement, areas to be developed, a means of promotion, and sometimes a salary increase. Thus, rationale and expertise in doing this are a must for a fair judgment, smooth flow of conversation, and good results.
    In doing so, the HR manager should be mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually prepared to have better, if not the best outcomes. No one is perfect, and everybody is entitled to commit mistakes. However, this should not be an excuse because the employee’s future in the company relies on HR’s hands.
    To conclude, performance appraisal is essential in running the organization in the company. As HR, they should be the source of motivation for their employees to pursue their dreams for themselves. After all, their personal growth and development will eventually lead to the growth and development of the company. Meaning, HR should serve their purpose to be a part of changing their employees’ lives for the betterment and not to destroy their dreams of committing simple mistakes.

  14. Ronie T. Linas

    Performance appraisal can motivate employees to perform well in the company. But it could also spark rivalry, lessen teamwork, and develop inferiority that one is better than the other. Therefore it is crucial that performance appraisal should be determined accordingly.
    This article provides a clear view on how performance appraisal should be done and applied effectively. performance should be measured properly, we can not improve things we cannot measure. Though tools were not mentioned in the article I think it is one thing to consider.
    Regardless of the approach of conducting performance appraisal the expected outcome is to determine how the employees performed their job in accordance with the standard set by the company. That can be achieved through the following tips provided in this article which is before the review, during the review and after the review or closing and follow up.

  15. Looking at the bigger picture, in general, I think giving performance appraisal is the oldest method of encouraging your employees. There is a fine line between giving a good and bad performance appraisal. When can you determine that the motivator that you offer to your employee is still competitive and could produce a productive environment inside your organization? All high level managers should keep in mind when giving performance appraisal that employee personal reward and the organization’s performance should be on the same level and feedback also be provided to the appraiser too. This way, there will be no bias and the loyalty and trust of the lower level employees are maintained.



    Performance appraisal it is a periodic assessment or evaluation that reviews employees job performance and its contribution to the organization, with the different tips of effective performance appraisal listed in the article my opinion would be, you have to know first each of the employee’s job/ responsibility rather than knowing who is the employee, why? To show fairness to everyone by fairly evaluating employees without what we called favouritism. Performance appraisal also help the organization if they need additional training or development of each employees, by this method organization can determine each one strength and weaknesses that can be given feedback or can be valued by the organization.
    The importance of conducting performance appraisal help the organization to boosts their employee’s moral that motivates them toward achieving or maintaining organizational goals. Performance appraisal also help the organization to find out employee’s ability for organizational future growth, and on negative side or employees weaknesses it is a responsibility of an organization to be given feedback or rather to give training programs and development of their employees in able also for them to be valued and appreciated inside the organization.

  17. The article talks about what to do when doing an interview to a new employee. that as the HR/HRD we should be set the date and time that will be agreed by both of you, that during the interview both you and the employee should act like professionals so as to make a somewhat “simulation” of when if he/she will ever be hired, but at the sometime both of you should not be tensed and should be relaxed as it helps set the homey atmosphere for both of you.

    It is also important to make the first time you meet as good/positive as much has possible since first impressions lasts. as the interviewer you should also be able to thoroughly discuss and explain to the employee what he/she is in for from the job description to stating situations and asking the employee how he/she would be dealing with it, and at all times be honest, and lastly end with a good note and check to sign the review so for future purposes such as documentation of the interview.


    On my end, I think one of the important things should the management consider before making an appraisal is to know the job of each employee. Also, the management or the human resource should know the transaction or process flow of each department. Performance Appraisal is a measurement, how will you measure the ability or performance of one individual if you do not know what is her/his job is?

  19. Louie O. Canlas

    Performance appraisal is one of the important strategies in an organization, as it determines whether the employee is performing well or not, it determines whether the employee improves after the continues coaching and training that the company provided, it determines the employees weakness and strengths and how to compensate the weakness through feedbacking, As a superior that appraises the employee, it must be based on their performance, on how well the employee performs his/her duties in a timely manner, favouritism must be avoided. Having a comfortable interaction with the employee during the assessment makes them feel at ease and can lessen the doubt of being unfavored and criticised because of their weakness. Let the employee feel valued for this will instil loyalty towards the company and will motivate them in performing well based on the standards that the management sets.

