Why Competing in a Global Economy as a Business is Not Easy

Why Competing in a Global Economy as a Business is Not Easy


We live in a world that is more connected more than ever. Especially in the field of business where money is the common vernacular, no distance is simply too far nor is there a cultural barrier to any enterprise willing to make some bucks from customers.

To become an enterprising unit, therefore, is to compete in a larger stage that is not always overtly seen from the outset. Whether directly or indirectly, businesses compete with one another in order to survive a world where the fittest survive and the losers perish.

But, although nuanced, there are also other elements which make competing in the global stage a more difficult ordeal than just facing competitions.

Language and Cultures

With the internet as the common pipeline, establishing a business globally has become easier than ever. But, while the internet may itself adhere to a kind of universal culture, this does not necessarily apply across the board.

For instance, in dealing with customers from a culture you share values with may be easy enough due to familiarity. But dealing with different cultures from another country or continent may altogether give off a unique experience.

Simply put, if you are close-minded about other people’s beliefs and way of thinking, the chance is good that you might encounter friction that may go against yours. To learn the nuances between cultures, including language, of your target market is, therefore, a necessary aspect of going global with business.


When you speak of dealing business with countries which are considered sovereign, chances are you’re subjected to a plethora of rules, regulations, and taxations that are inherent to that country.

The magnitude of these guidelines you ought to follow also increases significantly when you refer to various countries which themselves have a unique set of rules and regulations you are expected to adhere and follow.

You can, therefore, imagine the challenges of expanding a business empire across different lands and thus what makes well-established conglomerates epitomes of worldly success.

Communication and Technology

Having multiple branches of a single business as spread across borders require a centralized form of communication in order to work effectively and efficiently as a single collective unit. Especially when each branch does not necessarily work independently from others, the need to consolidate bits and pieces of information from business is of utmost imperative.

But establishing this means is not always easy even in today’s advanced technology. This is especially truer among poor countries which requires a more robust communication infrastructure in place.

Environmental Consideration

Unless you are in a business which does no harm to the environment, taking concerns for the environment should be least of your problem as a business unit.

But if yours is one which has direct repercussions to the green world, expect to experience opposition from environmental rights group. Typically, for many countries, the issue would revolve around the issue of energy use, green packaging, and recycling.

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  1. Arjay Solitario

    While opening your business to international market could widen your reach to potential customers, it does not necessarily mean that you will achieve profitability as the competition in an international business is not very easy.

    For example, when you are doing a business in Europe you must be keen on the environmental impact of your business. Currently, western Europe’s environmental problems would include nuclear power’s waste, water pollution, solid waste, unforeseen accidents, heavy metals, pesticides, and energy production. So these must be put into consideration when you are opening a business in Europe.

    So in Europe, one business that would thrive now is manufacturing and selling of electric vehicle because of the European regulations that were passed that cars must have the least or at least eliminate carbon dioxide emission by 2030. On the other hand, if you are a car manufacturer that doesn’t have at least Euro 4 certification engine, you are not allowed to sell them in European countries.

  2. Iche Calates

    When we say global, we are talking about 195 countries. Ofcourse, the competition is not easy and becomes tougher. Yes, competition is everywhere, so imitation is. Yes, you read that right. The most enemy of all, are those competitors that imitate your products. Imitators sell products with cheaper prices, if you are a wise man, which one will you choose? The cheaper ones or the original? Not all people can afford your product. At the end of the day, in business, customers are not just buying the items but buying the “brand”.

    However, as I have said, competition is everywhere. All you need to do is trust your product, trust your people, do unique marketing, and play fairly! Also, you should please your customers, so that they will trust you in every step of the way of your business. It is a give-and-take game!

  3. Bea Berio

    When a business decides to expand their operations globally, they can expect the competition to be much tougher than in their own country. Add in the language, culture, legalities, communication and technology, and environmental considerations into the equation and it gets even more challenging. In order to gain a competitive edge in the Global market, a business should not be afraid to form strategic partnerships and innovate. The partnership can help bridge the gap of technology competence, local law, and the local market in general. Innovating not only products but also when it comes to energy use, green packaging, and recycling. Consumers are more likely to support companies that minimize their ecological footprint, do not have any issues with the local government, and most importantly, companies with local culture awareness.

  4. Competing with one another is not easy, most especially with business industries. Good business plan and format together with excellent marketing strategy they can make it. Needs determination and products expertise to be successful than the other.
    I believe that Negros Occidental can compete globally. A lot of local products that we have those other countries needs it. With the support of the government, the help of investors and connections internationally can be achieved. Need to consider the cultures, legalities, environment, and location in dealing with business.

  5. Negros Island can compete on a global scale. There may be obstacles and difficulties in becoming known in other countries, but it is achievable with the support of other associations and multi-corporation traders who have relationships with other businesses all over the world. Competitions, cultural concerns, values and practices, options, impediments, and misconceptions must all be considered when competing in the global market. The global market is made up of corporate powerhouses that have been operating for years and have adapted to their market’s expectations. Dealing with them would necessitate a great deal of planning process and, of course, money. This is why they must ensure that they have the funds to fund such a business.

  6. Jen Benoman

    Why Competing in a Global Economy as a Business is Not Easy
    Competing in a global economy is indeed not as easy as anyone would imagine. Competition is just one of the challenges faced by entrepreneurs dealing in business but we don’t even know that there are many more nuances in this aspect of the global economy. Not only that these aspects would serve as a guide in case we want to enter the global market in the future but also, would make it easier to come up with alternatives to better address possible issues and challenges that may arise in the future in the global world. At the end of the day, preparation is always the key to becoming successful, may it be a battle or in business.

  7. Gracelyn Mae G. Nico

    Competing as a business in a global company is not easy. We have to consider various risks in order for us to stay ahead of our competitors especially in global markets. You have to stay still when engaging on a global scale. We have to look for unique ways in order for us to differentiate and modify our products and services form others
    The good part in having a competition is that you get motivated everyday in innovating and harnessing your capacity. When entering a global market, innovations has always been its success indicator. It will help your company in creating new products and services that will be very useful to consumers. With the constant change of consumers’ preferences, every company should innovate in order for them to keep up.

  8. Gracelyn Mae G. Nico

    Competing as a business in a global company is not easy. We have to consider various risks in order for us to stay ahead of our competitors especially in global markets. You have to stay still when engaging on a global scale. We have to look for unique ways in order for us to differentiate and modify our products and services form others
    The good part in having a competition is that you get motivated everyday in innovating and harnessing your capacity. With this, you dare to look for ways and means to improve your product and processes. When entering a global market, innovations has always been its success indicator. Innovations will help your company in creating new products and services that will be very useful to consumers. With the constant change of consumers preferences, every company should innovate in order for them to keep up.

  9. Apollo Jose Ocillada

    In business, customers are the most important. There are no customers in a no-business situation. While today’s global economy is undoubtedly advantageous to its participants, it isn’t easy to believe that participants will not take advantage of the current state of affairs. Let’s say 95% of the world’s international customers are not the same as your race. Hence, It is critical to be innovative. We are continually looking for new applications for our products. We provide solutions across the energy value chain because energy accounts for more than a quarter of our business. We are developing new, innovative solutions to the world’s growing power and environmental challenges in addition to our core businesses. Innovative technologies and an open mind led us to use further and market our product.
    There must also be diversity in all forms to be successful. A diverse employee is required. Personnel with global, external, and cross-functional experience are needed, and the most important is to know your customer. In today’s global economy, market research is essential. It is additionally beneficial to have individuals on the ground in your target markets. Businesses must understand what the needs of their customers are.

