Performance Plan: The Guide

Performance Plan: The Guide

Coming up with a plan is essential in any aspect of an organization. To share with you the truth, nothing comes better than a planned event or a planned program. That is why as much as possible, companies and industries alike would always craft a plan suitable to the needs and trends of their company. We will try to focus on this article about the complete focus of the performance plan when it involves the most important aspect of the industry, which is the employees. Thus, this might be something that one may adapt to managing employees through a performance plan.


Step 1: Review Goals Alignment

As a supervisor or someone working on the performance plan, one should remember that before dwelling to the actual employees and their works, what must come first would be a detailed review and analysis of the existing units of performance. These include quality, quantity, cost, and timeliness. The supervisor should make sure that the current programs being worked on by the employees are all geared towards the accomplishment of the goals of the company. These goals should then be something that everyone is aware of.

Step 2: Look for the needed and desired outcomes

Figure out the needs of the customers and the needs of the employees to produce such needs. Unknowingly, we might be asking the employees to provide something to satisfy the customers, and yet we do not have enough resources to do so. This then affects the performance of the employees not because they are incompetent, but because the needed resources are inadequate.


Step 3: Figure out if the needed and desired results are still advantageous to the overall standing of the organization.

In this case, one should identify what the needs are and what will the organization can get in return if the needs and desires will be given. The process here is that it should always be a win-win situation. At the end of it, both parties, the customer and the organization will benefit from it.

Step 4: Weigh down the desired results of the domain

Distribute the task based on needs. For instance, completing a work would require an 80% working time from an employee, 10% for the needed training, and the remaining 10% for an acquaintance or social development. All of these should contribute to the overall and holistic development of the employees and the organization as a whole.

Step 5: Come up with the first level measurement of evaluation

Evaluation should not only come at the end. It could also happen in the middle, or in between milestones. What is good about this is that you can right away see the immediate results and you can still do some remediation on the early stage. Plus, you can have a broader perspective on which measures to focus on.

Step 6: Identify the specific measures found in every level, most importantly the first one

Is the expected output or work produced by the employee or not? Was the production of high-quality or not? These are the specific measures that one should be able to identify to provide an honest evaluation and analysis of performance.

Step 7: Look at the existing standards

Figure out if the current performance of the employees is all aligned to the existing rules. Only through the given criteria that you can identify if something is qualified or not, performing or not. This will also guide the supervisor in coming up with a visible and transparent evaluation.

Step 8: Document everything, every step of the way

Nothing beats transparency in the field of supervision; you cannot merely provide feedback nor an evaluation based on what you only see, for it should always be grounded on an existing policy or standard. As someone working over the performance plan of the employees, you should be detailed in documenting everything because these will serve as your pieces of evidence in providing the evaluation.

In following these steps, I know that you will find it easier to craft your performance plan. Just remember that you should always be keen in observing progress and be analytical in providing feedback.

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  1. It is important that managers communicate clearly and help the employee understand that a performance plan is a form of investment to them. Performance plans exist to help employees succeed in their role and help them grow.

    Beginning with the goals, employees need to understand what their objectives are and should be SMART—Specific, Accurate, Relevant, and Time-bound—so the employee knows exactly how to complete them. As a manager make sure you provide clarity to the employee concerning your expectations which is why communication is very important. Regular check-ins are important in improving the effectiveness of the performance plan. Regular check-ins provide a consistent direction and guidance, preventing employees from going off track and getting confused. Continuous check-ins also allows managers to further identify barriers and root causes of employees’ poor performance. This way, proper resources can be allocated and help support the improvement of the employee.

    In the end, it is important for managers to remain attentive in ensuring that the plan is effective. The end results should elevate the workplace productivity and increase job satisfaction. More importantly, a performance plan must contribute to employee development based on the company’s needs – this impacts organizational outcomes and supports the company’s overall goals.

  2. Apollo Jose Ocillada

    Performance Planning is the first step to set the desire goals or objectives every year. All employees have their own performance goals and objectives, and they also know how their performance can help achieve the purposes of the organization. The primary purpose of performance planning is to increase the employee’s performance to achieve organizational goals. It also serves as a guide to enhance the employees’ performance to achieve the organization’s purpose. At this time, performance appraisal is the most frequently used to measure their goals. It is vital to use the appropriate criteria or indicators to measure the performance and if it still fits and useful for the organization. The result must also evaluate to determine what needs to improve and to solve the current issues. Therefore, it is crucial to plan employees’ performance because they are the assets and human capital of the company.