  20. Charina M. Abrea

    Performance Interview Review in most cases both the Manager and the employees are quite nervous during the interview session. Why is that? Perhaps they had poor experiences previously but whatever the case the Manager need to make sure that the interview is effective and worthwhile for both the employee and her.
    With these tips in conducting the Performance Appraisal we as Manager should make sure that the outcome should help the employee and also to come up with a learning and development plan for the employee for the next months. Also, these tips made me realize that having the Performance Interview review is not about reviewing the bad performance but this is an opportunity to learn and develop once growth.

  21. Ricky D. Jocson

    Performance Appraisal is not just important but necessary to both employee and organization. Having this program well-implemented shows how important are the people in the company. This shows on how they valued their people and its performances. Appraisal is the result of a collective monitoring both employee and immediate superiors.
    It is very important that individual should also record their achievements and needs for improvement. More importantly the critical incidents that they have faced and overcome. These will be helpful for them during the appraisal. It is not only that the superiors or managers has the record of your efforts and mistakes(if ever). This will only show the one side of the coin, coz not all the time you are accompanied by your boss. It is highly recommended that before the appraisal you have at least an idea what will be your rating, but humbled to accept any appreciations and feedbacks for your own development.
    During the appraisal, present also what you have done well and what you needs to improved. By this sense, it will give a high impact to your superior on how focus you are on your effort and willingness to learn and develop.
    Tips are very useful and helpful in conducting or preparing an appraisal. Doing this regularly will encourage workers to improve better, coz they know that their effort are being valued and their efforts are highly appreciated.

  22. Apollo Jose Ocillada

    Performance appraisal is critical to determine the employee’s performance to provide feedback and motivation, and productivity. Performance appraisal helps to identify the training needs from their weaknesses and enhance their strengths or skills. It also serves as the basis for deciding on promotion, demotion, and arranges for employee compensation. It is essential to appraise the appraisee equally to avoid bias during the appraisal.
    The purpose of performance appraisal is to let employees know their job performance compare to a job standard. To provide a written record of their performance and to identify unique talents and abilities. It also recognizes whose performance must be improved or face disciplinary action.
    There is no perfect performance appraisal, but it provides a rational basis for constructing a merit system and implementing strategic goals and performance expectations.

  23. Louie O. Canlas

    Performance appraisal is one of the important strategies in an organization, as it determines whether the employee is performing well or not, it determines whether the employee improves after the continues coaching and training that the company provided, it determines the employees weakness and strengths and how to compensate the weakness through feedbacking, As a superior that appraises the employee, it must be based on their performance, on how well the employee performs his/her duties in a timely manner, favoritism must be avoided. Having a comfortable interaction with the employee during the assessment makes them feel at ease and can lessen the doubt of being unfavored and criticized because of their weakness. Let the employee feel valued for this will instill loyalty towards the company and will motivate them in performing well based on the standards the management sets.

  24. Arjay Solitario

    Performance evaluation has three fundamental functions: (1) to provide appropriate guidance to each person on his or her performance; (2) to act as a framework for improving or adjusting actions towards more productive working habits; and (3) to provide information to management to determine potential tasks and rewards.

    Recognizing that there are several flaws in success evaluations, managers in many organizations choose not to do so. There is a strong hesitation on the side of other organizations to do them explicitly. Personal experts attribute these issues to the inability of managers to take alternative directions and to the risk of irreparably harming the self-esteem of their subordinates. In government, performance evaluation is largely a joke, and in both private and public companies, merit ratings are hollow.

    When employees receive feedback data at the time of the incident, they may be able to change their actions more quickly. Through this approach, the employee will get feedback most frequently about how to do it, and will be able to fix minor issues before they become big ones. Also, if the employee is unwilling to alter his/her actions, the fact will become clear to him/her by repeated crucial incident notes.

  25. Shanelle Anne Machan

    The following tips stated were very helpful in an organization thus Performance appraisal should be a positive experience and contribute to the overall interest of the organization. It is a very effective tool to improve ones performance, productivity and for developing your employees. It also helps the individuals to do better, raise self esteem and motivation. Also, performance monitoring with an effective feedback can produce optimal outcomes. Through improved employee observations managers or supervisors can gain a full understanding of an individuals strengths and weaknesses and to help them to grow and develop as an individual and increases their motivation to succeed.