  10. Kevene Anthony M. Ting

    During this time of the pandemic, a lot of businesses meltdown. The good thing about what the pandemic has done is that it helps people to find other ways in dealing with business. The presence of online platforms has helped businesses to ease out the burden of this pandemic. These advancements in technologies help in eliminating the barriers of the people across nations. As the blog stated that no distance is too far nor is there a cultural barrier to any enterprise willing to make some bucks from customers. As the competition levels up, every standard of the business continues to rise to stay alive and to be dominant to survive in the global stage.
    For me, Negros can compete globally for as long as the local government will support the needs of the business. Negros may not be a rich province monetarily, but yes, we can compete if we have the means and the money. All the marketing campaigns and efforts will not be that of a factor if we do not have enough budget to compete on the global stage because if we pushed through with that, our products will be sold at a higher price. Our delicacies here in Negros were already exported in other areas around the country, but competing globally requires more effort, study, monetary and government support. In the United States of America, there is a business called “The Filipino Store”. They sell exported products from different parts of the Philippines. It means that our provincial products will have a good chance to compete globally as well. We can find a variety of markets in the western side of the world since our delicacies are of good taste and our foreigners here love eating those.
    Language and cultures are two of the most sensitive factors which make global business not so easy. Dealing with people from different nationalities and different cultures takes a lot of adjustments. First, we should learn from each other, respect each other’s beliefs and traditions and learn from different points of view while we are working in the same company with the same goal. When dealing with our target markets, we have to study their languages and cultures. We should study in depth all the products that we will market in every country and make sure that we do not go against their beliefs and traditions.
    In doing business in other countries, we have to obey the rules and regulations that are being implemented in those countries. To avoid conflicts with them, never force the guidelines in your local country which are not applicable in theirs. There should be proper planning and organizing to lessen the problems that may arise due to the legalities of doing business on the global stage. If our business has several branches across different nations, a centralized form of communication is essential. Everyone should perform and act as a cohesive unit to achieve efficient and effective output. This is how important communication and technology are. It may be more difficult in poor countries, but there are still other online alternatives today which may be helpful and not too costly.
    As much as possible, try to engage in a business that does not harm the environment or is eco-friendly to avoid being opposed by environmental groups. If our businesses are using raw materials that are harmful to nature, maybe it’s about time that we should consider other raw materials that are green or eco-friendly which can equalize the quality and stability of our finished products.
    Every business has the potential in competing in the global market. But it takes a lot of studies before you can finally say that you are ready for the next level of competition. There are obstacles and challenges along the way, just focus on your business, know your target markets very well and be open to other ways and means in dealing with business.

  11. Izza Nicole Arcenas

    Competing in a global economy is not easy because having trade in other countries has a lot of laws and culture you as a businessman should be very keen into that details. Why? Because you cant go internationally once you can’t understand the norms and the cultures of the country you wanted to trade to. Before going internationally, as a businessman should coordinate with the government to have their support as well, connect with the local LGU and have the products market domestically first before going in the international market.

  12. Leddielyn C. Tomayao

    Business is never easy, be it is locally or globally. It takes all effort and accurate planning to have a successful business. Negros Island can compete globally if we take into consideration putting a huge investment into technology – this way we can reduce cost and double production that can give a competing edge globally. We have talented hands that create majestic work of arts, we have brilliant minds that produces insightful ideas, we have vast land, we have abundant natural resources, we have the workforce that puts love into their products. These are wealth capable of global recognition and worthy enough to be patronized. All it needs is a little support from our government, a small tap on the shoulder to boost confidence, and a strong faith that everyone can conquer the global market if it is truly your passion.

  13. Rachelle Beth M. Balansag

    3. I could not agree more on these article. Indeed the language and culture is one of the major challenges in competing in a global economy. You are literally competing against everyone. The smartest, most experienced, most established, the biggest brands. Aside from that, legalities are challenges that we should think of. There are many rules, regulations and taxations that are inherent to the country we are expanding. Rules are different one from country to another.

    For language barriers, according to the situation, all relevant documents should be translated. The company should have an interpreter to give instructions, provide feedback and/or provide language classes for the employees. Learning the basic language of the country is also very important. For cultural barriers, it is best to learn more about the culture of the country you are in, one through asking the employees for insights and by determining how to accommodate cultural differences.

    However I believe, because of my experience, communication and technology is the least challenge I am worried of, at least out of the four mentioned in this article. My company has strong communication tools and softwares. This is because from the very beginning, we are on e-commerce. We have established softwares and systems that were proven to work despite the distance and nationality.

  14. Zandra Garagara

    Yes, Negros Island could compete globally. May hindrances and difficulty to be known in other country but with the help of other association and traders in multi-corporation who have connections with other business around the world, it is possible. This people who are literate in a business industry must help our local farmers to knows its scope, obligations, limitations and compliance for competing globally. I have known such farmers producing the muscovado which exported to other countries. The farmers here in Negros with the help of a traders, they having subsidy from other countries and the provine itself, as benefits of their products aside from their selling price.

  15. Kris Laica M. Artos

    Yes, Negros Island can compete globally in business specifically in the means of sugar industry. Knowing that our main product here in Negros is sugar cane and the lifeblood of economy. Negros is “Sugarbowl of the Philippines”. We exporting sugar to different countries. As we all know that sugar is also one of the needs of people whole over the world specially on their businesses .

  16. Business in Negros Island has the potential to compete in a global market. As its known for the production of sugar due to its wide scope of sugarcane industries and sugarcnae companies that is exported and mainly used locally. The products produced in the island has a highly maintained standard that can surpass the global market standards.

  17. April Rose J. Balongo

    Business in Negros Island is not yet ready to complete globally. That is my opinion. First, we don’t have international port that can caters large volume of exchange products or services from other countries. Port that has a big capacity is one of the factors that international traders look into before venturing their business to the global market. And Negros Island doesn’t have it nor near having it. Second is the Crab Mentality. Everyone wants to be on top. They won’t mind if they have step on someone or something as long as they have reached the top thinking that they would become powerful. Third, Negros Island still dependent on the agricultural products. In which many countries around the world offers the same product as we have. If we want to bring our products and compete globally, we have to deeply look in every possible angle to improve our products. And I believe that it takes a lot of effort and time to produce products that has international quality. For me, these are some of the reasons that hinders business in Negros Island to enter and compete in the global market.

  18. Joseph C. Gubat

    It may not be easy but i am confident that businesses in Negros Island can compete globally. Competing in the global market requires a lot of resources: funds, human resource, marketing campaigns, etc. This is no joke but with determination, right mindset and eagerness to show the world that we can showcase our products globally, this is possible.
    In fact, some of our products in Negros the likes of mascuvado, organic brown sugar, condiments, chips and pastries are now available globally.
    The process of introducing local products to the global market might be complicated but this is possible because i believe that Negrenses are talented and hardworking.

  19. Louie Canlas

    Definitely YES, I believe that every province has the ability to compete globally. Negros actually has higher chance knowing that we have a lot of good, unique and culturally related business that can be at par with what other countries offer. We also have skillful and talented businessman and workforce and we always strive to provide quality work and services.

  20. Mark Jayson Torres

    Negros Island is one of the largest island in the country and popularly known as “Sugarbowl of the Philippines”. It is said to be one of the wealthiest region which is very abundant in natural resources. Negros produces much sugar in our nation where sugarcane plantations exists everywhere. With rich land for sugar concentrated among the few and with the hundreds of laborious sugar workers available. I must say that Negros can compete globally because of its sweet sugar that naturally produce from sugarcane centrals. We have this brown sugar called muscovado that is partially refined to unrefined sugar with extra sweatier flavor. Muscovado contains more minerals compared to white sugar and claimed to be more healthier. But be careful of eating and consuming too much sugar because it can increase your risk of becoming overweight and may lead to diabetes and from heart disease.