  3. Charina M. Abrea

    In all sides of an organization, Performance Management especially the planning is very relevant. If an organization has a plan it is a helpful tactic to lessen the retention of employees and this will also build trust in the company. This will also make a huge contribution to the business to provide input and track the employee’s daily tasks as well as training, and it will help employees develop their skills and improve as professional individual. The workers in the company have an important role to enhance and develop efficiency. Given any plan to achieve tasks and workloads, an employee must be able to perform well.

  4. Arjay Solitario

    I would like to recommend an upward appraisal in our organization similar to what is being done in one company, Sun Oil.

    Some starting voluntary moves in this direction are being taken by Sun Oil Corporation and by individual executives in other industries. Upward assessment is a very daunting challenge and most managers do not like to be evaluated by their subordinates. As a matter of fact, though, most managers are judged implicitly by their workers, and these tests are mostly behavioral.

    If the manager or supervisor will be evaluated by the subordinates, then the supervisor or manager, too, can correct his behavior. But if he asks his subordinates for an upward assessment without warning, he is likely to be met with dead silence and great caution. A useful way to deal with this situation is to allow one’s staff to identify the parameters on which the manager’s job will be measured, not to judge his actual performance.

  5. Louie O. Canlas

    Planning is very important in every aspect of the business, not just the corporate planning but as well as performance planning. In performance planning, the company will focus on its employees, on how they will improve their performance while in the organization. Employees in most organization are not being valued, they are often neglected. This is where performance planning comes in, not to put down those employees who do not perform well but to mentor them, to train them to become a good performer in the organization, the performance of every employees is crucial to the company in achieving its goals.

    The performance planning must be reviewed carefully if the existing strategies still apply before going to the employees or before evaluating the employees because this will be the basis of what new strategies will be formulated in the future. It must be first agreed by both the supervisors and the employees if that measures or that evaluation will not cause any biases in the review of one’s performance. The transparency in the management will boost the morale of each employee and will motivate them in performing well and this will result in the success of the company.

  6. Ricky D. Jocson

    Performance Plan

    Having a strategic plan is vital for the organization. In crafting ideas, individuals involved must see to it that it is effective and would address important concerns and most importantly helps to attain company’s objectives. Everything is carefully planned more importantly of our people as the backbone of the company.

    Planning is most vital especially when it comes to our people. That is why excellent “Performance Planning” is essential to the attainment of a company’s goal. I agree with the steps that were presented. Careful planning should begin in reviewing goals, its achievements, failures, what best have done and what should have done to ensure fulfillment of certain targets. This is to evaluate better individual and team performances and ease of tracking, if who are already assets of the company and who are those that can still be developed. In this regard, you were able to maximize your manpower resources for the achievement of the company’s goal and most importantly you may be able to draw specific strategies in motivating your people.


    Performance Planning is the first phase to an effective performance management. This is essential to businesses because this will be the guide to align its goal and objective to their mission and vision statement. This will help managers and employees to have an effective communication together. This planning system will work as an instrument panel on how to meet business strategic plan and can provide early warning on the arising problems that will allows the managers and supervisors to know what they will do and what adjustment to make in order to keep the business to integrate. Having a strong strategic design will help company to sustain it employees’ growth, identifying discrepancies, and can easily implement actions and decisions. In planning, all possibilities in the business are planned with decision making even into its smallest potential problems. Performance planning is done continuously and not only if it’s needed. There is no better than planning ahead than rattling because the management is unprepared to the negative outcome of the unplanned action. In company, we have different job description, our job is planned and results are predicted but if results didn’t work out with the plan planned, the managers, supervisor and employees takes action to try again another strategy. Performance planning figure out the needs of the overall organization, planning the harmonious working relationship of the management and employees and seeing its performance towards the clients. Effective performance plan affects employees motivation at work, having the eye on the goal, weigh down the projected results, and having standards in delivering job performance.
    Performance planning if for the businesses to align the company goals with the goals of the employees to result in increase of work efficiency, personnel productivity and business profitability. The managers are the most benefited of the plan because this will help them to motivate employees, know employees mindset, visioning the desired result of the plan. This is used as a guide of an employee to attain the goals of the organization and help managers to monitor each performance progress.

