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Using one’s abode as a workspace was once only a dream for many. But with the advent of the internet and its subsequent advancement and proliferation, this idea has become more feasible given how it connects people regardless of space.

Being at the forefront of the internet service, PLDT—the prime internet service provider in the country—know full well about the importance of building an invisible link between people, with either work or business as a theme. As such, via the PLDT Home array of services, PLDT is bridging the gap which otherwise hinders the idea of productivity when taking into account the average household as a site for work or commerce.

More and More Pinoys are Working at Home

For most Filipinos, the idea of traditional work is going to the office to do an 8-hour job. However, a growing portion of the overall workforce is slowly shifting to less mainstream work that is a home-based job. According to a statistic drawn from a study, there are at least 1.5 million Pinoys who chose to work at home, as of 2018.

While still a small number relative to the overall volume of the workforce (around 73 million, given the labor force participation rate of 62%), that count is still subject for growth as others more find a niche in a trade that they can employ at home. As of August of 2019, the Philippines ranked 6th in the ranking of the 10 freelance countries list by Bit Links tech.

Although it is not well-established as to how many of these 1.5 million Pinoy home-based workers rely on the internet to engage in work or business, one thing is true for most of them—the internet plays as a strong backbone to their healthy cash flow.

Internet Fosters Business Growth

The internet is a vast domain that opens many possibilities for marketing that benefit all sorts of businesses. Even trades that do not necessarily require the internet can take advantage of well-executed marketing campaigns through the internet.

But these auspicious effects of the internet towards business is actually more multifaceted than merely being focused on the marketing aspect. When you speak of the internet and how it can be leveraged for business, you talk about a multitude of factors including open communication with the target market, establishing a network, creating new opportunities, and even outsourcing.

Direct Benefits of Telecommuting

Being able to work at home is more than just a perk to those who directly engage in it. Equally, if not more so, beneficial it is as well to those companies which employ such a scheme as part of its business. In fact, there are both anecdotal and scientific pieces of evidence that bolster the claim.

  • Increased productivity

Taking account of both personal statements as well as scientific data, there is a finding which suggests that people who telecommute to be 20% to 25% more productive than their counterparts who work in the office. The notion was extracted by the study conducted by Global Workplace Analytics using the teleworkers at JD Edwards as the subjects.

  • Reduced turnover

There is an interesting extrapolation derived from studies that saw telecommuting employees sticking to their jobs better than those who work in the office. For companies who are seeking to offset the cost that usually comes with the recruitment process of new employees, allowing the flexibility for home-based work may provide significant benefits.

  • Cost-effective

Productive and happy employees, two traits which are found among home-based workers, are known to be cost-efficient. Consequently, companies that have at-home workers in their payroll get the advantage of getting more from their expenses.



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