  21. Jerald Maglantay

    One of the biggest challenges of today’s international businesses is the risk of political dubiety and instability. Countries and forthcoming markets that may offer significant opportunities for expanding global businesses may also constitute challenges, which more established markets do not. Before taking into account of expansion into a new or unspecified market, a risk assessment of the economic and political landscape is very crucial.

  22. Vanessa Joy Arcenas

    Negros includes many cities and municipalities that operate on their specifics. In order for this island to compete in the global scene, it needs to come up with a unified platform in conducting business. An organized governing body that can oversee the process from start to finish. It’s also important to identify primary and secondary products from different location, come up with a sophisticated payment process and arrange for legalities and other critical factors for export.

  23. Shernie Gelera

    To explore globally is not an easy job and doing business globally is definitely not a joke. The business must be knowledgeable enough to do the decision making, must know the uniqueness and the used of the product importing and exporting to other countries. Competitions, considerations in cultures, beliefs and traditions, options, barriers and misconceptions must be consider when competing in the global economy. To put up a business it must have a thorough research, have enough funds, have skilled personnel, must have a study on the environmental issues of the proposed business and most important is having the guts to take the risk in everything just to make it to the top.

  24. Rebecca Sales-Cabigo

    In Negros Island we have different kinds of product who already branch out in different places in the country. And those companies are already stable in more than a decade already, meaning they are strong when it comes to financial and management aspect. Though, there are different factors to consider in bringing Negros business globally, I think, Yes and they can. Since, almost of the Negros products are on delicacies and people are mostly like those products. When it comes to language and cultures, almost of the countries have Filipino communities, blending cultures with them hence, people would still buy the products because they missed Filipino foods. They can share it to neighborhood and because of the taste that anybody can like it then it will be marketable.

  25. Shanelle Anne Machan

    In my own opinion, yes the business in Negros can compete globally since there are a lot of businesses in Negros that is very competitive enough in the market. But by competing globally is not that easy and very risky there are things to be considered. Like for example on how will the product access to its new and foreign customers. We should consider also the country’s economic policies and currency exchange rate because it can affect the firms operation. Also, we should consider the language barriers of the country.

  26. Dhevie Salazar

    Negros Island has variety of products that has the potential to compete in global level. With the help of digital innovation, it will be easier for Negros traders to take a leap towards growth and expansion in the international market.

  27. Ryeo Venn Abellanida

    Competing globally requires your product to be at par or better than others. Our products? Yes, they are of import-quality. The price? I doubt it. Filipino products are expensive. To compete globally, our price of goods has to compete as well. Why our prices are high? Because we failed to take advantage of technology and automation. We Filipinos got skills but are expensive.

  28. Roland Feb Penas

    Negros Island has a lot of products to offer not only locally but globally as well. From our number one product which is sugar to several handicraft made by our local artist. By knowing our target population through intensive market study and support from our local government, I believe our products can compete globally.

  29. Angel Mae Carlson

    Negros Island is a place with growing businesses and very unique/original products. I think, in terms of businesses the our local sugar would be able to be exported and can compete globally. Since Negros is well-known for this, we can use this as our advantage among other countries who can’t produce this product locally. Unfortunately, if we look in to other local businesses I think they should still focus on strengthening and improving their operations locally and nationally before deciding to venture out of the country. Also, they really need to extensive research and cost-benefit analysis before actually expanding their operations. The global market is composed of businesses giants who has been in their for years already and have adapted to the demands of their market. Competing against them would really entail a lot of strategic planning and of course, cost. This is why they should make sure they have enough capital to finance this type of venture.

  30. Rennie T. Craus

    Businesses here in Negros Island mostly revolves in agricultural trade. Blessed with fertile soil this jewel island of the country is undeniably one the top producers of our varied agricultural products whose quality can be exported internationally.
    If I were to be asked if Negros Island businesses can compete globally? Yes, the quality of products that we locally produced are in demand and these products are commonly the need of the people all across the globe. However, the stigma I’ve seen that might pose a challenge on our quest to go globally is that the government’s insufficient initiative of supporting and promoting our products and farmers. Tourism is also booming in this island that foreign tourists gradually discover that worthy of an international attention. To help us be successful in competing globally I think government must also improve its support.

  31. Vem Lorraine Fernandez

    I believe when it comes to businesses, Negros island is capable of competing globally. When we talk about Negros, we immediately can think about our sugar cane industry and I even thought that it is called the city of smiles not just because the people are sweet but also because of our sweet production-Sugar. This may be big in our country but as an observer of the land, I notice a lot of buildings rising than plantations widening and as this buildings shows development of our beloved Negros, this may not be a positive future for our sugarcane plantation. I may mentioned about our sugar cane industry, but I would like to leave that thought and focus on the industry that caught my interest which is the Beautiful land of NEGROS itself. I believe everyone would agree that we are not just surrounded but filled with scenic and breathtaking mountains and beaches. In developing our tourist spots, this must be with thorough and futuristic planning and to compete globally, our plans must not just be for a trend but make a name anyone will be looking forward to go to.
    Today’s generation are making businesses not just with products but it is now more on experiences and healing and these tourist attractions could provide both and are capable of bringing Negros to the whole globe or shall I say, could bring the world to Negros.

  32. Alvin Ivar Bandiola

    To compete globally is a big challenge every business especially for small businesses that are still new and growing. There are factors that may prevent these businesses to enter the global market. But now, in our generation, with enhanced technology and the internet, everything is almost possible. You can connect to anyone almost anywhere in the globe. Negrenses are blessed with agricultural produce which we mainly use for our primary products. We have products unique to our place and with the use of proper research and promotions these may compete globally.

  33. Genie Mae D. Panzo

    Negros Island as a land of sweet surprises, dynamic culture, resilience people, unique products. Yes ,it can compete the market globally. In fact sugarcane in negros account for the half of total nations production and it is being exported in some parts of the globe. We can’t deny the fact that their are many competitors arising everywhere but with a proper market research, proper handling and a 101% focus on the business it can withstand the test of global competition. Also there are many ways that you can promote your business-social media. Easiest platform that you can showcase and promote your products. Furthermore authenticity of the product being true to the personality and spirit that is reflected from the culture. Indeed Business in Negros Island can compete globally due to its unique characteristics that carve out by diverse culture and passion. Motivation and dedication in business which Negros People have, surely it can have a positive results in competing globally.

  34. Renato T. Vingno

    Global competition is the services and products produced by the different competing companies and served to International costumers. There were few of businesses in Negros Island can compete globally consider, we have unique and authentic products that are very demand globally and already improved in terms of packaging, creativity and their services to the costumers. Part of increasing these numbers of companies are now need to support of our government in terms of capital, trainings and seminars, research and development of the products and services. Considering most of the businesses in Negros Island were belong to small and medium enterprise. In fact, our LGU’s and Government agencies now, doing to improve and develop the small and medium enterprise to market their product and given opportunities to showcase their products in national events. It is not possible to reach more businesses to compete globally.

  35. Nineth D. Cuadernal

    Competing in a Global Economy may sound so vast and requires compelling factors. As to Negros Island I believe it can compete globally. We have businesses here that is meant for global economy, one of which is the sugar industry. But ofcourse aside from the stated factors there are still a lot to be considered into. I believe business in Negros Island are flexible enough to adopt to the changing global economy. With the aid of technology and type of leadership management business we have, over several time i believe we can battle in the global economy.

