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Hailed as one of the most vibrant provinces in the country when it comes to festivities and natural attractions, Negros Occidental is also famous for the food opportunities it offers to any visitors. Well, if you are up to some food adventure, I would personally recommend heading to this province and trying out the list of food or food hubs that I will be sharing with you in this article.

While different cities and municipalities in the province have their own specialties, let me just focus on two (2) cities: Bacolod and Silay.

Silay and Bacolod Restaurants/FoodHubs Offering Must-try “Manamit” Foods

Foods listed below are famous in the area offering popular dishes/delicacies that many people say, “Manamit” (Hiligaynon term for delicious).



Batchoy of 21st Bar and Restaurant  ( Silay and Bacolod Restaurants )

21st Batchoy

Who would not love a bowl of Batchoy, especially on a rainy day or at night time? Well, this Ilonggo dish will never fail to satisfy your cravings for a hot bowl of soup. This is beyond delicious if I must say. 



Bailon’s Piaya   (Silay and Bacolod Restaurants)

Bailon’s Piaya 

A lot of places will claim that they have their version of Piaya. This sweet flour-made may be considered as a local cookie is undeniably one of the food to try if you happen to visit Negros Occidental. Pair it with coffee or any other beverage, and I am pretty sure that you will enjoy it. 


C’s , Felicia’s and Calea’s Cake

Some of their bestsellers include the cheesecake, chocolate mudpie, and the semifreddo ice cream. Whatever option you will choose from this food hub, I know that it will not fail to satisfy your sweet tooth. 



El Ideal’s Buko Pie  (Silay and Bacolod Restaurants)

El Ideal’s Guapple and Buko Pie

A pie filled with apple, guava, or coconut, the choice is yours. The tasty flavor of freshly picked fruits is evident as you bite the first taste of pie. No wonder that this has been the favorite place to buy pasalubong or gifts for loved ones back home for a lot of tourists or visitors. 


Emma Lacson’s Lumpiang Ubod

The heart of coconut stuffed inside a spring roll with the inclusion of green onions, pork, and shrimp, that is, Lumpiang Ubod. Not to mention, the sauce it has sprinkled with peanuts adds to the overall palatability of the food. 

Ensyamada of Felicia's


Ensyamada of Felicia’s (Silay and Bacolod Restaurants)

Felicia’s Ensaymada

A soft and fluffy bread filled with cheese at the top paired with a hot cup of cocoa? Yes! This is what this ensaymada is all about. I know that you’ve probably tasted the best version of this anywhere, but I am urging you to try this one, and you will have a change of heart about which one is the better. 


Mushu’s Chicken Inasal

Flaked strips of chicken prepared in a hot plate and mixed with a lot of herbs and spices and topped with an egg, this is what the Chicken Inasal of Mushu is all about. I would suggest that you enjoy this meal of dinner time while pairing it with a glass of wine or any other beverage. 


Pendy’s Half Moon Cakes

Another dessert that you may want to try is Pendy’s Half Moon Cakes. This is made a small cake following the moon shape, covered with sweet and creamy egg custard. Many people would say that the taste of this is addictive, one that is truly “Manamit” (delicious). So, be ready to give it a shot. 

Napoleones by Quan


 Napoleones by Quan (Silay and Bacolod Restaurants)

Napoleones by Quan

This may be the other version of the glazed doughnut, but with a twist. The shape is in cube form with layers of crust and sumptuous custard in between. At the top, a sweet sugar glaze is used to cover it. This is a unique dessert in the province, so it might as well give it a try. 

Sugarland’s Barquillos and Biscocho

These are my favorites. Well, they complement almost any liquid beverage. May it be the wafer rolls or the crunchy baked bread, I know that you’ll enjoy eating both of these. 

Negros Occidental is indeed a place of sweets and all other palatable food. Visiting the site entails some food trip! So, be sure to catch some or even all of these food hubs if you happen to visit the beautiful province of Negros Occidental.

Silay and Bacolod Restaurants

How to Get to Bacolod City

Cebu Pacific is serving Bacolod-Silay Airport. There are direct flights from Manila, Cebu, and Clark to this airport. For more check

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