Reasons Why Cremation is a Better Option | Teresa Development Corporation

5 REASONS WHY CREMATION IS A BETTER OPTION | Teresa Development Corporation

Nothing can be as overwhelming as the experience of losing a loved one. The task of choosing the method of commemorating the lives of people so dear to us can be a daunting task.

 There are various ways to celebrate the lives of our loved ones. In this article, I will discuss with you the ideas in Celebrating Life in Style with Teresa Development Corporation in Bacolod City.

 Teresa Development Corporation

The Christ The Redeemer Columbarium Complex

Teresa Development Corporation’s first of its kind in the region, The Christ the Redeemer Columbarium Complex, is expected to open in October 2020.

The grand facility is located inside Rose Lawn Memorial Park, Brgy Bata, Bacolod City. The place has niches in clusters with individual vaults that can accommodate six (6) standard-sized urns.

 Some Features of Christ the Redeemer Columbarium Complex 

 The Amethyst 

The first cluster to be open this 2020 of the Christ, the Redeemer Columbarium Complex. The Amethyst can accommodate up to 6,000 urns.

Lobby of Remembrance 

The grand lobby of the complex with the glass ceiling will greet you as you get into the place. 

The Family Suite 

For people who want a more private area, the Family Suite comes just perfectly. This area will be air-conditioned and offers a great view of the garden.

 Pool of Providence 

Another feature of the place that will create a great mood in Celebrating Life in Style is the Pool of Providence. This water feature will surely make the atmosphere light to remember beautiful and happy memories.


The chapels of the complex will be made available to celebrate Holy Masses or for other purposes.

Parking Space

Parking will not be a problem when visiting the place. The Christ, the Redeemer Columbarium Complex, has a total of 1,595 square meters space for parking. 

 Five General Reasons Why Cremation Is A Better Option

The optional process of cremation is gradually gaining popularity and is now one of the preferred methods in the final arrangement of a dead body by burning. In some countries, it is expected that there will be a deviation from burial toward cremation in the next 20 years. Other than this, there are also particular reasons why cremation is preferred by more people over the traditional way of burial. 

What is the cremation process?

Cremation is a ceremonial funeral process where excessively high heat is used to change the human body back to its most basic component. By doing so, the body is vaporized, with the bones as the only element that is left. What remains after the process is what is normally called the ashes or cremains. 

The process begins by preparing the cremation chamber that is made of materials that can endure temperatures between 1800°F to 2000°F. Then the expired body is arranged in a wooden casket and placed in the chamber afterward. With this process, the body is expected to be vaporized within a few hours, and what will remain are only the bone pieces. 

The bone parts will then be taken out of the chamber, and the crematory personnel will make the final arrangement by removing unnecessary debris such as nails, screws, and other metal components. After this, the debris will be placed in a machine that can transform the bone into a powdered form. The latter is now the cremains, and this will be placed in an urn or a temporarily sealed container before handing out to the family of the deceased. 

As mentioned earlier, the trend is now gradually heading toward the cremation option. Here are five general reasons why some people are choosing cremation over the burial method. 

 Teresa Development Corporation

Not a complicated method

Cremation gives the family of the deceased the option not to longer have long and complicated ground burial ceremonies. Urn as generally smaller and much simpler to manage than the usual casket.


As earlier mentioned, urns are definitely smaller than caskets, making it easy transport and storage more manageable. The family of the deceased is also given an option to hold on the remains in the urn until they decided to bury, scatter, or any other proper way to dispose of the remains.


 Teresa Development Corporation


Traditional ground burials require a space in memorial parks, and embalming takes in large amounts of chemicals. While cremation involves high heat and leaves some emission footprint, it is still generally considered as an eco-friendly option.

Again, Cremation is slowly gaining popularity as an option for the deceased loved one’s body than the traditional burial. Some people, though, are not open to different methods other than burial. The key here is to openly discuss with your family your intention and the advantages of cremation. 

 Teresa Development Corporation

More solemn and personal

For some people, the funeral and disposition process for their deceased family member is a private matter. However, traditional ways of religion and family are also important to some. But recently, families now more prefer to celebrate the passing of a loved one in a private and personal way. 