  36. Hazel Love Y. Baya

    Negros is known as the “Sugar Capital of the Philippines”. But aside from sugar, Negros Island is gifted with creative entrepreneurs that develop a variety of products from the natural and local goods of the island. Their products are created with care and high quality. With this, I believe that businesses in Negros Island can compete in the global market. But before entering the global market stage, owners should take into consideration the country that they want to export their product. If possible, they can conduct a feasibility study to know if their business is fitted in that country. They also need to learn the laws and policies of that country to avoid future legal problems. And most importantly, they should study their future target market. Because if they are not familiar with the market they will be dealing with, it will be difficult to promote their business and product to them.

  37. Marie Bernadette F. Maquiling

    In 2019, Negros produces 55% of sugar consumed by the country. As I see it, Negros has also a chance of for global market. In the Global Report on Diabetes of WHO, 8.5% of the adult population is suffering from this disease by the year 2014. Nevertheless, manufacturing, food and general consumption still utilize sugar in their products. We have an opportunity to offer healthy sugar alternatives. One of them is molasses particularly the blackstrap molasses which has lesser calories than raw honey. I do think that developing this industry with the support of the government will improve our economy and at the same time provide solution for global concerns such as health. However, sugar mills in Negros are privately owned which means they strive to survive on their own while being regulated by the government. Although the recent opening of Universal Robina Corp. will definitely increase sugar production there is still room for increase in production. In the supply demand reports 2019 of Sugar Regulatory Administration, it can be noticed that we are importing on refined sugar yet we are also exporting raw sugar. International trade for sugar industry is open and there is a need for government intervention or programs to lower the cost of production to make our price competitive in global market and innovate our sugar products to address global market needs.

  38. Rhea T. Prado

    Engaging business to compete globally has many things to consider in order to outperform the existing products or even just to level off/ withstand with them. Competition is rigid, one must be ready to face them and be able the maneuver in such a way it could not intimidate you in every way. The quality and price of the products are some of the things to be considered. Here in Negros, we have lots of businesses offering both, best quality at a good price, either be in the form of products or services. The other one that can bring us globally is our good attitude toward our customers wherein we give more emphasis on customer satisfaction rather than by earning merely for profit. We strive to gain their trust to build relationships for repeat purchases by providing and adjusting to their terms and preferences. Bongbongs, Merzci, Margie’s, Calea’s and many more were already competing and doing business globally not to mention those world-class tourist spots we have here in Negros that we can be proud of. We also produced refined sugar from sugar cane grown and yield by our local farmers and processed by the sugar centrals which is also can compete globally and now supplying factories worldwide.

  39. Ricky Jocson

    Question: In your opinion, can business in Negros compete globally? Why/Why not?

    Yes! Businesses in Negros and any part of the country can compete globally.

    We cannot deny the fact that competing globally is not just easy. Even you are competing locally, you really need to make it more seriously, a bounty of dedication and one must be a risk taker. These due to lots of challenges and barriers needs to overcome esp.when venturing into global.
    But what should be the secret? Is their any?
    What are the key initiatives and or excellent ideas, that helps and plays a vital role, to some of Filipino companies that is now being recognized world wide. Companies who already started to embarked an aggresive international expansion, and even grow more.
    What are common to the success of these Filipino companies?
    1. Family Values
    >A family-oriented approach to personnel management. “If customers/clients are the blood of company, you’re people are the heart.” Take care of your people and you’re people will work for you and protect your business.
    >Aside from that, Brand Values should also reflect in advertisments and marketing initiatives, and you should know your market targets.

    2. Focus on Customer Satisfaction – provide them an excellent experienced they deserve and even offer extra mile. “Be the customer experience champion.”

    3. Great Products/Services
    – You need to have a unique product line up, and great services that surely can catch more attention and satisfy there wants/needs.

  40. Joey L. Yane

    Q: In your own opinion, can businesses in Negros Island compete globally? Why/Why Not? Explain your answer.

    A: As far as business is concern in Negros, you will be amazed of its dedication on planting businesses around the province but competing globally? Is another concern. Accordingly, When you look at the Economic status of the Philippines, we are the world’s 36th largest economy by GDP according to IMF Statistics in 2019, but we have a lot to work for, the economy in the Philippines right now is promising and even Negros Province has a promising future in terms of global competition.


    To venture business in consideration with the global economy is not easy because there are many factors that affects your business. Every angle of your business perspective should have a feasibility study in order to survive. You cannot simply get what you want but instead intensive study of your product, primary target market, politics, potential competitors, funds, location, environment and anything that connects to your business. If possible analyze the situation where you plan to put up your business, strategic feasibility planning, implement what have you planned, monitoring of the result of what have you implement, and evaluate the result whether negative of positive result. Upon evaluation modify your plan or strategy to make it effective. Be sure that there is an element of necessity of your business in the area, choose competent personnel that mentally and physically fit to handle the business. Precision of design in structure of your business that defines every item that has a significant function in the delivery of services. Be objective in the selection of partners and personnel that will run the business, who will fulfill the Mission and Vision Statement of your company. Ideally employees within the place or location where your business is your priority in hiring. To align with the local and traditional politicians in such a way favor will be given to you. Hiring locals can be one considerations of the locality in granting business permits, and as a gesture of respect to their culture. Hiring honest and competent managers is also one factor to lighten the difficulties in the global business economy.

  42. Jijie B. Torrion

    A lot of skilled and competitive Filipino are doing well their business here in Negros, but in competing globally, there are things needed to be considered. The most important thing to be assessed in expanding business is research about the target market. Furthermore, you need to understand some major risks that you will face in competing for the international market.

  43. Rowena Saylon

    Philippines experienced colonization by eastern and western countries and were influenced by their culture. We can use this advantage in our business to be able to compete globally. We are known to easily adopt with other cultures. We are hardworking skilled individuals ready to take the risks and challenges. Another thing is, other countries are looking up to our President for his commendable leadership thus, they are expecting us, Filipinos, to be highly capable of doing business with them. With the current status of our government, I confidently say that Negrosanon businessmen can excel in the global market.

  44. Justin Myko G. Agpangan

    Considering the factors mentioned above as to why businesses competing in the global economy is not easy, I think the majority of businesses in Negros Island will find a hard time competing globally because businesses in Negros Island are small-medium size entities. Insufficient funding or capital might be faced when these businesses will try to venture in competing in the global economy. Also, there are many rules and regulations set by the governing authorities of countries abroad that might hinder the Negros Island businesses in competing. Also, taxes will increase the selling price of products and in turn would make it unfavorable to purchase if the quality of the product is not that favorable as compared to other products abroad.

  45. Henry L. Umadhay

    Can Businesses in Negros Island compete globally?Why?Why Not?
    Ye s it can compete globally but not that easy. To consider the factors mentioned in the previous post.

  46. Henry L. Umadhay

    Local business going global is not an easy task. It involves a determination and commitment to start selling or exporting company’s product abroad. In this investment, involves a lot of time and money. In every steps of the way planning, resources,strategic planning will incur direct costs.
    Before going internationally you should consider the following:
    First, you should have the International business plan. Where you can evaluate your needs and set your goals. To assess your readiness and commitment to grow globally.
    Second, Conduct foreign market research. This is to identify international markets. is your product sell well in the targeted culture? To identify product distributor or opening company-owned foreign subsidiaries. or having an agent, representative or setting up joint ventures. Learn how to set prices, negotiate and navigate the legal morass of exporting.
    Third,determine the cultural differences. Don’t ignore cultural differences that shape the marketplace . So with the pricing,shipping,payment and packaging. And also with the cultural,social ,legal and economic differences.
    Fourth, Sources of financing. Small traders need financial resources to start business in the foreign land. Avail of government grants or from the private sectors.
    Fifth, Product packing and label presentation. The product packing and labeling should be in accordance with the regulations in the market or the law of the host country.
    Sixth, Building relationship before you get down to business. Feel comfortable with that country. Prepare at least five pointers and facts about the country you will engage in business.
    Last, Plan your strategy. many businesses failed because they assume that it works here in our country and it will work anywhere. Many small businesses are particularly vulnerable.
    To sum up,it is not very easy transfer from local market to the global stage without considering the above-mentioned factors.