  8. Shanelle Anne Machan

    A performance plan is very important in an organization because it will improve the employee’s development, performance and improves the communication of leaders and staffs in the company. Since, leaders or supervisors will be explaining the responsibility of the staff and set an expectation or standards. Through this, supervisors could help his/her team thru buddy system on the step by step process. Feedbacks is also important since it is the way to communicate if the staff is performing his tasks well or not. The performance plan can benefit the employee because it can improve individual performance thru the step by step guide with their leaders. In some organization if employees were performing well they will be given rewards or incentives. Second, the managers and supervisors can also benefit because through performance plan they would identify employees whose performance are high and low. The manager should ensure that his team in efficient and consistent in the performance by daily monitoring and observations. Lastly, the company can benefit from this so that if there is an error they can improve their organizational performance, minimize employee turn over and improve the productivity.

  9. Zandra Garagara

    Performance management is very important in all aspects of a business. It is helpful method to influence its employee retention. Giving feedback and monitoring their daily task as well as training them will have a great contribution to company. Both employee and the business has important role in improving and developing performance where necessary. Considering each plan to accomplish task and workloads need to have a potential employee to perform well. It is best always to have their performance plan in order to eliminate tardiness in working hours.

    Training each staff to build good relationship with clients need to formalize and organize assigned work for them to figure out what they shall do. The company, clients and employee benefit this well since this well serve as their reminder to improve and work well. Remember to express appreciation also for everyone to build also mutual respect. It is better to ensure that they understand the process.

  10. A performance plan is important to improve the quality and quantity of work, manage expectation and achieve desired goals of the company thereby reducing the risk of underperformance, and poor quality of work output that may result in job termination. It is a tool to help managers or supervisors to assist and assess employees’ performance that if implemented correctly will benefit the company as a whole. The proper implementation of the performance plan will boost the employee to be more productive as this tool can help them develop and build their competencies.

    It’s a win-win approach both for the employee and the management. For the individual employee, it is a crucial part of his growth in the organization. By following with the plan the individual employee will have a guide in performing responsibilities, remove vagueness to ensure compliance on the goal being set by the company. For the employer, a performance plan is a very good tool in assessing and determining steps to be taken to increase productivity or to find out if the individual employee is under performing or improving. It would be a helpful guide in identifying various training programs which employees might need and can take to increase their knowledge and productivity. The performance plan will help the management to monitor the employee’s job performance that will eventually lead to either increase or decrease productivity. So, in a way, it could also be an assessment tool whether to retain or terminate an employee.

    Mary Grace E. Acejo

  11. Zandra Garagara

    Performance plan is important in a company. It helps to reach target goals on time. Like in our company, it encourage staff to work efficiently. Rewarding and praising them increase their work stability. It promotes healthy relationship within the company.
    Both the company and the employee will benefit the performance plan. This plan improves its services and how the employee perform. It gives also employee to engage more and stay motivated. Both will feel accomplish for pro­duc­tive work­ing environment.

  12. Mark Jayson Torres

    Creating a successful performance plan will result in a company’s growth and development. Having this regular implementation, the company will successfully achieve its goals and objectives. Providing feedback and having discussions with the staff will be a platform to monitor them to review their job responsibilities, analyzing their strengths and examining their mistakes and providing answers for the potential development of every individual.
    With this kind of action plan, both the company and the employee will benefit from it. On the side of the employer, the business will continuously grow and improve because the organizational objectives were always accomplished. The manager or the supervisor consistently checked and monitored if the strategic plan is beneficial to the company. It will reduce problems and will create answers to the problems faced by the company. With the help and unity between the employer and employees, the business can sustain and compete more with other businesses.
    On the other hand, the employees will also gain from it because it will help them to boost their skills and improve themselves as a career person, maintaining and strengthening their potential to be a competent person. It will elevate their morale by commending their hard work and sacrifices to the company. And more importantly, helps them to elevate their confidence to continue to work well and share their knowledge and skills for the betterment of the business.
    Performance plans should not be taken for granted or be neglected in the business. Because without this kind of strategy, the business will suffer and cannot sustain and compete more in the future.