Cremation offers the above option for families because they can choose the type of memorial service and disposition of the cremains that they prefer.   


Most cremation processes normally cost 40-50% lower than the traditional ground burials. The need for a grave or headstone can also be eliminated with cremation. And generally, urns are cheaper than caskets.

Again, Cremation is slowly gaining popularity as an option for the deceased loved one’s body than the traditional burial. Some people, though, are not open to different methods other than burial. The key here is to openly discuss with your family your intention and the advantages of cremation. 

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  1. Jam J. Masagnay

    During this time of pandemic, there are no choice but to cremate when your love ones died positive in Covid-19. Change is really coming our way, to prevent from this virus from spreading, this is one of the easiest and best way. But there are different beliefs that the people believe into. Some opt to do this cremation to their love ones but some don’t want this method. For me, cremation only affects my belief when ashes is spread in the seas or mountains but today, ashes of our dead is placed in a columbarium. This is also like burying them in cemetery. So whether we choose cremation or burying, it is also the same and it is opt to us . So cremation is also okay to me as long as ashes is place to where it belongs like columbarium, to the place where there is respect.

  2. Other establishments are putting a Columbarium complex because, in my opinion, develop corporation has added to make the experience more calm and significant for those who have decided to make it the final resting place for a family member who has died away.

  3. Jan Michael Fernandez

    I think amidst the health crisis which caused unhappily losses of lives of thousands and due to its infectious effect, cremation in the death of such cause is demanded by the experts, sadly including the pseudo-covid19-caused-death have been directed to do the same. Due to these changing times, the Company might have clinged in the idea of the new norm. Probably this is to address the not-so-new (as it has been practiced in other countries and religion) kind of entombment and to put in way that the resting place in earth of the remains of their love-ones is placed in a non-conventionally elegant palace. Was it a good move? Yes, I think it is. Change is constant and humans can do nothing but to adopt. I think this could be a new trend. Cheaper than the conventional way, practical and less dramatic than seeing some-one placed in 6 feet deep hole episodes.

  4. Marie Gold Tuya

    The idea is mostly influenced by the external sources . As we know the cremation business in the Philippines is now flourishing and has become more popular because of a lot of it’s advantages. There are only several crematory services in Bacolod City and neighboring cities and most especially with high demand of it’s services during this pandemic, the business is definitely the new trend. Given it’s grand facility and great ambiance, the company will surely attract more customers who would love to place their dearly beloved in this peaceful haven.

  5. Michael A. Javier Jr. BSBA - MM

    the company is seeing a future trend and they would like to take this as an opportunity that they will be one of the first Company who offers this kind of services.

    In my own opinion, I would agree that this is an excellent move since people are being practical already nowadays that people would prefer this type of method that could help them lower their expenses by 40-50% compared to the traditional method. In addition, this type of method is more convenient than the traditional way, as it was mentioned in the article this method allows the family of the deceased to have an option

  6. Grace Kangkee

    For me Columbarium Complex was established by the company because of the pandemic and crowded cemeteries. A lot of people die during pandemic. It makes cemeteries crowded nowadays. Cremation is now a good option also for dead bodies. An option to help delay the burial especially if you’re waiting for your loved ones to arrive since nowadays it’s really hard to travel. It was a good move, aside for its convenience purposes, it also helps the environment.

  7. Ma. Isabel Hilado

    Columbarium Complex was established as a first of it’s kind in the region and I believe it’s a good move. For those that can afford and families that has agreed for the cremation of their loved ones, and they want some place that’s comfortable every time they visit. This is a good facility and place. Life is meant to be celebrated in any way, when someone passed away, our initial response is to mourn and yes that’s definitely okay. But also, we can celebrate knowing that the person is having no more pain here on earth but only eternal life in heaven now. This kind of facility can really show appreciation and honor to those family member who passed.

  8. hernalyn dulos

    With the increasing burial costs and changing lifestyles, more and more Filipinos now choose to be practical. That is why I think this Columbarium Complex should be established since these days the people are already open minded in terms of this process. The rising costs of burying the dead in its traditional ways would costs more than thousands of money.