  47. Jezamie Nicolas

    Expanding business means finding new clients or customer / consumer and gaining incomes.
    Before competing globally we must know first the marketing mix strategy, wherein the company must take arrangements or strategies to promote its product in the market. Marketing mix has this 4Ps that can help the company – Price, Product, Promotion and Place. The company must know the right product, setting it in the right place, for the right price and know the activities or strategies that can help promote or advertise the products or service that the company offered.
    The other concerns of Filipino business people when competing globally are the physical distance, understanding marketing and choosing the right countries to deal business.
    1. Physical Distance – we all know that internet, telephones, fax machine and etc. are ways to communicate but it is better if the business people can talk or discuss in person with their distribution partners.
    2. Understanding Marketing – business people must familiarize the buying practice of the country that they want to expand for them to compete with the other businesses.
    3. Choosing right countries to deal business – you must have a lot of research where is the best place or country you are planning to expand. Does your products or services offered need by the local consumer/customer? Research their labor and employments laws, restrictions in importing and exporting of products, business practices, custom laws, tax laws on products, services and other regulatory requirements.
    The government can help local business by offering them a low interest loans so that they can innovate their business. Provide free business assistance like for economic development, in some ways it can help them start to grow. Education, Trainings and Seminars, government can provide training programs to the workers, and seminars for them to acquire ideas in their local customers, suppliers and dealers.

  48. Geiczar Ross D. Real

    Reality speaking, Philippines has been lagging behind in terms of innovation. The Philippine may have a steady and good economic growth for last few years but doesn’t mean that some of our businesses can already compete globally. When competing globally, the fiscal policy imposed by the government plays a significant role in the trade. Government must be thorough in the imposition of taxes and must be reasonable to avoid conflicts in the international market. Setting the tariff too low and too high can destroy the economy in terms of balancing finances. Getting the right tempo and rhythm in implementing those policy should be done to avoid creating unstable economic status.
    One thing that Filipino businessmen should focus in making their business competitive is to be unique. Statistics says that Philippines has been considered to be one of least country that invests on Research and Development. What does this mean? It means no innovation. In today’s generation, innovation will make you on the pedestal and those who lag behind will have to suffer the consequences and will just have to adhere on what’s on the market. In lieu with research and development, what the government should do about this is to improve the education and training of the people. Research and Development are done by the people not by machines or any technology because they are just equipment that needs to be utilized while manpower has the intellect, capacity and ability to maximize their usefulness.
    I firmly believe that finding our unique market niche will make Filipino products and services known world-wide.

  49. Mellany Ann F. de Asis

    The issue which Filipinos needs to address aside from what is presented in the article in competing globally is infrastructure=transportation of goods. It should not be all for the government to do, true! however it is also true that 90% of the success of Filipinos vying for the augmentation of their business through exportation comes from the governance and leadership management , protection and assistance of one’s country. Just like what happen to China as discussed last meeting the reason why they became the export-import hub country is their lower tariff and easy trading system across borders.

    • In having a business globally there are lots of things to consider especially with the global markets. As a Negrense we have lots of products to offer and with the best quality and the unique products we could definitely compete with the global market. In order for us to venture out globally we need to have strategic planning and business planning for us to be able to go to the next level of the business.


    I think the other concerns which filipino business people has to address when competing globally, in order to explore the name of your products in other countries, not only in the Philippines but in the global economy. The government should do for local business, the government should do for free advise for the regulations of the local business. Examples for the tax incentives program, or the research development grants from local government unit. Financial assistance that the governments grants for the local business.
    Nowadays, social media is very powerful for the business globally. Through internet you can communicate your distributing countries easily. And of course you need to practice their language so that it will easy for you to communicate each other and to know their culture as well is easy enough for you to familliarized their own delicacy.
    Speaking legalities for dealing business with other countries is considered as sovereign. If you have dealing business you need to follow their rules and regulations, and taxations that are inherent to that country.
    Through communication and technology is very important for the global business, because without communication the business cannot effective. Because of our high technology, it will easy for us to expand your business to other country.
    If you are dealing with business you need to consider your environment, because taking concern for the environment should be least of your problem as a business unit. So we need to consider our environment as our business partner.

  51. Louie C. Pagdato

    2. Filipinos are risk-takers, resourceful, competitive and adaptive, these traits combined with an in-depth knowledge from investing in extensive research, planning strategically, trying out different systems and methods can really be a big help in preparing to compete globally. By these traits, we are more prepared in facing the competitive world of business. In my own opinion, We Filipinos can surpass all of these challenges we are facing right now. Accepting the fact that Global businesses are more advance compared to us, we have the will to compete globally. Filipino’s are very hard working individuals which is one of the traits for the business to survive. As individuals we should be more vigilant, resourceful, creative, innovative and adaptive in this modern world. By this, it will enable us to be armed and prepared before we engage in war.
    Politics, another factor that needs time to study and understand. Different countries have different political systems. Here in the Philippines, we have different approach in terms of business agreement. Other countries have their own way of dealing with it. Government played a crucial role in expanding business globally. From the operations to technicalities. Careful assessment to political, economic growth and movement of the target country is a must. And all gathered information’s can be used as a tool identifying opportunities and threats in investing in a particular country. We should start it with in our boundaries, Government should support local business, if the local businesses are expanding and doing better with in our country, the possibility of expanding it globally is much stable. Going globally is not just like a walk-in-the-park. We will need all the help and assistance we can get, like from our government. There are a lot of programs government should consider; one example is to streamline business registrations, quick, fast and easy. By this the hassle free processing is much appreciated. Another one is to offer a diverse government-backed loan programs/financing. Expanding a business is not a joke. You should have a bigger capital or investment to wok it out. Government should also invest in Education and Training for small and medium enterprise. Product and process knowledge on how to run a business is one of the factors for a business to survive. Government should form ties with Universities and entrepreneurs and they should be considered to be part of high school curriculum. In addition, research and development should also be strengthened to continue developing strategies, products and technologies which can help improving different areas in our economy.

  52. Riza Mae H. Villanueva

    There are some concerns Filipinos are having in terms of competing globally. Concerns which Filipino Business People has to address when competing globally are: 1) Product to choose. We have to choose the right product to export and have a business plan. We cannot just say we should export goods that we like and with no business plan. In order to have great productivity, Filipinos must have business plans; 2) Investment of Money. Make sure that the money you invest is worthwhile. You have to know the pros and cons of investing your money to avoid bad decisions; and 3) Management. There should be benefits and good income for the employees to really operate the business properly. You should know the benefits of the employees for you to transact better in your business. Employees would really appreciate if you take good care of them properly in the company. They would work hard and work for a very long time in your company.

    The government must always conduct seminars every year for the local businesses. It would really help their business by enhancing the knowledge to apply for the business living.

  53. Vivien Elaine A. Gavieta

    Competing on a global scale means staying on your toes. With increased and intensified global competition, the challenge on global entrepreneurs is on how to differentiate their products and services. Before a world-known company have found a good standing in the international business realm, it surely has started from rags, committed several trial and errors, have gone a long way before finally conquering the diversified world. Even up to this date, competition remains to be uneasy as we live in an ever fast-changing world with high innovation demands.

