Being part of the digital lifestyle, Globe Telecom is concerned to find ways that society as a whole remains safe from various threats anyone using the internet is facing every day. These threats include viruses such as Trojan, and Ransomware which may bring multi-million-peso businesses in danger. Other threats any business faced every day is hacking attempts for illicit purposes which didn’t spare even the government-owned sites. Cases of cyber bullying which is not limited only to celebrities but even ordinary people.


In this regard, Globe launched the #makeITsafePH campaign under Globe Telecom’s CyberPinoy cyber wellness program. The #makeITsafePH campaign covers all stakeholders such as large corporations, small and medium-scale enterprises(SMEs), government agencies (GOs), Educational Institutions such as colleges and universities, and of course the general public.


For businesses and the government

The fast-paced growth of technology has made data protection a great challenge every day. This lead Globe Business, the enterprise information and communications technology (ICT) arm of Globe, to take a more proactive position.

Albert de Larrazabal, Globe Chief Commercial Officer, said: “The prevalence and sophistication of cyber attacks and infringement across all industries are steadily increasing.  While Globe takes an integrated approach to resolve these issues using our managed security services solutions, we also acknowledge the need to continue helping our clients informed on how to keep their precious data safe”.

For Businesses

Globe Business is leading the campaign for businesses by giving practical tips and easy-to-digest information about the numerous threats any company or organization may experience. It is also an initiative to enable Globe Business clients and assist them to ensure that their employees are aware of their duties and responsibilities in protecting all sensitive data and to safeguard company resources.

For the General Public

Moreover, the #makeITsafePH campaign for consumers takes off from previous Globe initiatives to promote online vigilance among the public and safeguard them from becoming victims of online hacking, identity theft as well as other cybercrimes.

Larrazabal also said: “We are moving towards the goal of making the Philippines into a digital nation but at the same time, we want to promote awareness of the possible dangers that people could face this digital age. We cannot do this overnight.  We need to continuously promote and teach everyone if we are to make a difference”.

For Students and the Academe

The Globe #makeITsafePH campaign for consumers will specifically reach out to students and their families as well as millennials who are very susceptible to the negative aspects of the Internet.

Globe is poised to seek support from schools and teachers through the adoption of the Digital Thumbprint Program (DTP).  The Digital Thumbprint Program teaches students how to fully understand the consequence of their online behavior and how to be safe and responsible for their online activities. Through three workshops, the students learn how to discern proper online behavior, be aware of technology’s impact on their social activities, and develop skills on how to use technology to help them achieve life goals.


  1. I agree with you that growth in technology has far outpaced government’s ability to regulate it. Now not a month passes without us reading of breaches in cyber security. Hackers break into so supposedly secure systems stealing identities and putting many at risk. I really do hope the company you proffered can work to correct these breaches

  2. Safety is very important. I teach my children about online safety.

  3. Online security is very important. We used to feel safe by shredding everything and now hackers get information online.

  4. Nice inititiative by Philippines govt

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