    Good to know that they established it

  9. Lester A. Bueta

    The reason why they establish the Columbarium Complex is for the convenience of the people who wish they will be cremated and the efficiency of space unlike the cemetery with the coffin with a lot of space needed. They established a columbarium complex maybe because there are no more space for the traditional burial which you needed more space to bury dead people. unlike with crematorium you just needed to have a small space for the ash. so in order to continue the business they needed to think new ways to attract more consumers or innovate like these Columbarium complex. For me in the business world its a good and ideal wave. but as a catholic tradition maybe its a bad idea, Because as the bible said “REMEMBER YOU ARE DUST AND TO DUST WE SHALL RETURN”

  10. Lyka Parreno

    Since cremation is gaining popularity I think that is the reason why TERESA DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION established the Columbarium Complex is for them to encourage those families of their loved ones that pass away that cremation is not just burning the body of your loved ones once they are gone but also emphasize the importance of cremation. They also wanted to let those families know that choosing a method of commemorating the lives of people so dear to us can be a daunting task. They make sure that they value every person that leaves their family and also make sure that the family that is left behind will be at peace as well.
    This is a good move since the prices in traditional burial are too expensive not all of us can afford. Any People will consider this type of method since aside from saving a big amount of money they do have different options on what they can do for the urns of their loved ones.

  11. James Kevin Matrimonio

    for me, the reason why the company established the columbarium complex is for them to have space for the urns of the remains of our departed loved ones. it will also serve as a special treat for the family of the departed person depending on the type of columbarium complex.
    Having a columbarium complex is a good move for the company. it will not only make more profit but also it will create a good image for the customers.


    Certain beliefs that people opt their dead to be cremated for they believe that there is no life after death. In contrary, some people opt this method simply because it is cheaper and is more convenient that the other method for because cemeteries are crowded nowadays. So for me, the primary reason of this Columbarium Complex is to create a more convenient and a more private method in celebrating the passing of a loved one in a more relaxed and cheaper way.

    And for me it is a good move, because even during the covid-19 pandemic, it is only method used to those affected by the virus, also for the common good of everyone, to prevent this virus from spreading. In addition, time passes by, change is inevitable and people demand for a convenient life and we only want the ashes of our dead to be placed where they should be unlike before that the ashes are being thrown/spread to the sea. In this method, one’s beloved dead is also given due respect like burying them in cemetery because they are placed in a columbarium. Lastly, as mentioned, it is not a complicated method, environment friendly, flexible, cheaper and more solemn and personal. These reasons would increase the demand of the many because of better option cremation gives to the people.

  13. Michelle Villaruz

    What do you think was the reason why the company established the Columbarium Complex? Was it a good move?
    Answer: Columbarium Complex is very much minimal compared to traditional burial. Also, one of the reasons why they established columbarium complex here in Bacolod is that the cemeteries are getting more crowded most especially in public cemeteries. Moreover, the cost of each burial are also getting more expensive and less to afford. Was it a good move? I think yes. Nowadays although not all, people are more open to cremations more open minded to these kinds of methods in sending our loved ones to the other side. Furthermore, people are more cautious in having a burial ceremony because of health protocols so, cremation is a better option.

  14. Josephine Blasi

    The reason they established the columbarium complex is to provide a quality service and to provide the best quality product and services.To give alternative burial of an intact dead body being laid to rest in a columbarium .It is not a complicated method,a flexible because it can hand carry,a manageable one.It is also much more cheaper than a traditional burial,

  15. Josephine Blasi

    Cremation is also useful because it is more cost effective than direct burial as they do not required embalming than can cost you most.It is a simpler process that also helps save ground space,and you can take it home.

  16. Kristel Mae Saturnino

    At least once a year, when the living remember and respect their dearly departed ones, they are also reminded that there is a final pit stop somewhere on this path called life. Depending on one’s beliefs and status in life, among other considerations, how to plan for the end of the road can be very confusing. What to do with one’s earthly body, especially if one feels compelled to make that decision and leave instructions with family can be difficult.
    I think the reason why company established because now there are many Filipinos who adopt the cremation of their dead. Because it is cheaper than traditional burial traditions and they can even carry the ashes of their family. This is a good way for the company to build, especially with the covid disease that has spread around the world. The dead are directed to the cremate to prevent the virus from spreading.