    Many times have we been surprised by the fact that most of the top companies emerging in the global arena are actually managed and owned by a Filipino. But with the whole world as your competitors, there are numerous concerns filipino business people address in competing globally.

    One Filipino businessman for example, who is leading the Association of Filipino Franchisers Inc. (AFFI), the country’s leading franchise group in the person of Armando Bartolome, who has helped Filipino franchise brands expand operations overseas, shared that “Operating a franchise overseas comes with a unique set of challenges. These include not only different laws, languages, and cultural differences in how business is conducted but most importantly, its also finding a franchisee to partner with,”.

    Choosing your partner abroad is crucial for he/she shall help in translating the concept and your brand into an acceptable and profitable commodity in his/her area scope. Its either your partner can make it or break it. Different markets have different needs of course, so our relationships with our partners can be recipe for success or disaster. Selection of partners with the right qualifications might be rigid and be stressful as it can be, but it can make a major difference to building a strong franchise.

    In this regard, the government, being a powerful law implementing body, plays a huge role in the upliftment of local business in the Global market. Our local governments must increase its diversification efforts through collaboration with the national agencies such as Department of Agriculture (DA), Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and Department of Tourism (DOT), as they are key managers in the improvement of what our nation has to offer.

    The government can also be an instrument in boosting participation of our local producers to international trade exhibitions through allocation of assistance and support to deserving local producers. It will not only open opportunities to transact with the world’s biggest buyers, but it is of big help in enhancing linkages and establishment of stronger partnerships. The Department of Tourism can also have an influence to airing of videos in the social media, to further promote Filipino food products and cuisines.

    Competing in a global economy may not be as easy as it may seem, but Filipino’s world-class talents, there is no barrier they can not hurdle to be effective players in the local and global business.

  54. Ma. Carmela Joy D. Alegada

    Since our business requires you to export globally a supervisory oversight is needed. In order for a busines to progress well it needs someone who will look after your business and to give you insight and updates how your business operates in your target market country. Our government can be of help by strengthening our ties with other counries, mus take part in unions like the WTO and ASEAN.

  55. Geiczar Ross D. Real

    There are really a lot of factors to be mentioned that a lot of business people should do when competing globally in the market. One thing that the mindset of a Filipino businessmen is to eliminate the thought of they want to be like everyone else in the market. Uniqueness will make you more succeed in the international arena. Also, government has to help these businessmen to achieve those goals especially those local businesses in terms of their production and tariffs imposed.

  56. Jocelyn D. Palomo

    Going global is never easy especially for Filipino Business People where some concerns hinder the success of their business internationally. While engaging your business in a broader sense may seem to open new opportunities and chances there are obstacles which comes along with it that needs to be dealt with and the ones who have succeeded will be the one who will be have the pleasure of benefiting from it.

    Working with people across the countries with different time zones as you is such a challenge and a difficulty. Imagine when you need to reach your contact in other countries which are on 12-hour time difference as you are. It is either you here in the Philippines will be the one to adjust your time for you to work at the same time. That’s where the problem comes in because you can’t be able to work simultaneously and efficiently since you will have to wait for the availability of either of your contacts in and out of the country.

    A currency rate affects the Filipino businesses across the country because of the inconsistent equivalent value of Philippine peso compared to other currencies. This will affect the cost of expenses while and during the process of doing the business as well as the amount of revenue you will gain from that business.

    Speaking of infrastructure development, the Philippines falls way behind especially with those developed countries. Just take for example our transport system of conveying goods from one place to another where it is always late or delayed affecting our products. Airports as well as seaports which are overcrowding now of excessive number transactions everyday is one part of limitations to business.

    In order to help the local business, our government may provide :
    To be able to help the local business, the government can maybe provide loan reinforcement especially to those start-ups and even established companies locally who wants to expand and venture globally. Business loans with at least low interest rates will help provide and improve the locally established business its capital to perform and compete well globally.

    Getting finished goods to the market and/or plants quickly means the business is doing better since raw materials moves faster and efficiently. When government helps to improve infrastructure such as maintaining roads, seaports, airports, and bridges, it follows at some point that business will flourish because it will have less tendencies of delays.

    Education and training plays a very important role in the success of businesses. It pays a lot when businesses have access to government training and seminar programs where they can gain important inputs to help strategized their business plans. Since government research and development are working to develop new techniques and technologies which will help and benefit the business industry, they usually ties up with educational institutions to get free work training for business’ owners and employees.

  57. Joshua Japitana

    Competing globally is never easy. Below is an example of a challenge and a suggested action plan to our government so it can help our local people in making it sucessful in a global scale or perspective.

    1. Enough Capitalization- Turning your product to be a globally competitive output will require higher standards to meet. Most of the times, higher standard would mean higher over head cost to ensure quality of service.

    Suggested Recommendation: Government should allow our potential exporters to loan in a low interest rates. Making tge documents needed to prucure the loan should also be made easier to ensure that they can deliver the output in a timely manner.

    We have to remember that it is the obligation of the government to help its people however, it is our moral obligation to ensure that we are soing our very best to help ourselves.

  58. Ma. Lourdes B. Navarosa

    With the above mentioned issues, Filipino Entrepreneurs or Business people faces dilemma with the other business people who have positioned themselves in the global market. Citing specific experience of a Filipino Tycon – Ton Tan Caktiong – founder of Jollibee Foods Corporation (1975), it also faces legalities issues and environmental considerations as they have expanded their branches in the United in the States. Merger and Acquisitions has been tough for the corporation as reported by the Asian Review. Major competitors were mentioned but Jollibee seemed to position itself in the market by its strong brand, and in principle, Jollibee believed that if “you cannot beat them join them”. In order for Jollibee to be truly a global player, it must not only please the taste buds of the consumers, Jollibee has to really be consistently maintain the quality of its food, perform and abide with the legal requirements for its staffing.

    The Philippine government must see to it that the international standards or procedures in supporting local business people will be properly handled and these people will not be given a hard time in so many red tapes and others in processing the expansion of their businesses globally.

  59. Gekka Kaye Eusebio

    From the title of the article it is really true that competing in a global economy as a
    Business is that easy. Many Filipino businessmen have concerns especially trading globally like the
    Legalities of other countries. For their laws and culture are different from what we have. So
    businessmen should know the pros and cons and the culture of the country to suit the needs or
    product selection of the certain country. Also the Environmental Consideration on the packaging of the products or if it is cruelty free. On our last Class with Doc Padilla she said that there is this famous Veloria’s squid rings in old Sagay city. They were helped by the government with regards to their product development, DFA approval and packaging with no cost all they have to do is to pass
    reports. On my own opinion, the government should focus more on locally products for more exports to be made. In addition, the government should give seminars for the awareness of the business when it comes to packaging and the laws of other countries and helping SME’s will greatly help the country’s economy.

  60. Mirriam Dickinson

    When competing globally, the first thing that comes to my mind is – you have to be unique, you have to be something special or different that people will go for your business not just for a season but something like a necessity to them. This what makes your business go global without the stress of even competing. If you want to be known in the local and international, you have to be unique and always take the leap. Other concerns I can add on is who is your target market and you should do a market research and find out where your products/services in demand. Also hire a good lawyer. This always comes into my mind especially when it comes to legalities. A good lawyer can set up terms and conditions on how to’s and dos and dont’s in venturing globally. Since most of the time our government do not support Filipino Business People unless they do not have their part of interest. Government should give full support on Filipino local businesses in ways that they are motivated because of the opportunities in international. They should give attention to those making the country be known globally and gives pride to its country instead of fighting and having war and hatred in one another. How would they’d be able to give attention to this when everything you see and hear is hatred and war. To be honest, if you do not do the work on your own. You will never be success in what you are doing. So take the leap and take the risk.

