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Running a successful business requires strategy. Entrepreneurs, develop long and short term strategies. Well, it’s not quite simple nor easy, but any businessmen need to run without hitch their businesses. Legitimizing a business or having a legitimate business is necessary for the long run. Here are some reasons why…

  • The risk of getting caught is always there if yours is not a legitimate business. This is the primary benefit. Anytime, you can get caught if you are just hiding. This also means you will be hiding all the time and this can be very stressful and dangerous at the same time.
  • You can only establish your identity with legitimate business. You can also get influential in your niche if you are legitimate. You will have more opportunity to satisfy your customer with legitimate business. With legitimate business, you are free to flaunt yourself, be proud of what you offer and have all the opportunity to maximize your branding.
  • While it is true that you will be spending money on taxes and other fees and the time, of course, to have your brand authorized, yet it will keep you from any penalties which will cost you so much more should you avoid them. Legitimizing your business will save you money and time in the long run.
  • When it comes to hiring employees and bringing in more customers, it would be a lot easier if you legitimize your business. Employees and customers definitely wanted to engage in any legitimate business.
  • In cases of online shops, you will not be afraid to promote your brand and it will really improve your SEO. Legitimate business with secured URLs will have better chances of ranking high in search engines like google.

To make your business legal, you need to develop some habits and few steps to take. This will guide you to stay real and authentic all throughout the lifespan of your business.

  • Develop a unique brand which goes along with a nice logo. A unique brand will keep you from being rejected by a business registration office. For businesses in the Philippines, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)  has a site wherein you can check in advance the availability of any business name you wish to have.
  • Pay your taxes diligently. One can never get away with taxes.
  • Make sure the that the items you are selling are tested and safe. Always double-check if they are Tested and safe – your people can do this for you. Remember, a satisfied and happy customer will have great chances of coming back.
  • For SEO purposes, convert your HTTP site to HTTPs.

We browsed at online gadget store-the YouPoundIt, they studied how they not only created but proved their legitimacy important.  Here are some  examples we found and you can follow:

  • Making your business trustworthy can be made possible with testimonials of your customers. If you have a legitimate business, it would be easy to convince people that you are a trustable entity.
  • Be transparent and accessible. With legitimate business, you will have nothing to hide. Show them that you are always happy to help. Transparency can make people confident about your services.
  • Give more. A great after sales perks like returns and exchanges or even repairs will surely delight any customer.
  • Make doing business with you hassle-free. Hassles can be annoying and can give your brad a bad name. Make this a priority.

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  1. Great tips I just say! I particularly love the …* develop a unique brand part* thanks for sharing

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