  17. Cheska Kristel Ilustrisimo

    I think the reason why other establishments putting a columbrium complex is that because it might be a case of continuing traditions, maybe it is for people who believe ashes should be in a place that is specifically designed for the purpose, or that the deceased should be kept with others who have departed, a necropolis if you will. If that is the case it might make more sense than burying ashes. Some churches like the idea that these could provide a good option particularly where space is limited, and also as an income stream.

  18. As mentioned in the article cremation is slowly gaining popularity as an option for the deceased loved one’s body than the traditional burial. This is most likely why they created this business plan. It is a good move and good timing since the pandemic forced the families of patients to opt for a cremation to lessen the spread of the virus. While most Filipinos who are liberated or has influences from Western or European countries are open to the idea of the said service. And one thing more it is a lesser evil than traditional ground burials which take up a lot of space and does not help in the pursuit of global environmental sustainability.

  19. The reason why the company established the Columbarium Complex so that there will be an option for the left family if they will bury the body or to cremate it as well, there is a proper process and privacy. It was a good move when it comes to inconvenience since people nowadays rich or poor they need help since they don’t know what to do when it comes to a dead body.

  20. Ryan Buds Decena

    What do you think was the reason why the company established the Columbarium Complex? Was it a good move?
    For me, the reason why the company established the Columbarium Complex is to give other option for people about the final arrangements of their dead love ones. It is more convenient and cheap compare to traditional burial. For me it is a good move that they built the Columbarium Complex. Since cremation is gaining popularity now, it’s a best way to start ahead of other competitors. Aside from that, they are giving people other options. Then the remains after cremation will be put on the urn, then into the vault. It means that the company will have a lot of space available and can accommodate more.

  21. Paula Jane Pellejo

    What do you think was the reason why the Company established the Columbarium Complex? Was it a good move?

    1. Any cemeteries are dealing with land shortages. Columbarium will offer a creative alternative for cemeteries concerned with running out of rooms.
    2. Provide a place of appeal for interment rather than: in field burial. Build an elegant columbarium garden setting that will lead tourists and families back to the cemetery. Build a meaningful memorial option to: placing urns on fireplace mantels, or storing urns in closets.
    3. If thoughtfully planned, the Columbarium lends itself not only to increase interment space, but also to minimize maintenance budgets per interment
    The enterprise of a columbarium is minimal relative to the establishment of complete burial sites. Cremains do not raise a health risk. The transport of remains is not limited at all, leaving families more options as to the location of the final disposal.

  22. Charles Benjamine Basa

    What do you think was the reason why the company established the Columbarium Complex?
    Was it a good move?

    The company established this Columbarium Complex for the people to choose on what type of memorial service and disposition of the cremains that they prefer. But this complex offers cremation service as a better option because of it is more reliable than the traditional memorial service. I think it is a good move as our cemetery today are more populated and much expensive our traditional memorial services, the 5 general reasons discuss is very practical way in our daily living.

  23. Mergenson G. Diamola Jr.

    I think, the reason why other establishment are putting a columbarium complex, is that, they want to provide an innovative solution for cemeteries concerned with running out of interment space. To meet the needs of cremation market and also to provide an appealing place for interment other than in ground burial. Sometimes, other family’s  choose to put the ashes of their love ones in urns  Because they just want to have a comfortable place for their love ones. It could be the best way because it’s presentable and unique way of reinventing underused sections on particular cemetery Or establishment..

  24. Maria Victoria Asong

    For me, this is a good move since prior to read the article what is already in my mind was that “this one is pricey” and that not everyone can afford this kind of method in the final arrangement of our love ones. But as i go over the article, it explains the budget for this method that says it is way cheaper. What’s good about this is that it’s not a complicated method since you and your family have the options to choose on how the burial ceremonies should be done unlike the traditional way of burial. In addition, I, myself would want to celebrate the passing of my loved one in a private and personal way.

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