  61. Gene Claude Mapa

    There are a lot of factors why is it difficult for companies to compete globally. One thing to consider is the cost calculation and global pricing strategy. Setting the price of your product entails an additional strategy for businesses. Price should always be competitive but it must still give profit. This is one of the major concerns since you have also to set a benchmark in order to remain competitive with other local direct exporters. Another challenge in global competition is the structure of your organization and your team location. Some will consider this challenge as costly to implement and difficult because of the differences in culture of your target markets. Political instability and uncertainty also brought a problem in international competition. Unstable policies and corrupt practices will lead to different types of circumstances in the emerging markets. Changes in government will also change the country’s regulations.
    The government should improve the labor productivity by spending in education and training, encourage business start-ups and promote a flexible labor market. Deregulation of barriers to entry and reducing of monopoly power must also be done in order improve dynamic efficiency in the international market.

  62. Joe Salvador Mercado

    2. Apart from the issues presented in the article, what do you think are other concerns which Filipino Business People has to address when competing globally? What should the government do to help local businesses?
    One of the factors that makes international business hard for Filipino business people is the transportation of goods. Transportation of goods is not easy since you would need to transport the goods from one port to another until you reach the destination. There are several factors that can affect the efficiency of transport, we have amount of time of transport, this is important especially if your products are perishable goods.
    Weather is uncontrollable, Philippines is somehow the testing grounds of storms and typhoons on how strong they are, considering this situation, it is not easy to transport goods all year round.
    There is a cheaper way to transport goods that is by using roll-on roll-off ferry service (ro-ro). There has been a significant development in the roll-on roll-off ferry service (ro-ro) as they do inter-island shipping service within the past couple of years, more island have been linked.
    The government can continue to develop new ideas in the continues development of our water transport, this way, exchange of goods will be more efficient may it be locally and internationally.

  63. The article has presented issues in engaging as a business in a global economy such as language and cultures, legalities, communication and technology, and environmental consideration. For me, another concern which Filipino Business People has to address when competing globally is the issue of financial constraints in production towards competitive target markets where similar products are being offered. A manufacturer that produces a product in a lower cost has an optimum advantage. Lower costs means better pricing in a way that such manufacturer can play with the price of its product in the target market. For developed countries that has advanced technology that can deliver a product at a lower production cost than a product produced by a Filipino Business, such shall create a threat to the standing of the Filipino Business in the global market. When a Filipino Business collapses, it has effect to the Philippine economy as probable foreign valuable currency earnings shall decrease. The government shall take precautionary actions to this threat through providing financial assistance to Filipino Businesses that engage to global economy. It can provide assistance by conducting free training to local producers for efficient and effective production and financial assistance through socialized credit among accredited local businesses which shall be used in acquisition of advanced technology that shall also give an advantage in lower production cost than usual.

  64. Pearl Joy Ortiz

    I think what concerns Filipino business people is how to maintain a competitive advantage in the global market to generate profit. With the fast-growing industry and productivity all over the world, global competition makes it tougher.
    Inflation also affects Filipino business because if the prices of the commodities increase so does your raw materials and wages for production increases. High prices of products and services will make you uncompetitive in the global market.
    The government should establish programs to support local businesses to increase profit and to solve existing problems. Promote local resources to help develop communities. The continuing challenge for the Department of Agriculture is to focus on increasing the productivity of farmers and lowering the cost of production. And high production cost could not compete with our Philippine counterpart. This will not only produce sufficient supply but we can export. Support sectors with facilities and machinery needed to contribute production.
    Expand platform investment and provide programs like low-interest loans to producers to sustain production cost. Collaborate with schools and private sectors to enhance learning. Invest in infrastructure for internet access for better educational opportunities.

  65. Nadia Diana S. Casas

    Apart from the issues stated in the article (the language and cultures,legalities, communication and technology and environmental consideration)the other factor that causes difficulty for competing to global economy is that, are the other traders or the competitors. Knowing both sides strengths and weaknesses then you might have this courage to take action knowing what strategy to make and to overcome threats of failing. Filipinos should be more eager to improve their products, learn alternative courses of action and willingness to take risks. Your one of the global traders that you have to play in it.
    With regards to this problem the government should support its local products for competing globally by providing assistance in resources, manpower and financial by finding countries to market products to sell or services to offer. It does have know how for contributing help to traders knowing that they have bunches of connections to other alliances or other countries. Through this, Filipinos will have the idea what to do for the particular country where they are planning to market, its diversity, the culture, legalities,communication and technology, and its country’s environmental considerations.

  66. Cybel Valaquio

    Filipino business people may also encounter these concerns in competing globally: In choosing the right products or goods to sell in other countries. What is fitted that considers their cultures, profitable and in demand to the target market to penetrate. Another is the capital for establishing a business that go for global. Hiring employees or staff is also one of the concern in doing a business because you need people who are highly skilled for that particular product to be market, to help you in the operations, process and to other tasks related to the business. In order for local businesses to have its success here in the country and to the global, the government can offer a financial assistance like loan programs that has low interest rates, they can also provide free education and training programs for entrepreneurs who wants to compete in the business global, fast processing of the licenses and permits but still in the legal way and improve technology and telecommunications systems for effective communication, good customer service and productivity.

  67. Jonathan Reeve B. Miranda

    Competing on a small scope of area is already hard how much more in a global scale. Other concerns which Filipino businessman has to address is having less connection to other countries. One way to achieve a successful business is to have a lot of connections all over the world because they will be the one who help for expanding the business and act as a middle man between you and your possible customers. Another is, conflict between countries. It is difficult to export products from the Philippines if the country of destination has an issue in the Philippine Government and theirs. The government should take action about this matter because it really affect the businesses’ sales when in fact, it has nothing to do with whatever issues the countries have. Lastly, the safety of the products from transporting it to other countries. It is important to choose the right and trustworthy shipping company when exporting your products. Some employees of shipping companies do not handle the products with care. They just throw it and sometimes they break it and when the product reaches the customers’ address, the products are already ruined and useless. The government should make or formulate laws or rules for owners, stakeholders and employees in proper handling of products.

  68. Jackie Lou A. Lasola

    First, safety business location. A series of terrorist attacked was being noted all over the world. Consider the safe environment in the planning stage.
    Second, identification and compliance of the legal requirements. It can help you to avoid problems and delays when the business operation have started.
    Third, conduct audit to the prospect business partners and suppliers. This is to help you to evaluate their management system and be able to know if the business is legit.
    In addition, Government agencies should assist Filipino business people by providing assistance needed in this areas.

  69. Jholina B. Indac

    I think education is the key in competing globally.To prepared ourselves to a world standing and competent in every different field of industry. The government must focus and invest education rather than infrastructures for my own opinion.Filipino , ideally must be more fluent and knowledgeable in speaking English as one of the most important language in communicating around the world.

    Local government need to improve stability of economics by helping farmers gaining capital , improve production and advance the technology that is being used.Furthermore, helping other business to grow and develop, to seek more opportunities not just in the country but also across the world.


    Q1. Apart from the issues presented in the article, what do you think are the concerns which Filipino Business People has to address when competing globally?
    A1. Currency issues might be one of the concerns of Filipino Business People nowadays, since the fluctuation of currency rate increases every minute, hour, and day without warning. All Filipino global businesses who were engaged in imports and exports experience huge imbalance business expenses and profit and probably could lead to economic failure..