  26. Zandra Garagara

    Feedback is very essential in performance appraisal. Providing continuous feedback to employees will let them know where they must stand out for their performance. This encourage them to work well. It must be clear and specific for them to understand well.

    In their interview, employees must put in at ease for them to express what they want to tell, what they want to listen and to solve problems to accomplished its goal. As performance appraiser the good tips is to listen them , correct them and share information necessary on how to face challenges he/she have. It is good to ask them what they worry about or how they think they are doing and the reason why they thinking of that. Better to give them example of situation and find good approach to help them perform well.

  27. Mary Grace Acejo

    The Filipino culture, are not very confrontational and we value reputation. Although, some supervisors try to avoid confrontation than explain how exactly an employee can improve performance, it is a supervisor’s job to critique and assess, in order to aid employees all along. However, while discussing and employee’s performance, do this in a discreet, courteous and constructive manner. It would also give a positive vibe and re enforce the drive to excel if we give more emphasis on an employee’s strength and weaknesses based on his or her performance instead of detailing the mistake made. In this way it would be a win –win scenario as it allows them to work better without feeling any level of shame that stems from their feeling of “na huy-an”


    These tips are very helpful especially to the supervisors, managers, and superiors in an organization. Performance appraisal will be a motivation for an employee to be efficient and effective to work sometimes because of salary increment and most of the time because of performance monitoring. This kind of discipline will also be a part of an employee’s growth.

    In a company its important that managers should treat employees equally and not just because they know each other for that will cause internal issues among employees. Therefore, I recommend that the evaluators should be objective in handling their employee performances and not be subjective. The company should organize a seminar for performance evaluation and appraisal for accurate learning of the evaluators to deepen their knowledge about performance appraisal of employees. Also, the organization should set its goals and objectives for the company’s direction and employees’ motivation.

    With these recommendations, the employee-employer relationship will progress and both parties’ growth will positively prosper.

    Another tip I want to recommend that I’ve read on how to be successful in business and on your chosen path is “ Do one thing every day that scares you”, every day is a test, every task is evaluated, every decision is counted but not everyone is brave to face their differences and that will make you build your self as an employee, persevere and be rewarded.

    by: Shernie Gelera

  29. Izza Nicole Arcenas

    Performance Appraisal is really important to assess if the employee is doing their job, or is doing their job on a standard note. Also, giving performance appraisal as managers they should know what’s expected from the employees and also as with the employees they should also know the basic objectives and what is expected from them. Moreover, always indicate what are the ways on how the employee could improve and also commend that employee if there is a job well done.

  30. Rennie Craus

    Performance Appraisal is a medium to assess objectively employees’ performance through lobbying his/her strenght that helps the company attain its goals and objectives, on the other hand this is a way to making the employee aware of her weaknesses and setting plan to improve such.

    The above mentioned things to note when conducting a performance appraisal can be associated with what my current company where I am affiliated at, to cite an example prior to the appraisal the ratee will be informed as to when the immediate supervisor will conduct its (PA) agreed thru the time that both are available, which has been stipulated in the above article, with this the employee will try now to ponder her performance executed in the past period covered by the appraisal that will make the employee prepare. During the PA, in our company the employee will now have a copy of the results and this is the time where the rater explains explicitly every inch of the items rated, what I have learned from the article is that you have to set an improvement plan for the employee to help them be guided on the next period, in this set of plans, this will enable the employee play the performance the company is expecting from her thus, this will be now her tool to better improve key points she failed to meet. I think we need to put emphasis when we conduct our PA is to provide the employee to explain her side especially those key performance indicicators she has things to improve. Before submitting the final copy of her PA, let her express any opinions she may have pertinent with the result, as rater you need to ensure that everything is properly laid down and the ratee wholeheartedly accept the result of her evaluation.

    Remember that as a rater, you need to make sure that the result will be constructively accepted by the employee and that she is willing to enhance set of skills required, cause if the assessment will be made out of personal agenda or motive ,the tendency is the employee will be not anymore motivated and and as an end point she will not perform accordingly. The most important thing for me is that the rater must earn the respect of the ratee in such a way whatever things that will be discussed these will all be accepted openly and improved.