  13. Mark Jayson Torres

    Having consistent feedback will help the company and the employee engaged to their work efficiently. Without it, both the business and the employee suffer. In order for the company to succeed, a regular performance view should always be performed and implemented.
    It is very important to a company to have a performance plan regularly so that the employee will have a chance to improve and develop their self as a career person. By focusing and directing their growth, skills, ability and competency. Also, it is one way to make them realize that they are important in the company. Through commending their hard work, sacrifices, accomplishments and achievements for the purpose of achieving the goals and objectives of the company.
    Second reason is that it will improve their performance and how they respond to a given task and obligation. In order to have helpful and meaningful feedback, you have to set it ahead of time. Because planning it ahead will give you more time to ponder and identify the problems and struggles of an employee. Always remember that the purpose of this is not to have an individual improvement result of an employee, but rather an opportunity to motivate and encourage them to work hard and achieve their continuous improvement.
    Lastly, it is important to conduct a performance plan regularly for them to build a rapport between the employer and the employees. Giving ample time to discuss and share the responsibilities and review the goals and objectives of the company. Through a meaningful conversation, the employer has the opportunity to give comments and feedback to their staff.
    With a regular performance plan, it will help the employees to keep motivated and well-driven to achieve the organizational goals and objectives. Through this, it will create an impact to the appropriate performance of an employee, career development and growth of the company.

  14. Izza Nicole Arcenas

    Performance plan is important in every employee because its the only way so we can cascade the standard of doing the job, in performance plan the employee will know what is expected of him/her and what are the things that he/she needs to improve. Also, it is very essential in an employee-employer relationship because we can tell if the employee is performing or not. For me, employees will benefit from this plan so they can see what are expected of him and what are the desired outputs to be delivered. At least from their end they know what to do and what are the things that they wont do.

  15. Rennie Craus

    Performance plan in any companies must be included on its strategic planning for the year. They have to strike
    a strong imposition of the said plan, this will enable them to further achieve greater heights for the company. Other big firms focus solely on earning profit and improve sales without considering their employees’ performance importance thus, reach the targeted sales seems so elusive. They key factor or shall I say pillar of company’s success are their employees. We have to treat them as partners for growth and focusing on performance planning will be the first step to attain firm’s goals and objectives.

    Why is it important? In performance planning will include how will you bring your employees on what you are expecting from them, and merely plotting your company’s expectations and the skills it demand from employees is not sufficient enough, we need to be there every step of the way. A worthy of emulation company when performance planning effectiveness and efficiency are concern is a company that values their employee at the same time adheres on the company’s desired objectives. After which these have been aligned, the COLLABORATION will occur and through this coordinated approach things will run smoothly. When everything will now be clearly set-up proceed to the execution of what has been laid down and planned. Remember that this will be all put into waste if their will be no closed monitoring on employees’ performance, do not wait on the evaluation before you will lobby to your employees what are the things they successfully attained and what are task that they need improvements. From that kind of guidance in your employees will ensure you that you have done your part since that’s the best intervention you can possibly make on any performance period.

    Now let us say if we are in the process of assessing weather we attain or not our performance plan, present quantifiable result to your employees based on their performance on the period specified in the beginning. Try to be objective in giving rating to your employees and discuss whatever attributes towards his/her performance honestly and free from any influences, there are two things that an employee might display with your appraisal, it’s either they will be challenged and prove themselves whenever there is a negative comment/rating and try improve their work or they will feel upset since your judgment is not justifiable. Try to make your employees feel that they are important in the company and they play a vital role in achieving its mission and vision.

    Always put in mind, that the employees will not just be only to benefit from this, moreover than that, it;s the company who will be gladly receive unparalleled opportunity and will yield best result if the performance plan will be impeccably mandated and executed, this will be attained if proper coordination and collaboration will take place. Do not wait for a company to disrupted and displaced because of our unmotivated employees, make them feel valued and appreciated since I believe that if an employee is motivated this will soon resonate passion to work and if the employee is passionate to work they will be productive and if they are productive the company will be profitable. Thank you.

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