    Q2. What should the government do to help local businesses?
    A2. The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas would rather purchase massive foreign currency to maintain stability of exchange rates and/or the BSP would negotiate to other countries regarding foreign exchange swaps who has an increase on their exchange rates. The Philippine Government must be more open pertaining to their foreign exchange government to alleviate foreign exchange pressure so that the local businesses could have free access to foreign exchange and over-the-counter transactions.

  71. Nelly Jean D. Tiburcio

    According to International Relations EDU International business includes all commercial activities that take place to uphold the transfer of products, services, properties, people, concepts, and technologies across national boundaries. Modern technology made it possible to do or expand business internationally. It seems as though opening a business internationally is simple but even huge companies have shown difficulty in doing so. There are many factors to consider not only in the planning process but also in sustaining it for the long run. The article discussed four elements that made it hard for businesses to go global. The following are (1) language and culture; (2) legalities; (3) Communication and technology; and (4) Environmental considerations. Aside from the four listed factors exchange rate or currency value should also be considered in doing business abroad. An exchange rate is the price of a foreign currency in exchange for another. Businesses that deal with another currency should be sensitive to the foreign exchange rate. In a blog written by Edward Hardy in worldfirst.com, he enumerated how currency exchange rate affects business. According to hardy supplier payment, sales forecast, balance sheet hedging are some of the things that can be affected by the foreign exchange rate. Let us take for example Proctor & Gamble, one of the world’s major consumer product companies that produce healthcare, beauty, and household care products were affected by the weak dollar exchange rate. The company posted 2009 sales of 79 billion dollars; thirty percent of such sales came from the overseas branches. The company experienced a negative impact from foreign currency. According to Kristina Zucchi, CFA in her article in Investopedia.com, in a dollar environment, high business foreign sales create lower revenue, but in a weak dollar setting, this promises well for the company. The government can intervene in the process by making local currency stable. A stable currency is a currency which positively performs its functions as a way of exchange, a store of value and unit of account because its purchasing power is stable. The government can control stability through interest rates, economic policies, and stability. “There are big challenges in doing international business but even bigger opportunities”

  72. Claudine Faith Ignacio

    Aside from the issues stated above, we have to take into considerations also the differences in time and also in distant. We cannot deny the fact that technology is one of the helpful tool to connect globally. We can communicate through emails also in video conference, however, in business it is better to connect personally in order to build relationship and trust. To consider also if there is projects that both parties are needed to coordinate and collaboration is necessary. Budget also is one of the factors to consider in competing globally. The fluctuation of exchange rate can affect the business globally, the different structure of business tax for different countries. For the government to help local businesses, they should connect or cooperate to other private sectors, organizations or financial institutions that can help them sustain and support the market systems. And also to give local businesses a lower interest rate, tax incentives and friendly trade policies that encourage in order to expand its businesses.

  73. Ira May Macadagdag

    2. Why competing in a Global Economy as a Business is Not Easy
    Question: Apart from the issues presented in the article, what do you think are other concerns which Filipino Business People has to address when competing globally? What should the government do to help local businesses?
    Ans. Taking your business across borders is not that easy. A lot of factors needs to be considered and careful planning should be done. Before anyone ventures their business abroad following questions or considerations needs to be addressed. First is to develop an international business plan that would define the company’s present status and internal goal and commitments that would help them measure the results of their success. Second is to determine the amount of investment that you can allocate in your expansion efforts. Third is to decide what product or service you want to take overseas and to conduct market research that would identify your primary target markets. Gather relevant data that will help you predict on how likely your product will sell in a specific region. After that you also need to create a follow up strategy or after sales service plan that will help you determine if customers will keep on coming back for more. As to the government for them to help the local businesses they can develop or regulate friendly trade policies by lowering tariffs and import quotas that would encourage local business to participate. Lower trade restrictions and free trade zones can allow local business to get significant cost savings and will help them increase their profit. Government can also provide loan programs to small business and they can also encourage local banks to provide assistance and to give lower interest rates on startup businesses. Providing loan grants to small business is one of the ways to use tax revenue that would help stimulate and encourage business activities.

  74. Jezamie Nicolas

    The other concerns of Filipino Business people when competing globally is identifying a true market needs. Before starting a business globally, the company must first know the true need of customer or consumer in a specific country. Because people in other countries needs is not the sames as what your country needs or wants.
    For example, if one company is selling their best product on their country then they plan to expand globally, and their products is not the country need, they are in the wrong market. They’re never be successful.
    The government can help by giving or conducting seminars, trainings and activities for the local businesses. Seminars that can relate to the local customers, suppliers, dealers and markets.

  75. Florencia Sumcio

    There are many things to consider in doing business Globally. Do a research about the country and its culture, know the market of your business, your competitor, and study to identify your main target market.
    The best thing that Government can do is to implement a programme that can help to encourage the local businesses such as; free training, infrastructure solution and tax incentives.

  76. Rustom Padios

    Interconnected. Doing business in the international arena is much easier today as compared before especially during the times that transportation and technological advancement is not yet at grasp. Businessmen dreams to do business in the global arena, they are becoming risk taker and ambitious, which is actually good. But there a lot of concerns to be considered, and for me the two most common concern they need to consider is company resources and the type of product/business it has. Evaluating your own resources is a must which includes your financial resources, human resources, technological resources and other resources necessary to compete with other businesses. Thinking globally is good, but one must consider if it really have the capacity to become a global company. Businessmen who plans to go global should ask themselves, do I have the money, are my people ready, is my knowledge enough? This is very crucial. Second concern is the type of product you are going to sell in the global business scene. Marketing keeps on telling us about innovation. If the product you are going to sell abroad is just the same product they have in their own country, then what will be your edge? It will neither entice nor persuade them for product trial. Filipino businessmen needs to be more creative and innovative especially if the goal is to go global.
    Our government can help our businessmen in becoming a global brand by supporting them. The government should provide financial support or budget especially on research and innovation. Also, they have the power and authority to build linkages with other country. If the government is able to build strong linkages globally, then it will be much easier for them to help our local businessmen in bringing their business in the global market. As what they say, it takes two to tango, the government and local businessman must work together because the success of a certain business in the global arena, is also the success of the nation.

  77. Agnes Catherine M. Jose

    Finding a trustworthy foreign partner or right importer to market and sell your product in another country is an issue for Filipino businesses. The country has many products for export, but to find somebody to receive it on the other end to do the distribution and selling of the product is a major concern. Philippines is a small country, thus getting in, be identified and accepted in the global scene needs a lot of effort. A right importer who has the right market for your product in another country will give you a lot of help not just in marketing side, but also in complying with the local norms and regulations.
    The Philippine government can help address this concern, by organizing trade fairs overseas and domestic to allow local exporters to showcase their products. The government can invite possible foreign importers who already has a good business credibility in marketing local products. Furthermore, the government can also organize trainings to help educate the business people in terms of exporting and competing globally.


    I think the other concerns which filipino business people has to address when competing globally, inorder to explore the name of your products in other countries, not only in the Philippines but in the global economy. The government should do for local busineses, the government should do for free advise for the regulations of the local business. Examples for the tax incentive program, or the research development grants from the local government unit. Financial assistance that the government can grants for the local business.

  79. Riza Mae H. Villanueva

    Other concerns are which Filipino Business People has to address when competing globally are: 1) Product to choose (choose the right product to export and have a business plan); 2) Investment of Money (Make sure that the money you invest is worthwhile); and 3) Management (There should be benefits and good income for the employees to really operate the business properly).
    The government must always conduct seminars every year for the local businesses. It would really help their business by enhancing the knowledge to apply for the business living.

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