    Performance appraisal is not just a tool to evaluate employees performance, this could be a medium to set improvement plans for her to target and attain, high quality standards are what the company desires be it on the quality of its product, service that they provide and productive,efficient employee is also sought too.

  31. Mark Jayson Torres

    Performance Appraisal is very important in the company because it could be an outlet to improve and develop the performance of an employee. It helps the company assess and determine the strengths and weaknesses of their staff and provide new jobs anchored to meet the organizational objectives. To improve the performance appraisal, there should be regular coaching and feedback. Conducting structured evaluations allows the company to identify the individual performance. Providing feedback helps the managers and supervisors focus on empowering employees and gives them an opportunity to improve their individual performance.
    The supervisor or the manager should also have their logbook to write down and record all the performance of their employees. It will serve as their track record to be their basis for giving better performance appraisal. With this kind of strategy, it eliminates biases and favored employees.

  32. This is the one task I always dreaded when I was in the workforce. Regardless of the employee’s performance the previous year, the appraisal always seemed to be stressful! These are very good tips!

  33. These tips are very helpful!

  34. Performance appraisal is great especially if you have a employee. It help you improve how you work and help you understand how important to have a rest work performance. This is a great post and very informative.

  35. I’ve always wanted to go back to school to become a licensed supervisor for counselors. I pinned this for when I go back to work. Excellent ideas for motivating co workers and staying on track

  36. Jude Michael Belicano

    performance appraisal will let employee understand their performance and will help them to improve to be better in the workplace.

  37. Most likely we need to have their performance appraised to be fairly evaluated. Appraisal should incorporate factors such as collaborative ability and sense of teamwork not just individual performance. The appraisal would list skills acquired with level of competency resulting to salary increases that take into a company performance that should include the individual’s contributions to those goals.

  38. Rasha Mustafa

    Appraisal is exciting for me. Because i will know if my performance is more on positive or negative and if it is good i will improve it and if it is need inprovement i will improve it. It is also a recognation and appreciation of your job.

  39. Rasha Mustafa

    In aviation company cabin crew appraisal is testing the knowledge and capability of an employee .Because for us safety is very important safety for the passengers.It helps improve the job well for the employee.

  40. The annual performance appraisal interview/meeting is the last stage in the performance management process. It allows the employee to communicate intensively, face-to-face and in private, with his/her supervisor in order to review work accomplishments.

  41. It is necessary for a company to have a performance appraisal regularly in order to assess their employees on their tasks if they really performed well or not. In any ways, it could also help them to improve and be more productive in their job.

  42. Performance appraisal is done to determine whether employees should be retained, promoted or transfered. It can also be the basis in wage or salary adjustments. This is also to provide feedback to employees in the areas where they need some improvements through their own efforts or by additional training.

  43. Rodena Zuniga Vilches

    Performance evaluation is one way of measuring or knowing the improvements of an employee in a duration of time. Let’s say six(6)months, or probationary period, evaluating the performance of an employee is essential to help them grow and develop in their fields.

  44. Ma. febe Legaspi

    It is necessary to have a performance appraisal once in a while- to know the things to improve and practices to imply correctly. After knowing the outcome, coaching should take place to give appropriate advise for improvement.

    Ma. Febe Legaspi
    HR 2015

  45. Christy Mae Tenila

    In other company, they conduct evaluations twice a year, they should be checking in and following up with there employees on a regular basis. There should be no surprises for either you or your employers during the mid year and year end evaluation process as long as you do your part to keep lines of communication.

  46. Leidor Cuenza

    Performance Appraisal should be practiced by all companies, regardless how small or big they are. It gives feedback to those who have slacked off and provides motivation to employees who have worked their best all year round.

    BSBA-HRM 2015

  47. Grace Tanjusay

    Performance appraisal can be a nerve-wrecking experience to any employee, it tackles the areas of improvement and the best contributions to any organization. – HRM2015

  48. Marvin Panes

    Performance appraisal is a useful tool on accessing one employee on how he/she perform in a certain period. In our company we practice a yearly performance appraisal and this is the basis of our salary increase and yearly incentive.

