Indulging in business means dealing with people. Most especially, customers. Building a harmonious relationship with them would entail success in business. That’s why as much as possible, we do everything to satisfy their needs and demands. In this article, I will be sharing with you some ways on how to delight your customer, or to put it in simple words, how to make your customers happy about your products or services.

Listen to your customers.

Whether it’s going to be face to face, or through the feedback form, it is necessary that you listen to what your customers have to say.

Listen to your team/employees.

In any case, always get the side of the people on the floor or your employees. Because whether we admit it or not, customers at times tend to exaggerate about their complains and concerns. So, make sure that you also listen to the employees.

Customers are kings, make them feel important.

It means that you have to make sure that your customers will feel that they are a big part of the business! Make them think that they have a contribution to make and for that, their loyalty matters in exchange for fantastic service.

Always give your best shot.

Customers would notice if you’re really into your service or not. So, do it the best way every time you deal with customers.

Think of what your customer might need.

Be observant. Try to figure out what might the customer need even before he/she asks for it. For example, you’ve seen him/her approaching a table in your store with a toddler; you may ask the staff to ask if he/she wants to have a child’s seat. Such actions would delight the customer since it shows that you are prompt to his/her needs.

Go beyond the expectation.

Do not settle for the standards. If it is needed and necessary for you to go beyond the usual service, then do so. This will make the customer appreciate you all the more.

Consistency is the key.

This means that all good practices being shown by the staff should be coherent or congruent to the entire team. For example, if the guard outside the café is courteous to greet the customer, the counter, as well as all the other workers, should also manifest the same courteousness.

Make your products/services worth it.

It does not mean that if you have a plenty of customers today, they are going to go back every single day. Remember that as your business progress, you always have to innovate and offer them something that they want.

Get rid of the dissatisfaction.

If you notice that a customer or two feels dissatisfied about the service, you may promptly approach them and offer some remediation. This may make them think that you are trying to make it up and you are willing to go beyond to make them feel comfortable about your service.

Empathy will take you to places.

Once you’ve learned how to relate with your customers regarding social, emotional, and all other aspects, you’re one way away from winning their hearts.

Trust the employees.

You do not want to be the bossy boss which all employees hate about, instead of nagging all the time about the things that did not happen at work, might as well put enough trust to your workers by empowering them. Make them in-charged of specific areas. This way, they will feel that they are the boss of their field that’s why they will do everything to make things right.

Look at the unfavorable experiences of customers.

If they are dissatisfied, try to figure out the cause of that and do everything to fix it.

Learn the top issues.

If you think that the customers are having issues about a specific matter, try your best to get a hold of that and figure out how you could fix it promptly.

Help your customers get their goals.

Every member of the staff should contribute to the achievement of the goals of the customers.

Learn how to apologize.

Make humility as the center of the workplace. If workers know that it is their fault that such unfortunate event happened, then, by all means, be humble enough to admit it and apologize sincerely.

Don’t mind the size.

Whether it is a bulk order or a single order, all should be treated with the utmost kindness and respect since all of these entails profit!

Do not be shaken by numbers.

At times, companies or business would be rated by organizations regarding business standing or customer satisfaction. If you are at the “not so good” position in the ranking, do not let it discourage you. In fact, make it a motivation to do better.

Innovate with the interactions.

When you try to innovate in such a way that you reach your customers and address all their needs, then you’re at the game. It means that you’re willing to change the usual things in business to cater to the needs of the customers.

Be prompt in responding.

If anyone connected to your business would inquire about anything, make sure that you’ll answer promptly. Make it a habit of urgency to satisfy the queries of people.

Share good practices.

If there would be an opportunity that you’ll get to meet other business owners through conventions of organizations, do all the things that you could to share your best practices also to help them do better.

Make things simple.

What customers want is that they would get what they want without any complication. So, make things more straightforward and easier to understand.

Educate your customers.

The first time they encounter the innovations or changes, make them knowledgeable about it, so next time they use it, they will know how to do it on their own.

Use all available resources.

May it be through phone, mobile, or over the internet, do all things that you could to reach your customers.

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