  49. In this article, I learned that Performance Appraisal is not just about the increase in salary. Also, Performance Appraisal is the make or break of an employee to its superiors.

    Antonio Jose Ferraris HRM2015

  50. Ruth Angila Vaflor

    I always break out in a smile when my supervisor tells me i have great performance scores, because i know it means i’m doing good at my job and when i get reviewed it could open opportunities for career growth and a possible raise.

  51. Ignacio C. Eboseo Jr.

    Performance appraisal evaluates the ability and capacity of every employees to enhance their level of confidence:)

  52. Jeli Grace Alvarez

    For me performance appraisal is a way where one employee is being measured based on his/her performance. This a way for the employee to know what are his/her potential on the other hand a way also to improve and to let you know there is always room for improvement.

  53. Rizza Rebadomia

    This is what I look forward to every year. A leader must be able to present the facts, anticipate the reaction of the employee, and be ready with explanation for disputes. (HR2015)

  54. Personally, performance appraisal is exciting! This is where your work will be evaluated yearly. What mentioned above is you are evaluating the performance not the personality. When evaluating, we have to be objective not subjective.

  55. Mai Hernandez

    In our company we conduct a performance appraisal every end of the year, and I always look forward to it as its where I learn which areas I need to improve on my work and which areas I excel. Very helpful tips, we can really use it the next time we conduct performance appraisal. Thanks!

  56. Carlo Magno

    Performance Appraisal is one way of letting employees be aware of their strengths and weaknesses. It helps them think of better ways to level up their performance and be a competitive individual in their workplace.

    C. Magno

  57. Jo Cherryl Javellana

    Performance appraisal can really be quite tricky as some managers tend to favor some. This is where the value of an effective leader, fairness, comes into play. Effective managers should be able to set their personal interest aside and give a just performance appraisal.

  58. it is very important to have the review done regularly depending on the nature and pace of the industry, clarity of the expectations and objectives should also be set, it might mean the difference of getting the raise or not.

  59. Joel Lagunilla

    In gov’t agencies we are always rated quarterly by our superiors. These ratings would be the bases for our Performance based Bonus (PBB). Bonuses ranges from 35000 down to 5000 depending on your rating. Would this really matter ? To it does but others it doesn’t since for them they get bigger amounts from kickbacks… Hahaha. But this really true SIr.

  60. Yvette D. Ybanez

    I think that this will help them improve their weaknesses in certain area of their jobs and would help them realize that they contribute a lot to the success of their company.

  61. I agree with you sir that can be a very tedious task for a manager to do especially if they do not know how to do it right. But, the moment they learn and master to process this can make their work as a manager easy in terms of managing productivity, continuous improvement, people development and maintaining a trusting relationship.

  62. Performance appraisal is indeed a mirror of how far we have gone in reaching our company goals together with others.

  63. Performance appraisal is really necessary within the organization to assess and to review their personnel performance for the common good of their company’s goal.

  64. Reggie L. Agabon

    When conducting/giving performance appraisal be sure that no things being hide in particular to the performance of the person whom you have been evaluating so that it’ll not create conflict, biases and more importantly it will not ruin the person’s life’s future. Appraisal is so much sensitive because it affects one’s personality and create bad history of the person if we can’t make it exactly. It affects even their remuneration.

  65. Through the process of performance appraisal, employers can identify the areas that need to be developed and given attention to. They may come up with series of programs and activities as interventions that can aide to the factors identified which is experiencing some problems.

  66. MJoy Acevedo Osano

    Performance appraisal is important in an organization. It not only recognizes the hard work of employees, but it also helps employees to improve and be more productive.

  67. Ilyn Rose V. Calantas

    Performance Appraisal is one way of measuring the performance of the employees that could motivates a person to be excellent or poor. Moreover, it helps the individual to grow, develop and learn new things for his/her professional growth.

  68. There are some employees/employers who seem to forget fairness in this matter and I appreciate the point that it made a note on the objective side of having performance appraisals.

  69. Performance Appraisal is a measurement of employee's performance. It is necessary therefore for an employee to understand the scope & parameters of his evaluation. It must be attainable & achievable.

  70. Performance Appraisal is a measurement of employee's performance. It is necessary therefore for an employee to understand the scope & parameters of his evaluation. It must be attainable & achievable.

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